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Where Are the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers?

Where Are the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers?

As you look into the different places to go through detox and treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you’ll see lots of places called inpatient centers. This is a type of rehabilitation that is residential, meaning you move temporarily into the center while you get help. When searching for the best inpatient drug rehab centers, keep the following in mind.

Different Levels of Care

In the rehab world you will hear the phrase “level of care” quite frequently. This is the type of program or service that your doctor or addiction specialist has placed you in following their diagnosis of your addictive behaviors. While two of the most common levels of care are inpatient and outpatient rehabs, as noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, inpatient treatment is further categorized as:

  • Residential inpatient programs
  • Intensive inpatient programs

The main difference here is the level of intensity of these two inpatient programs.

Time Invested in Inpatient Programs

Time spent in rehab and the degree of services provided come from this designation. In an intensive inpatient program, you will go through the various stages of treatment in a much more condensed manner. This helps you to get through to recovery more rapidly. For example, let’s say you are going to start a new college program in the fall and need to get help with your addiction in the early part of the year. An intensive inpatient program will give you the direction and services you need for recovery in 3 months, while a residential program could take as long as 12 months. Which is best?

The Best Rehab for You

While a shorter amount of time spent in rehab may seem like an ideal situation, the facts of the matter is that recovery involves intense therapy and behavioral modification. If this is a rushed process you risk relapsing due to being overwhelmed with physical, emotional and social changes. According to the NIDA the shortest amount of time recommended for individuals going into inpatient rehab is 3 months. If you are concerned about your work situation, family or private life, there are several types of inpatient programs that specialize to meet your needs. For example, an executive rehab serves c-level professionals whom have a very busy work schedule, while private rehabs ensure total seclusion to help you focus on your health and recovery.