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Bill StevensThe Basics

With over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist, interventionist Bill Stevens is the only Certified Intervention Professional fully registered in the UK. He is also the co-founder of Red Chair Specialist Addiction Services, an addiction assistance organization in Manchester, England providing services across the UK and Europe. Stevens is also a regular guest expert discussing addiction matters on the BBC as well as local radio and television. In addition to substance abuse and alcoholism, Stevens is trained to address gambling, sex, food and internet addictions. Red Chair also offers sober coaching services, therapy, an aftercare program for those who have completed treatment and assistance with placing clients in a sober living homes following treatment.

The Background

Prior to his work as an interventionist, Stevens was employed for 10 years at the Priory Group in Altrincham as an addictions counselor. Following this, Stevens worked with the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club as a sports therapist, counseling the team on mental and emotional health matters. Stevens started Red Chair eight years ago at the forefront of the growing interventionist movement in the UK and has been a vocal advocate for regulating the profession and developing a set of ethical guidelines.

The Approach

Much of Stevens overall addiction work is defined by an eclectic approach, though he is a proponent of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and often incorporates CBT methods into the programs of Red Chair. When it comes to interventions, he continues this policy of diversity and believes each individual situation determines the appropriate method.

The two most common forms Stevens employs are the Johnson method and Systemic Intervention method, depending upon the relationship between the family and the client. For Stevens, the entire process is a long-term one and involves treating the family unit as well. Thus, he makes sure loved ones and friends are well prepared in advance of the intervention and aware of the long journey ahead. He has also gone on record to note that “tough love” is not part of his approach; rather that the experience should be grounded in “love and dignity.” Clients and family are encouraged to participate in 12-step groups to develop a peer-support network.

Red Chair currently estimates it has a 90% success rate of having clients pursue the treatment plan the family and support team has laid out. It’s also worth noting that among Red Chair’s extensive services is an in-home detox for clients with certified detox specialists.

Post-Intervention and Summary

In addition to being a leader in a burgeoning field, Stevens and Red Chair perhaps best separate themselves from other operations by the breadth of services they offer in addition to interventions. For clients who have completed treatment, the facility offers sober coaching services as well as an extensive aftercare group, which includes group and individual therapy focused on relapse prevention, weekly group support courses and endorsement of the 12-step recovery philosophy. Additionally, the facility also helps clients with placement in a sober living environment. Clients considering the services of Bill Stevens and Red Chair can be sure they will be working with an interventionist with a loving and compassionate approach who stresses family healing and is fully aware of the long-term nature of the journey of recovery.

Bill Stevens
c/o Red Chair Specialist Addiction Service
298 Hale Rd
Hale Barns, Cheshire WA15 8SP

Reach Bill Stevens by phone 0778 -948-0286 or by email at [email protected]. Find Red Chair on Facebook, LinkedIn or his website

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