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Where are the best alcohol rehabs?

Where are the best alcohol rehabs?

Deciding that you need to go into treatment for alcohol addiction is only the beginning of your journey to recovery. Your next step is to find the best alcohol rehabs. Where are the best rehab centers located? First of all, this is more than a geographical question. Here is what you need to do to locate the best rehab for your needs.

Length of Rehabilitation

Some individuals need a short stint in a rehab program in order to get their life back in check. Through intensive therapy they are on the track to recovery in two to four weeks. For other clients the journey is much longer and more difficult. As a result, there are rehab programs that last for as long as 18 months including time spent in a sober living facility. The intensity of the programs is just as variable as the duration. As noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are six main types of rehab for alcohol addiction:

  • Short-term residential programs based on the 12-step method
  • Long-term residential centers with programs lasting for 12 to 24 months of living in an intensive therapeutic community
  • Outpatient programs that vary in intensity, affordability and flexibility
  • Group therapy, such as via AA programs or using cognitive-based therapy (CBT)
  • One on one therapy for at least 12 subsequent weeks to provide clients with long-term holistic treatment for social, mental and emotional redevelopment
  • Treatments for those currently incarcerated

Choosing the type of rehab program that best suits your needs involves diagnosing your current level of care. An addiction specialist, mental health professional or your primary care physician can help you in this diagnosis. After you have determined which setting is best for you, you can move to the next step in this process.

Rehab Reviews

Word of mouth, whether in person or online, offers a wealth of information regarding the potential success of a rehabilitation program. The best alcohol rehabs will vary depending on the patient. Therefore you should take these reviews with an open mind. Do you want a rehab that is overly permissive and lacking in structure? Not if you want to get better. You need to find a rehab facility that is renowned for having a strong program that will lead you to recovery. The overall goal when finding the best rehabs is to locate one that is going to help you. Choose where to go to rehab based on the success rates of clients who have completed, successfully, the rehab program.