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What is the Best Drug Rehab Center?

What is the Best Drug Rehab Center?

Now that you have accepted that you need to go to rehab, it is time to choose the place where you will commit to treatment and your recovery. But when you search for rehab reviews you see thousands of options including popular rehabs like luxury rehabs and expensive executive rehabs. So how do you know which is the best drug rehab center for you?

The Essentials for Rehab Treatment

When searching for the top rehabs providing treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, there are certain aspects that should be included. First and foremost, the rehab should provide a treatment program that utilizes medication and therapy, as noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This has been proven effective in treating addiction. Other services and methods to look for include:

  • Medically monitored detox that is painless
  • Various levels of care including outpatient programs, inpatient residential treatment, and intensive outpatient services
  • A variety of therapy programs, such as group sessions like AA or 12-step programs, one on one therapy with a mental health professional, and marriage/family therapy sessions
  • A treatment program that lasts for at least 3 months for best results, as noted by the NIDA

If you are using rehab reviews to help you narrow down your options, see what the past clients have to say about the treatment methods and services provided by a particular facility. For instance, while a top rated rehab may offer a variety of therapeutic programs, the reviews from clients may be negative and prove these programs as worthless. Use the reviews of rehabs as only one side of the coin, however, as some clients may be difficult or out to ruin a rehab if they are bitter or in relapse.

Treating Your Addiction

Every addict is as unique as the individuals themselves. Therefore you need to look for a rehab that fits you as a person. For instance, you may be addicted to alcohol, or opioids might be your drug of choice. In order to get the professional treatment you need, look for a rehab that specializes in your type of addiction. Next, check out the care providers, medical teams and mental health specialists working for the rehab. You need to vet the administration to help you decide whether or not your choice in top rehabs is actually the best drug rehab center.