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Klamath Falls OregonBestCare Outpatient Review

BestCare is a nonprofit substance abuse treatment organization with a network of facilities in the state of Oregon. With offices in Bend, Redmond, Klamath Falls and Madras, BestCare is CARF accredited and provides an array of mental health and substance abuse programs including detox, residential treatment and outpatient treatment as well as specialized programs for individuals with co-occurring disorders, women with pain management issues, individuals in the criminal justice system and the Latino population.

The outpatient programming at BestCare is individualized and focuses on providing clients with a unique treatment experience tailored to their specific needs. A variety of evidence based treatment methods are employed allowing clients every opportunity to target the mental and emotional source of their substance abuse issues.

Treatment and Staff

All clients must first submit to a bio-psycho-social assessment under the ASAM guidelines. An intake coordinator meets with the potential client and along with the clinical staff determines an appropriate course of treatment. Individualized treatment plans are developed concurrently with goals and discharge plans. Programs varying in length—typically from four weeks to six months, depending upon each client’s progress.

Clients requiring detox prior to admission are admitted to BestCare’s detox facility with medication-assisted treatment and licensed addiction medicine specialists. Suboxone is offered and managed by a medical doctor and nursing staff.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is available for clients who require intensive treatment without the support of a 24-hour residential facility. IOP lasts for an average of four weeks, with clients attending group therapy three days a week for three hours each day. Therapy at BestCare follows the Motivational Interviewing (MI) model utilizing techniques including CBT, DBT and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) during group sessions. Clients also attend a variety of alternative therapies that include Art Therapy and Mindfulness groups that touch on meditation practices and spiritual principles.

Clients struggling with co-occurring disorders attend a dual diagnosis support group once per week. Individual therapy is offered a couple times per month, with frequency determined by each client’s needs.

The basic outpatient track is lower intensity care for clients who require a lower level of treatment or for those with court-ordered requirements or DUI treatment. Clients may come in for group therapy once or twice per week depending on their needs. For five hours each week, clients attend group therapy focused on psychoeducation and relapse prevention. Individual therapy is also offered once per month or more often if a client requires additional care.

All clients must attend 12-step meetings as an additional support source during treatment. Seeking sponsorship and working the twelve steps is encouraged but not required with the number of suggested meetings depending upon each client’s comfort level.

All therapy and mental health care is conducted and managed by CADCs, Recovery Mentors, Psychiatrists, medical doctors and a nursing staff. If a client may benefit from community resources, BestCare has partnerships with Deschutes Commission on Children-Families, Deschutes Mental Health, Jefferson Mental Health and Saving Grace for additional help.


On the weekend, BC facilitates a family program group that brings together all the families of the clients in both residential and outpatient tracks. Loved ones are encouraged to seek additional support through Alanon and to stay connected with other families in recovery. Counselors focus on reduction of enabling, psychoeducation and relapse prevention skills so that clients may have a safe environment at home.

BestCare also offers an outpatient pain management program that facilitates non-narcotic pain treatment. Clients meet with nutritionists to start a non-inflammatory diet and receive acupuncture therapy in addition to other alternative therapies. Learning about pain management for individuals with a history of addiction and introducing a healthier way of life is the key focus for pain management clients.

In Summary

BestCare offers outpatient and IOP tracks for clients who are either graduates of the residential track or who do not require for more intensive treatment. The outpatient program is highly individualized and focused on providing each client with a unique treatment experience tailored to their specific needs. Clients who have court obligations that include DUIs receive outpatient treatment that fulfills legal requirements. Individuals who need dual diagnosis support may also take advantage of the support BC offers through their clinical program for co-occurring disorders. Using MI, MRT and other evidence based treatment methods, clients and their families begin their road to long-term recovery by receiving care that motivates change and aids in developing strength that is already within them.

BestCare Locations

340 NW 5th St, Ste 202
Redmond, OR 97756

4775 S. 6th St
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

210 SW D St
Madras, OR 97741

461 NE Greenwood, Ste A
Bend, OR 97701

BestCare Cost

Call for cost. Reach BestCare by phone at (541) 504-2218 or by email at [email protected]. Find BestCare on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. I would give zero stars if I could. “Best Care” should be an ironic title, it serves as a prime example of just how broken and deplorable mental health services are in America. Let me elaborate on my painful 6 month journey with Best Care in Madras:

    In August of 2016 I was having panic attacks and obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts. The day to day battle of OCD Anxiety was ruining my quality of life. I was referred to Best Care in Madras by my primary (a long 1-hour drive from my house). The scheduled me a month out for preliminary visit. By late September I finally saw a clinician who was fairly unhelpful and unknowledgeable about anxiety and panic disorder issues. At that time they also scheduled me to see the psychiatrist in late December. That’s correct, they wanted me to wait 4 months without any psychiatric medicine and try to band-aid these significant problems with their mediocre therapy. I Pushed back with my doctor at Mosaic Medical who kept pushing me back to Best Care. Frustrating to say the least. Finally, after weeks of back and forth a new PCP at Mosaic gave me Cymbalta which unfortunately gave me horrible side effects and had to quickly discontinue.

    In Nov I went back to Best Care and finally saw “Stephanie” a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I thought that finally I’d get some significant and meaningful therapy. This person’s lack of expertise was immediate and transparent: telling me straight out she had no effective tools or techniques for resolving, coping with, or addressing obsessive compulsive-anxiety disorder. Oddly enough she was a doppelganger for Sigourney Weaver. I should have walked out right then and there but for some reason I sat through an arduous and useless hour long session with this therapist. When I left the building I vowed to never return to that therapy sessions there. I felt like two chances were enough! Neither session gave me any tools, knowledge, or insight I didn’t already have on how to combat panic disorders and OCD. Feeling exhausted and immensely frustrated with this very long tiring process, I pushed back with my doctor who then put me on Zoloft. My symptoms now are significantly better on Zoloft and I’ve mostly returned to prior normative functioning.

    In late December, just a scant week before my appointment with psychiatrist Dr. Herz of Best Care they cancelled my appointment and pushed it back to early February. I was completely devastated and flabbergasted! I had waited four long months, suffering everyday through mental hell, so I could finally see this doctor and get some sort of medical psychiatric drug treatment. I protested the delay reiterating that I’ve been waiting politely for 4 long months for this evaluation with the psychiatrist Dr. Herz but they refused to keep my appointment. Now I had to wait to early Feb, nearly 6 months from my first contact with Best Care!

    In early January they tried once to re-schedule the useless therapy appointments with Stephanie and I declined. I didn’t need the hour drive up, the hour of incompetence and the hour drive home. Today January 25, just a week from my appointment with Dr Herz, one of their staff called me and demanded very impolitely that I see the therapist. I again declined and said I really need to see the psychiatrist at this point. I’ve already done two therapy appointments and would like to see Dr Herz. In a very impolite and threatening way she told me if I do not come in to see the therapist they’ll cancel my appointment with Dr. Herz. . I told her “I’ve been waiting nearly 6 months to see the doctor at this point and you’re threatening to cancel me a week before I can see him unless I acquiesce to your threat?” I’m not one to take kindly to ultimatums like this, so they dropped my treatment after waiting 6 months to see the psychiatrist. I would warn anyone to steer well clear of this center as I believe my experience borders on malpractice. In the end they took advantage of my suffering and strung me along to get subsidies from the state for their “therapy.”

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