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What are the best depression treatment centers?

What are the best depression treatment centers?

If you are struggling with co-occurring disorders of drug addiction and depression, there is hope. The number of individuals dealing with a dual-diagnosis is notable. For example, according to DualDiagnosis.org 37 people with alcohol addiction also suffer from depression. Many individuals dealing with depression use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, and vice versa with addiction leading to depression. Fortunately you can get help at one of the best depression treatment centers in the US.

Dealing with Co-occuring Disorders

Whenever you are dealing with a dual-diagnosis it is imperative to treat the most pressing circumstance first. For some individuals this might be addiction to heroin or painkillers, while other people are near the breaking point with their depression. Start by talking with a mental health professional or your doctor to determine what your primary issue may be. This will provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan that will guide your recovery from drugs, as well as aid you in combating depression. The goal may be to isolate one disorder and treat that first, or you may be treated for both depression and addiction at the same time. This is up to your team of addiction specialists to decide.

Finding Help for a Dual-Diagnosis

Your main focus should be on finding a place that can best treat all of your addiction and mental health disorders. To do this search for rehab centers that specifically work with individuals with co-occuring disorders as noted by https://www.samhsa.gov/co-occurringSAMHSA. Notice that not all rehabs handle this type of situation. Other things to look for when getting treatment at the best depression treatment centers for each of your issues include:

  • Several options for therapy including individual, group and family therapies
  • Alternative treatments, such as yoga, tai chi, meditation and spiritually based methods, in order to work with the mind and body at once
  • Recreationally centered treatment options for improving the body, while boosting confidence and endorphins

You also want to be in an environment where you have immediate access to forms of treatment. For example, if you feel the need to speak with a therapist at this moment that option needs to be available. Individuals dealing with the double-edged sword of addiction and depression do not have 12 hours to wait until a therapist returns to his shift. Additionally you need to feel safe and secure with the other clients in the program with you. If you are experiencing a great deal of stress due to erratic or dangerous behavior of other clients, that is not the best place for you to get treatment for your depression and addiction. Look for a treatment center that offers respite and rejuvenation, rather than being a catch-all for all sorts of addicted individuals with dual-diagnosis of mental health disorders and drug or alcohol addiction.