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A Better Today Recovery Services is a substance abuse treatment facility in Scottsdale, Arizona that first opened its doors in 2009. ABTRS offers inpatient treatment in luxury residential homes that are monitored 24/7, as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). ABTRS is a 12-step based program and transportation is provided to AA/NA meetings. ABTRS offers CBT, detox and dual-diagnosis services.

Accommodations and Food

ABTRS runs five houses which range in size from 4,000 to 6,000 square feet. Each house has four bedrooms with two clients per room and up to three bathrooms (depending on the property.) There are only a total of seven private rooms among the five properties. Each resident receives his or her own drawers and closet space as well as towels and linens. All of the homes have a formal dining room, family room, free washers and dryers, cable TV and free local and long-distance calling. Each house has its own backyard area with a pool and some of the houses also come with a covered patio accessorized with an outdoor TV, ping pong tables and gas grills for barbecuing.

All meals are provided but clients are responsible for their own snacks. Trips to Walmart happen once a week so residents can stock up. House members can anticipate home cooked breakfast and dinner but are expected to take care of lunch themselves, usually deli sandwiches or leftovers.

Treatment and Staff

Entry to residential treatment at ABTRS first requires a stay at the ABTRS stabilization house where prospective residents are monitored by a staff nurse while undergoing detox. From there, clients move into one of the houses and a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), where they work with a therapist daily and a life coach once a week. Following that, residential group and individual therapy occurs Monday through Friday for a total of four hours daily. Although attendance is not required, many clients attend the North Scottsdale Fellowship Club for off-site AA/NA meetings.

ABTRS also offers its evening IOP, which clients attend one to three nights per week for group and may also request to have individual sessions. Clients may choose to attend the evening IOP, while staying in a local sober living house with which ABTRS collaborates. There are also alumni meetings provided as a form of aftercare.

ABTRS has a psychologist on staff, as well as a medical doctor who specializes in addiction, an art therapist, a Master’s-level therapist and three LADCs.


Specialized treatment methods at ABTRS include EMDR for those dealing with trauma issues as well as music and art therapy, strength training, yoga and even equine therapy.

In Summary

A Better Today Recovery Services is a well-rounded rehab facility with a variety of treatment modalities at its disposal. It has over six years of experience and boasts a well-established partnership with sober living houses. Although the cost for inpatient treatment falls within the range of an economical rehab, it should be noted there is a minimum 45-day stay for residential services. ABTRS does accept insurance and the facility director sets a flexible price for outpatient services according to the number of times that a client wishes to attend per week.

A Better Today Recovery Services Location

10609 N Hayden Rd E106
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

A Better Today Recovery Services Cost

$15,750-$90,000. Reach A Better Today Recovery Services by phone at (970) 274-4318. Find A Better Today Recovery Services on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. My experience was a good one . I spent a couple weeks in a house which was closely watched by medical staff and therapists. After my stay in detox I was sent to a center with apartments which had three men in two bedrooms. yes we had to cook for ourselves, clean the apartment, do our own laundry but it is designed to help reinstate ownership in our lives. there is very little free time to ourselves do do any mental damage to their retraining of our minds. They brought to light what the cause of my abuse was and gave me the tools to deal with it. I have been dry only 6 months but the few times the thought came to mind I was able to readily deal with it. I went from drinking 3-4 half gallons of hard booze a week for 12-14 years to not drinking or for the most part having an desire to do so. The staff pushes you and are there to supervise and guide you, not to wait on you hand and foot. My sons selected this center and I believe it has saved my very life because suicide was looking like my only way out.

  2. this entire synopsis of what ABT is trying to portray is complete B.S – there are far better recovery centers in AZ. I’m orignially from NJ and wanted to get out of Jersey to seek help for my first time trying to get clean, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to then. But I think it is kind of humorous how they are trying to portray themselves with this description. My insurance cut out after 20 days of being there, and my parents had to pay 30 grand cash for me to stay another 30 days. I have the worlds heaviest regret for them doing this for this corrupt place, which asks patients to change their address to ABT’s address so they can collect the insurance checks. I know, crazy right? I wish I was lying, you can read that sentence again, its true. Insanity. Thank God I wasn’t too high to hear them asking this of my mother through the phone and I immediately told her no way in hell is she going to do anything of the kind. But people i was in treatment with there stupidly did listen to ABT and changed their address. Thats a little thing called INSURANCE FRAUD. They aren’t even accreddited by the BBB. Equine therapy? yeah, a bunch of horse shit is the only equine therapy they offer. No one but yourself cooks your meals, which is fine – but don’t lie about it in this description. Some of the staff were awesome. Some of them were absolutely comical to even be given a job. The higher up staff was a complete joke, and need to honestly take a good hard look at some therapy for themselves. I wouldn’t recommend ABT. The only reason i was sober for the time i was in there was because i couldn’t leave. I got high 4 days after i left. After a few ups and downs i can happily say i’ve been sober for a year now. Addiction is an ongoing battle that every addict knows they’ll struggle wirh everyday for the rest of their lives, but unfortunately i dont have ABT to thank for any of my sobriety. Just a few facebook friends i keep in touch with, who were the main reason i stayed at ABT to begin with. Oh any my boyfriend who I have been together with for 3 years and a baby on the way. THANKS ABT!

  3. Michael Bruce on

    Problems with ABT…

    short story: dishonest staff and clients, staff willing to drop off patient at airport without further transportation arranged. Total disregard of common decency.

    Here’s the run-down of my wife’s experience. She was admitted at the beginning of April for a 90 day program. We were charged $2,400, in cash, up front for their services. Yes, we do have health insurance helping. At approximately 40 days into the program, they failed to refill my wife’s prescriptions. It took them more than 10 days to finally refill those prescriptions and allow my wife to resume her psychiatric meds. Due to the lapse in medications, as expected, my wife started to have symptoms appear. Instead of allowing sufficient time for her meds to stabilize and correct any effects of being unmedicated, ABT said they could no longer treat my wife.

    So, at approximately day 60, ABT wiped their hands clean of my wife. They told her she could either check into a mental hospital 3000 miles from her home and family, or leave. Two options, none of which are ABT. Not wanting to be institutionalized for an indefinite time that far from home, she chose to leave. Knowing that she did not have a plane ticket, and knowing that a plane ticket is not something that she was going to be able to purchase on the spot (not enough money), ABT dropped my wife and her belongings off at Skyharbor airport. So, ABT negligently handled my wife’s meds and then ditched her at the airport instead of allowing her time to regain mental stability.

    My wife was doing great at ABT up until they failed to properly medicate her. She really thought she was going to make it this time. I cried for joy over this.

    I’m going to use the term ‘medical malpractice’ to describe what ABT did with my wife’s medications. I hesitate to use the term, but it just seems to be the case the more I think about it. We still do not have an answer as to why ABT failed to refill prescriptions and why it took so long to get a refill. We are not talking about exotic meds here.

    Quick note: It was also apparent that the different departments at ABT don’t communicate well with each other. If you like being told multiple stories about your medications, treatment, and belongings, then you’ll love ABT.

    After realizing that it might not be a good idea to kick someone out of treatment under these circumstances, ABT seemed to have a change of heart. They picked up my wife at the airport under the guise of spending a few days at one of their residential facilities until she decides to either stay in treatment or is able to obtain a flight home. Then, she found out the next morning that all they were doing was having her restart treatment. She was not told that what they were doing was having her restart treatment; they lied to her. At this point, she has a flight. The flight leaves on Tuesday. This being Saturday, she only has to live at the airport for three days and three nights. That’s right, ABT willingly dropped her and her belongings at the airport three days prior to her flight.

    During her stay, my wife experienced a few good people. Not everything was bad. There were a small handful of helpful clients and staff members. Unfortunately, she also had issues with here lunches and personal property being stolen by other clients and/or staff. In fact, on the day that she was taken to the airport, her baggage became two cartons of cigarettes lighter.

    You know, my wife probably could have handled being told that she needed a higher level of care. However, when it comes under that circumstances of all that happened before it and what has happened since, it seems rather disgraceful. Especially more so that we paid up front for a 90 day program ABT walked away from just before day 60. Keep in mind that ABT walked away from my wife after refusing to take responsibility over their own medical negligence. You would think that some token of apology would be in order. Perhaps just a flight home or a refund of the unused portion of my wife’s up front expense would prevent us from having to seriously consider obtaining a an attorney. I cry tears of pain for my wife knowing that this experience is going to drive her to use once again and most likely never want to return to treatment.

    So, it’s Saturday. My wife is homeless at Skyharbor airport until Tuesday morning. Let’s all think good thoughts for her.

    I can’t recommend A Better Today Recovery Services.

  4. Not a professional business. Staff was disrespectful towards clients. I am 57 years old and easy going; but staff hollered at me twice because they were in bad moods. Clients spoke with prejudicial remarks and staff did not say a word yet small rules were strictly enforced. Made me say what is important here. God was disrespected in the Lords prayer and staff again said nothing.
    We had to cook our own meals. Apartments not cleaned well in between clients. Carpets nasty. TV only in community room. I left after 47 days and since it was not the length they wanted me to stay, accommodations were not made for me to go to the airport. I had to walk down to the corner and catch a cab in the dark because they wouldn’t give me the address of the quarters for the cab I was paying for to pick me up.

  5. your only in the houses for a few days till they ship you off to apartments and you are responsible for cooking everything no meals were cooked by staff the whole time I was there you just grab what you can when you can this review is completely off base with this place sorry to say. there was one tv for the entire apartment complex this was such a horrible experience

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