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Scranton PennsylvaniaA Better Today Review

A Better Today provides comprehensive psychological and physical evaluations, as well as outpatient treatment for adults, adolescents and their families. With special focus on substance abuse and addiction, A Better Today provides outpatient care in five locations across northern Pennsylvania. Each of the five facilities is accredited and licensed. They are located in Scranton, Hazleton, Stroudsburg, Tunkhannock and Bradford.

Treatment and Staff

Clients first attend an evaluation at any of the treatment facilities, where a comprehensive assessment will be performed and an individualized treatment plan is suggested. Licensed therapists conduct these evaluations, and they work together with the client to set recovery goals and timelines. A variety of treatment modalities are discussed and introduced, all to be implemented on an outpatient basis. Treatment includes the family and loved ones whenever possible, and consists of counseling sessions together with the family, as well as opportunities for loved ones to seek their own, individual therapy.

For the client, treatment plans vary in length and intensity. This is determined at the evaluation by the seriousness of the client’s condition. The lowest level of treatment may be a one-time individual therapy session that is one hour in length, and one three-hour group therapy session. More likely, clients will attend group and individual therapy for several weeks, once a week. The highest level of treatment recommended includes group sessions three or more times a week, couple with weekly individual therapy, for three months or longer.

Groups focus on education, behaviors, life skills and discussion of emotional issues. Discussions are facilitated by licensed therapists, and focus on fostering an honest and trusting environment. Clients are introduced to 12-step programs, and required to attend meetings regularly and to work with a sponsor. Individual therapy uses the techniques of CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI), where specific, personal issues can be discussed further.


Groups are available at various times in the morning and evening, meaning even the most hectic schedules can be accommodated.

In Summary

A Better Today is able to provide treatment for a broad range of age groups in various, convenient location in northern Pennsylvania. By offering services to both substance abusers and their families, clients are able to receive comprehensive personalized treatment options. Individual sessions can be scheduled for whenever is convenient. With the initial evaluation costing $75, and each week of treatment costing only $25, A Better Today provides incredibly affordable care.

 A Better Today Location

A Better Today
1339 N Main Ave #2
Scranton, PA 18508

 A Better Today Cost

$100 (for 30 days). Reach A Better Today by phone at (570) 344-1444 or by email here.

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