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What are the best rated rehab facilities?

What are the best rated rehab facilities?

Did you know that in the US there are more than 14,500 drug treatment centers? According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, this massive number of specialized rehabs offer everything from cognitive-behavioral therapy to counseling. So how are you supposed to find the best rated rehab facilities? In addition to checking out drug treatment center reviews you should consider the following concepts and methods as they apply to your treatment needs.

Use of Medications

At the best rehabs you will see a combined approach to treatment involving prescription medications and therapies. This is determined by the NIDA to be the most effective method for treating drug and alcohol addiction. While you may be concerned about the use of additional drugs to treat drug addiction, the types of medications provided to you are not additive. They are used to:

  • Help you through a painless detox process
  • Reduce your cravings for drugs or alcohol
  • Block the effects of drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, and alcohol in the instance that you have a relapse
  • Help to reestablish normal brain functioning, most specifically for heroin addicts

For instance, if you are in alcohol rehab you may be prescribed any of the following medications, as noted by the NIDA:

  • Acamprosate for withdrawal symptoms
  • Disulfiram causes an unpleasant reaction if a person drinks alcohol when taken
  • Naltrexone to block the effects of alcohol and reduce cravings
  • Topiramate is a new treatment for reducing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings

If you are going to drug rehab, such as for meth, heroin, cocaine or barbiturates, you will receive specialized medications geared at your specific drug addiction. In order to receive the best results, search for the best rated rehab facilities offering treatments for specific types of drugs. The type of medications used for someone addicted to stimulants, such as cocaine or meth, will be quite different from those used to treat alcohol and heroin addicts.

Therapy in Treatment

At the same rate, you will need to go into various types of therapy as you are benefiting from the effects of these medications. Therapies include one on one counseling, group therapy, and marriage and family therapy. At different points in your treatment these therapies are most effective. Your level of care and personalized treatment plan, along with your ongoing improvements, are used to determine which type of therapy you should have at any given time during the rehab process. As you can see, the process of detox and rehabilitation is a science. That is why it is so important to choose the best possible rehab center for you to go to in order to receive quality treatment.