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Where are the best rehab facilities in the US?

Where are the best rehab facilities in the US?

You’ve seen the commercials and read the ads for the best rehab facilities in US. But where are they actually located, and what makes them so special? When it comes to your treatment and recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you want to go to the best rehab that meets your needs. Everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, you should focus on finding the best rehab for your treatment rather than the most popular or most glamorous rehab.

Beach Front Rehabs

One type of rehab you’ll see a lot in rehab reviews is the beach side retreat. This type of rehab facility benefits from being in a relaxed and vacation-like environment. You feel at ease while you are in treatment, and can enjoy the natural surroundings of the tropical locale. Of course when staying at an oceanic rehab you will still be going through the rigors of detox, treatment and therapy. That is why you are in rehab, after all. So while a beach side retreat sounds great for a rehab facility, this will only serve you well if you are committed to doing the work of treatment during your stay.

Mountain Rehab Facilities

Another vacation style rehab advertised quite often in rehab reviews is mountain rehabs. Here you are immersed in the natural setting of a woodsy landscape, which is seen as a retreat from the bustle of the real world. Other things to consider about this type of rehab:

  • You will be cut off from your friends, family and community if the mountain rehab is truly secluded.
  • For some individuals the experience of cabin fever can set it and inhibit treatment.
  • You can become one with nature and get in touch with your true feelings, which can speed up the recovery process.
  • You are able to focus freely on your treatment, a bonus for many too-busy type folk.

Often mountain rehabs are set in lake lodges or cabins, which adds to the bonding element associated with summer camp, making the experience once-in-a-lifetime.

Benefits of the Best Rehab Facilities in US

By choosing to go to a rehab center you are changing one of the crucial aspects of addiction—your environment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are three risk factors that determine whom will be most susceptible to addiction:

  • Environment
  • Biology
  • Development

Going into treatment at a rehab, such as a beach rehab or mountain rehab, gives you the opportunity to truly change your environment. You gain the experience of getting away from it all, which can be the environment where you are tempted by drug use or the stressors that lead you to use. For many people this can be one of the best rehab facilities in US for finding the straightest path possible to recovery without relapse.