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Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS) opened its doors in 2013 in Harrison, Michigan. It offers detox and completely individualized residential substance abuse treatment, as well as an aftercare program. While not based on the 12-step modality, BRS offers AA/NA and SMART Recovery meetings as a supplement to its core of group therapy that includes CBT and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET).

Accommodations and Food

The BRS facility is located on 80 beautiful acres of land and is surrounded by an astounding 20 lakes and six hiking trails. At various price points, clients may choose between private, double and multi-person rooms, which all have their own flat screen TVs. There are four single rooms available, and a maximum of 35 people may be housed at a time.

BRS employs a private chef who plans meals with each client individually, focusing on their specific nutritional needs and culinary tastes, while putting health first.

Treatment and Staff

If necessary, a stay at BRS begins with medically supervised detox for alcohol, heroin and prescription drugs. Clients are monitored around the clock for three to seven days while they stabilize physically. After detox, a resident can transition into the regular treatment track.

The program at BRS is open-ended and may last 35 to 90 days. BRS’s individualized treatment is offered college-style, clients choose what classes to take to shape their own recovery curriculum—or track. They can select a combination of programming that includes SMART Recovery, 12-step study, individual and family counseling, financial training, group CBT sessions, nutrition classes, music and art therapy. Even faith-based recovery and MRT are options.

Wellness and physical fitness also play a big part at BRS. Massages, aromatherapy, yoga, acupuncture, vitamin, mineral and amino therapies may be incorporated into treatment. Each morning, BRS clients start with a core class on life skills for two hours then proceed with their electives throughout the day in two-hour blocks only breaking for lunch. BRS considers itself a very social facility. Phones and Wi-Fi are available to the clients between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm.

BRS always has a psychologist on site, as well as its certified clinicians, CADCs and case managers. Security and counseling staff is on hand 24/7 to monitor and work with clients.


The compound includes a gym and fitness center as well as a sauna, spa, and yoga room. There is even a private movie theater on-site available for clients.

In Summary

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services offers a highly customizable program with an impressive variety of treatment modalities and services offered. While a young organization it is also a very luxurious one in terms of its facilities. But even with all this amazing perks, the lush natural surroundings may really be BRS’s most enticing feature on offer. With the option for a shared room rather than a private one, this luxury facility also offers affordable options.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Location

355 W Mannsiding Rd
Harrison, MI 48625

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services Cost

$30,000 (30 days, 4-person room); $40,000 (30 days, 2-person room); $50,000 (30 days, private room). Reach Behavioral Rehabilitation Services by phone at (989) 539-5350. Find Behavioral Rehabilitation Services on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. 2 years ago my daughter was in a car accident, broke her leg and required surgery. Before that point she’s never had any sort of substance abuse problem but afterwards she became addicted to the pain medication. I didn’t know she’d become addicted to her pain medication until 7 months ago when she asked for help. This started a lot of research on my part because I didn’t know what sort of treatment she’d require. I found a detox center near our home and helped her get checked in there. It was a 2 week detox process and I thought or at least I hoped that because she didn’t have a problem before all this that she’d be able to detox off the pain medication and she’d be able to go on from there without needing additional help.
    That wasn’t the case and she relapsed soon after. When I spoke to her about it she told me that she didn’t want to use, didn’t want something like that in her life but was craving that feeling so much so that using felt like the only thing she could do. When she started using again it shocked me how quickly her addiction spun out of control. It was as if once she gave herself permission to start using again, nothing held her back and she ended up using even more than before going into that detox.
    After that I spent a bit more time looking into different treatment options and centers she could go to and after a bit of back and forth on my part in sending her out of state for treatment I decided on Behavioral Rehabilitation Services in Michigan and I’m really happy with the way they’ve helped my daughter.
    Before sending her to BRS both she and I spent a lot of time speaking with the intake counselor. He was wonderful in the way he explained everything to me and the way he spoke with my daughter. I learned more about addiction and the recovery process just by talking to him a few times than I had in all my research up to that point. He explained to me how and why my daughter could become addicted to these pain medications and what made it so hard for her to quit using them. Up to that point I understood that there was a physical aspect of the withdrawal process but I didn’t fully comprehend how long those cravings could and would last once she’d stopped using them.
    My daughter went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services 5 months ago and came home just last weekend. I didn’t get to visit her while she was there as it’s a few states away so I didn’t see any of her progress through her program. I spoke with the family counselor there a few times during her program. They made sure that they called me once every couple weeks or so. More in the beginning of her program but as she progressed I didn’t have as many questions so didn’t need the calls as much, My point is that I knew she was doing well there, knew that she had made some good progress during her program but, I didn’t see any of it until she came home. When I did she her I was floored by the changes. My daughter had always prided herself on taking care of her body. She worked out, ate healthy food and drank very rarely. While she was using all that went away. During her stay at BRS she started working out again, started eating better and generally started taking care of herself again. So, when she came home, she looked like herself again. She was happier too. She’d become rather depressed while using which isn’t her normal state of being so I was very happy that she was back to her normal bubbly self again.
    She’s only been home for a week but she’s still doing everything that she started doing while at BRS and I have high hopes that she won’t go back to using again. We’ve talked about it and she’s agreed to talk to me or to call up one of the counselors at BRS whenever she has a craving which she’s been doing. She’s open and honest with me about how she feels and what she wants to do and is relying on the people around her again to help her get through this and isn’t trying to do it all on her own.
    Since going to BRS she’s changed a lot, all for the better and I attribute every bit of that change to her going to BRS.

  2. 2 months ago, my mom checked herself into Behavioral Rehabilitation Services and I am really impressed with the way the staff at BRS have been able to keep her there and to keep her on track. My mom’s had a problem with alcohol for years now. She’s always been a pretty heavy drinker but it wasn’t constant while my brothers and I were growing up. Once all 3 of us were out of the house though, that’s when her drinking got really bad and it’s only been in the last couple years that she’s put an effort into trying to get sober. Which has been harder for her than any of us realized it was going to be.
    When my mom got to BRS they managed to do what no other rehab or detox she’s been to was able to do. They kept her there and got her through her alcohol detox. My mom would go back and forth on wanting to get sober. She would spend a few months knowing that she needed to quit drinking and wanting to do something about it. Then, she’d check herself into a rehab or a detox and within a day she’d have some sort of nervous breakdown and she’d check herself out. Since she was the one checking herself in and was the one paying for her treatment there wasn’t much my brothers or I could do beyond begging her to stay. Once she’d check herself out it would be months before she was even thinking about getting sober again.
    My older brother found BRS after the last time our mom checked herself out of rehab and for months after that all 3 of us worked hard to convince her to go there. 2 months ago, she finally agreed to give BRS a chance. All 3 of us had talked to the intake counselor there so when she arrived at BRS they knew she’d freak out after a day or so and would want to leave. So, they were a bit more prepared than the other detoxes and rehabs she’d been to. Even with that foreknowledge I don’t know what they did or how they convinced my mom to stay. Somehow, they did though. They got her through detox and she’s been at BRS two months now. Honestly, the staff at BRS pulled off a miracle for my brothers and I. I wasn’t sure she’d ever make it past 2 days but she’s through her detox and she’s still there, still working on her program and most importantly, she’s been sober for 2 months now.
    She’s actually planning to stay at BRS for a while longer. The programs they have at BRS are based on progress instead of some set time so our mom can stay there for however long she needs to. Now that she’s sober and has been for a couple months she’s thinking more clearly. She told us that she doesn’t ever want to go through detox again and the best way to make sure she doesn’t have to is to stay at BRS until she’s completely certain that she’ll never pick up a drink again.
    Being at BRS has been extremely beneficial for my mom. Her emotions are more level now. She’s become much more involved in all her kid’s and grandkid’s lives. My mom, she’s always been a good mom, even with her drinking more than most she still took care of us. She loved us and supported us, the last few years when her drinking got worse, it hurt all of us because we didn’t have that support anymore. It was almost impossible to talk to her about anything that was important to us and the relationship she had with each of her kids became strained. Things are much better now. My brother and I went to visit her last week and both of us felt like we had our mom back.
    The staff at BRS have been really good when it comes to dealing with my mom and her issues. Even though she’s been there for 2 months now and she’s at a point where she absolutely wants to stay sober, there are still days when things seem too hard for her and she wants to quit. They’ve been amazing in keeping her there through all of it and calming her down whenever she gets stressed about her progress. The staff seem to really understand my mom and it’s why she’s doing so great now.
    My mom plans to stay at BRS for a while longer but I’m excited to see how much better she gets while there and I know she’ll do great when she finally does leave.

  3. I was in detox for 18 days. Left in active withdrawal as the doctors refused to adjust their protocol. Now I can add PTSD to the list of issues I am working on.

    I was told numerous lies from the start including: cost, ammenities (there is no internet or phone access in the detox program. Once out of detox, there is one half hour per evening at 8:30 – 9:00.), medications for detox (I knew what I needed based on previous attempts and was assured I would get it. Didn’t. Doctors told me they “never used that for detox” but most rehabs do.

    Run, don’t walk away from this place. Do NOT send a drug addicted loved one. They will make them detox without treatment and then have them sign papers with the intention of contacting numerous loved ones of the patient and demanding money to start the detox. Absolutely horrible.

  4. When my sister became addicted to opiates she needed help and went to Behavioral Rehab Services in Michigan. Which was great for her. For a while now there’s been so much talk about the opioid epidemic but it didn’t really hit me how bad it actually is until I found out my sister, who has always been incredibly put together and in charge of her life, had become addicted to opiates.
    Her story is similar to so many others. She had never had a problem with drugs when she broke her wrist. She ended up needing to have surgery for it and her doctor prescribed her Vicodin and that was all it took for her to get addicted. Within a week she was using more than the recommended dosage and within a month she was using it not because she was in pain but because if she didn’t take the Vicodin she didn’t feel right.
    She came to my mom and I for help when her girlfriend left her. They’d been together for 7 years so it was a big deal and she was heartbroken. When she told us that she was addicted to her pain medication I was floored. I understand that it’s not all that uncommon but like everyone I didn’t think it’d happen to someone I know and love.
    When the three of us started looking into rehabs we realized that we were in way over our heads. There are so many places and so many programs that it was overwhelming. We didn’t know if she should be close to home or if it was better if she was further away. We didn’t know what kind of program she should do or how long she should be there for. Which is why our mom called a referral service and that’s how we found BRS. Thank God for that too because BRS was just perfect for my sister.
    By going to BRS it dealt with all the unknowns. It was a state away so she was close enough for us to visit but not too close. There are different programs there so we didn’t have to figure that out for her. She was able to choose her own program once she was through detox. She was also able to take as much time as she needed there. They put people through their programs based on the client’s progress on not on some timetable.
    The hardest part of it all for my sister was detoxing. Which I completely understand. I wanted to know what it was going to be like for her so I watched a couple videos of people detoxing and it’s just horrible. I hate that this happened to my sister and that she had to deal with detoxing from opiates. The staff in detox at BRS helped her endure all the discomfort and pain and they got her through it.
    She started enjoying herself at BRS when she got through and out of detox. The staff and the other clients there were people she mostly got along with. Most of the clients were people her own age or a bit older. Most had families, careers and lives that they needed to get back to and that made her feel more comfortable there than if she’d gone to a rehab filled with a much younger clientele.
    She stayed at BRS for 6 months and spending that long there, it gave her the time she needed to get off the opiates and get back to feeling normal when she wasn’t on them. She started working on getting her life back to normal. She started talking to and working through things with her girlfriend and they decided to give their relationship another try which I’m super happy about. 7 years isn’t something you throw away without a fight so I’m glad they’re trying again.
    Going to BRS gave her a second chance with so many different things in her life and she’s making the most of that. She’s been working super hard since getting home. I know it’s not easy for her all the time and that it wouldn’t be all that hard for her to go to a doctor and get a new prescription so I’m glad she fighting so hard to stay off them.

  5. Going to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services helped my sister so much. There’s so much about going to BRS that just worked for my sister. First, just being there is nice and it’s so pretty there. I’ve never done a drug in my life, never needed a drug rehab but, I’d stay at BRS. The buildings are set up to feel more like lodges, with their clients comfort and security in mind. It’s on a ton of land so it feels like you’re at a lodge in the middle of the woods. Plus, it doesn’t have that institutional feel that most rehabs have.
    There was one thing that I really appreciated about BRS, besides the fact that going there got my sister off drugs. I was able to bring my son with me when I went to visit. It’s not that I couldn’t at the other rehabs my sister’s gone to, it’s that I wouldn’t. After seeing BRS for myself the first time I went to see my sister, I didn’t have a problem with bringing my son up with me when I visited her again. He’s never been able to get to know his aunt as she’s been on drugs for most of his life. Being able to come with me and get to know her in a place that was safe, where I didn’t worry about her sobriety and that he could have fun at was really very nice and they had a ton of stuff for him to do up there with her.
    I’d heard a bit about BRS before seeing the place for myself. Enough to know that my parents were extremely optimistic about my sister going there. When I went up there and saw BRS and got to know the counselors there I was just as optimistic about it as my parents.
    There are two big reasons why BRS worked for my sister. A lot of little reasons but, two major ones. The first is that they have different programs options there. Every other rehab my sister’s been to has only offered one program but, with BRS they have different choices for her and it was amazing how just having options helped my sister. She got to choose which program was right for her. Because of that, for the first time, she was excited about doing a drug rehab program. Truly excited about it. While doing the program she had an easier time putting in the work she needed to because it was a program she chose. She didn’t resent the staff or the counselors who helped her through it. Listened to them more and her time at BRS went more smoothly because of it.
    The other reason was the length of time my sister spent at BRS. The programs at BRS are set up in such a way that each person does his or her program at their own speed. As a client you could be there for a month or a year. It just depends on what that person needs.
    My sister stayed at BRS for 9 months because that’s how long she needed and it’s one of the biggest reasons she’s sober today. She spent so many years on drugs that she really didn’t know how to live her life without them. Being at BRS for that long gave her the time and the experience she needed so when she got home she could continue living her life without drugs.
    Our whole family went up to see my sister graduate from BRS and it was a great ceremony. Not just when my sister spoke. I was blown away by how amazing each person that graduated looked and acted. Each one spoke of what they had to do to stay sober and how willing they were to do those things now.
    My sister got home 3 months ago and things are going great for her. She’s having a much easier time staying sober. She’s still working on sorting her life out and learning to live without using drugs but, she doing amazing. Going to BRS did so much good for my sister. I know I have them to thank for her sobriety and her happiness.

  6. I went to Behavioral Rehab Services because I was stuck on the pain meds that my doctor had prescribed and couldn’t get off them by myself. I was in an accident last year and my doctor prescribed pain meds to help with the pain I was in. My problem is that I’m a wimp when it comes right down to it. I don’t handle pain very well at all and I ended up staying on the meds I was prescribed for far longer than I should have needed to. Then when I was finally at a point where the pain was manageable for me, I wasn’t able to handle the withdrawal symptoms so again, I couldn’t get off them. I ended up lying to my doctor to stay on them and he continually refilled my prescription. 6 months ago, I talked to my husband about. I knew it was only going to get worse if I didn’t get off the meds and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get off them by myself. When we were first talking about it I didn’t think I needed to go to a full rehab but, we decided I would because we’d both rather have me go to do a rehab program without needing than only go to a detox and it not be enough. My husband found BRS and it turned out to be the perfect place for me. He found a place where I’d be comfortable staying. BRS puts an emphasis on their client’s comfort but, they also make very sure that you are working hard on your program too. I hated detox which isn’t surprising because I don’t handle pain or discomfort all that well. The detox staff were very attentive and nice. They handled my tantrums really well and kept me going through it even though I tried to leave every day at first. Once through with detox I was surprised by how much I actually liked it there and it turned out to be a really good thing that I went to do a full program. I didn’t even start feeling like my regular, normal self for almost 4 weeks. So, just the fact that I was there for more than 2 weeks was helpful. The staff there were great. They got participating in the groups and made sure I understood how each subject pertained to me, they made sure I was learning from them. They also did a lot to make sure they were all happy during our free-time. They’d set up activities for us to do, both inside and outside the facility. Each weekend we were able to go out and do our own shopping. Which doesn’t seem like something to get excited about but, after a few weeks it is definitely something I was happy about. You also have your electronics there. There’s rules about them but, I could get my laptop and go online. Things that just made the whole process of going through rehab a whole lot easier. Going to BRS did a lot for me. Since going to BRS I’m a lot more open and honest with my husband which has strengthened our marriage. I have better control over my emotions and I handle problems in my life much more easily. BRS was a great rehab for me and I’m very happy with the results I got from going there.

  7. My sister has had problems with drug abuse since she was a teenager. It’s a little different with her than with other people though. My sister would have periods of time where she’d use more often or have stretches where she’s use almost regularly. She’d also have periods of time where she didn’t use at all. That had been going on for 20 years and it’s only in the last 3 years that she really developed a habit where she’d use daily. Before that, I wouldn’t have even called her an addict. She might have been but I didn’t see it that way. Her drug use got bad in the 3 years before she went to BRS. That’s when I started thinking of her as an addict. Before that she’s never used for more than 6 months without stopping herself. But then, she was using daily and in the last 6 months before going to BRS she was arrested twice for possession. The second time she was arrested our parents got her agreement to go to rehab before they bailed her out. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is the only rehab she’s been to because before this whenever our parents would start to get fed up and begin looking for rehabs, that’s when she’d stop herself and not use for a time. When our parents chose a rehab they wanted a place where my sister would be comfortable. They knew that if she was comfortable she’d put more of an effort into helping herself. BRS was perfect for that. It’s a beautiful place. One I’d stay at if it wasn’t a rehab. The facility doesn’t look like a rehab. It looks like a ski lodge and there were a lot of amenities that my sister enjoyed while she was there. There was a lot more than that went into our parents decision to send her to BRS. They have different programs available there and while my sister hadn’t been to rehab before our parents have done a lot of research on addiction and the different types of rehabilitation programs available. With BRS our parents didn’t have to try to decide which sort of program would work best for my sister. They just had to get her there and let the professional figure it out. They take a holistic approach to treating addiction there. They weren’t going to put my sister on drugs just to get her off drugs. She was at BRS for 6 months which was another reason for choosing it. It’s not a time based program. The people who go there stay for however long they need to. My sister did good there. During her program she became happier, less jaded and more like the sister I remember from when we were young. She finished her program 3 months and she’s been home, doing great. We have had stretches where she was clean for this long before but, it is different this time. She so much happier now. It’s been 20 years since she was this happy and easy to get along with and I don’t see this stretch ending. Going to BRS helped her so much and the difference between the person she was before going to BRS and the person she is today amazes me. I’m so happy my sister got the help she needed at BRS. It’s an amazing place.

  8. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a great treatment center. It worked for my brother when he went last year and I didn’t think he’d ever get sober. Before going to BRS my brother used crack cocaine for 10 years and he’s been to a lot of different treatment centers in that time. Not one of which helped him any. The treatment he received at BRS did help him though. There’s a lot of differences between BRS and the other centers he’s been to. At BRS they don’t take a one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. They understand that different people have different needs and they don’t have just one program there. They have different programs available and they worked with my brother to find the one that would work for him. He’s done a lot of 12-step program and the last thing he needed was to do another one. They figured out how to help him when no one else could and because of that he’s sober now. There’s also the fact that he was at BRS for 4 months. Most of the centers he’s been to have been 28 or 30 day programs. Which for my brother is barely enough time for him to start feeling human again. From what I understand it doesn’t take all that long to detox from crack. Being detoxed though and feeling human are two completely different things. It would take 2 or 3 weeks before he started feeling human again and in a 4 week program that doesn’t leave much time for him to get the help he needed. Being at BRS for so long was great for my brother. He was able to take all the time he needed and really do his program right. The way BRS works is that you’re there for as long as you need to be. Whether that’s 30 days or a year. Plus, the center itself is really nice so it’s not a hardship staying that long. It’s a beautiful center and they have some great amenities that make it even easier to be there. Lastly, I believe the staff at BRS make the most difference. They are very dedicated to helping people. They always went out of their way to help my brother and make sure he was doing well. Whether that applied to his program or not. I really think my brother would get sober. I love him dearly but I had basically written him off and after dealing with his addiction for 10 years I know I wasn’t the only one in our family who had. While I didn’t think he could be helped, the staff at BRS didn’t consider that an option. They made sure my brother got the help he needed, they made sure he did his program and did it right and because of that, because of their dedication to their jobs, my brother is truly living his life again. Even when he came home I wasn’t convinced that he’d stay sober. It wouldn’t have been the first time that he came home from rehab, doing great and then used right away. So, I wasn’t convinced but, he’s been doing great. He’s still sober. He’s working and he’s catching up with our family. He was finally able to meet his nieces and nephews. Things are going really good because he went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.

  9. I will always appreciate the help and care I received from Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. I’ve been to a few different rehab centers and the quality of care and the services that were provided at BRS made it the best rehab I’ve been to. It was more than just the program I did that made it this way. The people working at BRS were awesome and the activities and amenities they provided were great as well. I like the way they approached addiction and recovery there. It was all about putting in the effort and getting the most out of it. It didn’t matter how long that took, you are there until you get it right. After 5 years of struggling with addiction and going to rehab only to relapse, I was more than willing to put in that effort. All I wanted was my life back and I’d have done almost anything to get it. The work I did on my program wasn’t easy, in fact I worked harder at BRS than I had at any of the previous rehabs I went to. The staff made sure of that, which is something that I at least really needed. It took me 4 months to do my program there. It’s easy when you’re at rehab to get lazy. You don’t always want to do everything you’re supposed to. The staff at BRS made sure that didn’t happen with me or any of the other clients. It wasn’t that they told us what to do or how to handle a situation. It was that the counselors were there, helping me through the whole process but making sure I figured everything out for myself. Which, for me, is something that worked really well. One of the things that I really liked about BRS was the sense of community there. The staff at BRS are great, they were always there, willing to help or talk me through something if I needed to. The other clients I did the program with were the same way. We were all really supportive of each other and it the made the whole experience of going through rehab so much better. We’d have group activities that the staff at BRS would set up, they were always a lot of fun and brought us closer together. Things like having cookouts or going to an alpaca farm. No other rehab I’ve been to was like that and it was a welcome change for me. While the program I did was really hard for me, it was exactly what I needed. When I got to BRS all I wanted was to get my life back and by being at BRS and doing my program, that is exactly what I got. The help I got at BRS and the help I continue to receive now that I’m home has been substantial. Since coming home, they’ve kept on me, making sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and staying away from the things I need to. Whenever I have I problem that I don’t know how to deal with, I know I can call and they’ll help me. Finally, after 5 years of dealing with my addiction I’m clean, sober and truly doing well. Which is because I went to BRS. I’d recommend this center to anyone and everyone looking to get help.

  10. Doing the SMART Recovery program at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services changed my life. The BRS facility was a wonderful place for me to go in order to do the work on myself that I needed to. The environment of the facility is great. Very relaxing, being there, doing my program was more comfortable than I could have imagined. My husband found BRS and he couldn’t have chosen a better place. While I was at BRS I was enrolled in the SMART Recovery program. I was amazed at how much that program, along with the staff at BRS who were so great, did for me. I never thought I’d get this kind of help or that there was something that would truly work for me. I’ve been to rehab before and I have managed to stay clean for a time after finishing one or two of them. It wasn’t a true recovery though, it was more like just a period of time that I wasn’t using. Before doing the SMART Recovery program I didn’t understand the difference. I just figured that staying clean for any amount of time was going to be extremely difficult. Because those urges were still there and I didn’t know how to handle them. Plus, they seemed to get stronger every day, in my mind at least. I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle that was doomed to failure. Learning the difference and then working to replace the unhealthy behavior with something healthier helped me a ton. When I first started on the program it made me think. What my life was like when I was using, what I wanted it to be like. How to get from the prior to the latter. Getting sober had always felt like something unachievable to me. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I knew that I did need to. Starting the program and figuring these things out gave me some clear, definitive goals and I was able to figure out the actions required to achieve those goals. Figuring these actions out made me realize that this, getting sober, was something that I could do. I worked to identify my triggers and which of those triggers were riskier than the others. Just knowing what those triggers were helped me, knowing that more triggers could happen later kept me vigilant in looking for them and spotting them when the came to be. I figured out which distractions worked best for me when dealing with my urges to use. I learned ways of dealing with and avoiding those people, places and things that were triggers for me. Avoidance isn’t always going to be possible, especially once I got home so I worked on more advance strategies for dealing with my urges. I became more confident in my ability to deal with situations that may come up and lead to a lapse. I started accepting myself for who I was and not condemning myself for the things that I done and changing the things I needed to change. I appreciated that I didn’t spend my time there being called an addict. In the past it always gave me the feeling that I couldn’t truly change. Saying instead that I had addictive behavior might seem like a small difference but it is a difference and that difference helped a lot. You can’t really change what you are but you can change your behavior. Going through the program changed the way I thought and the way I acted or reacted. My life is much more balanced since going to BRS and I’m doing well because of it.

  11. None of the information provided on this site about brs is accurate. Its all lies. There are only 2 “trails”, one is actually quite nice, the other is a loop thats used as a driveway. There is no personal chef or nutritionist on staff. The food is actually horrible. Ive had better food in jail. You dont get to pick class in a “college style” manner. All classes are the same regardless of level of care. 6 hours of class a day with a 15 minute smoke break every hour. There is no psychologist on staff, just a quack Dr (MD?) that comes in 1-2 a week for an hour or 2. Individual counseling consists of 1 session for less than an hour once a week. There is no financial training , 12 step study, faith based anything, aromatherapy or nutrition classes. The “yoga room” is in the classrooms or outside after classes end. There is no counseler on site 24/7. Securtity can be found outside smoking in stead of watching after clients, not to mention that they are all kids, some as young as 19.
    Please dont waste your money on this place based on the lies of the description of this place or the clearly fake uber positive reviews.

  12. My sister went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services 3 months ago for alcoholism. Her alcoholism started 2 years ago, when she lost her job. She was having trouble finding a new one and she started drinking more and more. 6 months before going to BRS it got really bad. She stopped even trying to pretend like she was still looking for work. She started drinking earlier and earlier in the day and her alcohol consumption continued to increase. Her drinking became an addiction that she didn’t know how to handle and she didn’t have much desire to do anything about it. 3 months ago, her husband had finally had enough and told her that if she didn’t go to rehab, he’d divorce her. They were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 20 years. At that point, the reality of what she was doing to herself and to her family finally started to sink in. She didn’t want to lose her husband or her kids and knew that with her drinking that if her husband did divorce her, she’d most likely lose her kids in the process. She made the decision to go to rehab and her husband found a great place in BRS. With the way BRS is run, she’s able to enjoy herself there. She likes the people she’s doing her program with. Absolutely adores the staff and hasn’t had any problem being there for however long her program takes. That’s one thing about BRS, it doesn’t matter how long your there for. Each client does their program at their own speed and it can take as long as you want it. There’s been people that have stayed at BRS for over a year because it was still helpful for them to be there and because they liked it there so much. It’s definitely not the normal amount of time people spend at BRS but, I like the fact that if my sister needed to, she could stay for that long. My sister has changed a lot in the 3 months she’s been there. I went out there to visit her a couple weeks ago and I was impressed with the facility. Having been there, I can easily see why my sister has no problem staying there for as long as she needs to. BRS doesn’t feel like an institution at all. I had seen pictures of the facility before going out there and my sister told me a lot about the place. I still thought that because it was a rehab, it would feel at least a bit like an institution. That’s not the case at all though. Everyone there, the clients and the staff are happy being there. It’s comfortable and they have a lot of extras that made my sister’s stay much more relaxing and enjoyable. She’s been going to this meditation circle thing, which she loves. She started doing yoga there. There’s a masseuse that comes and they take her to get her nails done if she wants. It’s finally warm in Michigan now so they’ve been having weekly bonfires and have been doing a lot of grilling. Every week they take the clients out to do something fun. She always enjoys it but last Saturday they took the clients to an alpaca farm. The farm was having an alpaca palooza and she really had a ton of fun there. The staff at BRS go out of their way to find things like that for the clients to do and it’s made my sister’s experience there so much better. My sister is comfortable at BRS and one of the reasons for that is the average age of the clients there. My sister’s in her 40’s and most everyone there is around her age. She would have hated if she had to go through rehab with a bunch of kids that are barely older than her own children. The program she’s doing at BRS is one that’s tailored to her and her needs. Because my sister actually likes it at BRS, she’s taking her time on her program, doing it right. My sister’s only ever been to BRS but I don’t think there’s a better rehab out there.

  13. I personally did not go to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. We sent our son there for his addiction to pain drugs and alcohol. Our son had been struggling with substance abuse problems for quite some time, and there seemed to be nothing that we could do to get him to quit. No matter what he just kept abusing substances and he kept getting into trouble over and over again with substance abuse issues. It just seemed to us like he was going to consistently be having these problems no matter what.

    Our son Steve had been to multiple rehab centers before, but he never seemed to have any success from them. He always seemed to be okay for a couple weeks, but the he would just slide back into his old ways again, and he would start getting into trouble with drugs and alcohol again. No effort or treatment center seemed to have any real, lasting impact on him. After about five years of his addiction and three failed rehabs, we finally found Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was the first treatment center that was able to do something really special for our boy, and here was a program that was able to make a real difference in how it helped people. Here was a program that really knew how to make a difference, a program that could do wonders for helping him address his issues and come out winning on the other side.

    My wife and I noticed a few, key things about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services that set them apart and that made them special in terms of rehabilitation skill. Now, I don’t personally believe that any of the treatment programs my son had gone to in the past were “bad” or “not good,” they just didn’t have the services and the care options and the proper treatment focuses that resonated with Steve specifically. They were still good programs in their own way, but they just could not seem to hit the nail on the head in the way that Steve needed.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services delivered a workable and caring recovery program for Steve, one of which made all the difference in getting him tools and proper focus on where he needed to go next. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services helped my son in some really incredible ways, and I will list the ones my wife and I feel were the most impacting below:

    The staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services were just excellent. Truly excellent. Their whole approach to recovery was unlike anything we had seen at a treatment center before, and it was such a huge relief to be able to get the kind of assistance and care from them that we did. The staff were all very kind, they really knew what they were doing, and they really had the purposes and the know how to be able to make it go right to help people.

    The facility at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was also very impressive too. The facility was this beautiful log lodge type of structure, and it looked like it had been recently renovated and updated. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services also sits squarely on sixty acres of private acreage. It’s tucked back in the woods, and it offers as totally sweeping, broad expanse of land for clients to get some exercise and go on nature walks and hikes.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services also has some of the best treatment programs we have ever seen before. This program really knows how to address addiction that is for sure. The understood the importance and the significance of really helping a person to find their own path to freedom and to escape addiction in that way. They offer holistic focuses, results-based efforts, religious treatments that are optional, a direct, one on one approach, a lot of group therapy, and much more. They deliver classes and courses and lots of excellent services and treatment plans for all of their clients and even their families too. If we didn’t live so far away we could have taken part in some of the programs offered there.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a truly engaging and pleasant recovery institution, one of which is quite skilled in knowing exactly how to help people vanquish even the most difficult of addiction nightmares. They offer very pleasant amenities as well in addition to having great staff, a good program, and a lovely facility. They offer some recreational activities, but they make sure that their clients spend the vast majorities of their days working on their recovery programs and not on recreating. That of course has to be the main focus here. But nevertheless, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services still has some very pleasant and very enjoyable recreational-type activities that people can take part in if they wish. The focuses and the mindsets of those who go to this center are so profoundly focused on recovery though that a lot of people spend only an hour or two a day at most with the amenities, and the rest is spent working on their recoveries, which is totally fine too.

    Another thing I want to make sure to point out about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is the fact that they really use an open-ended, multi-modality program. Like, the three rehab centers my Steve had gone to before may have offered more than one treatment method, but they all basically offered the same concept and the same idea. They all basically delivered the same 12 step treatment solutions to their clients, and they all basically did the same amount of help and care and attention to their clients. Not at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. They offer an alternative to the 12 step approach that includes about a dozen different treatment modalities, and is truly effective and excellent in its own way because of it. I was totally thrilled with it to say the least, and I know Steve was too.

    Last but not least, my wife and I both loved the fact that the Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was a results-based, evidence-based recovery program. This basically meant that the program was not going to let their clients graduate the program until the staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was absolutely certain that their clients had made a full recovery. I was very impressed with that, and that made a big difference to me. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was an exceptionally helpful program that did a lot of good things for Steve to say the least, and this program made a big difference overall for how they were able to help Steve to kick his addiction struggle and how they were able to show him exactly what he needed to do to go free from an addiction struggle for life.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was a powerhouse and truly great recovery program. I literally have them to thank for my son’s current level of sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol. I honestly am not certain that he would be here today had it not been for this program. I know for certain that he was going down a path that was only going to end in his death if he did not get help soon. I know that positively. I know that he was heading into a path that wasn’t going to end well for him by any means at all, and i know that the direction he was taking with his life was fraught with misery in abundance. I know that Steve wanted to do better and he wanted to get a lot out of life, but he just couldn’t. He was being help back by an addiction to pills and alcohol that just did not seem to want to let him go, and there seemed like nothing that he could do about it.

    My wife and I both love Behavioral Rehabilitation Services and the way that they were able to help our Steve. My hat is off to them for being able to help us so much and for being able to show us that there truly are great people in this world.

  14. I was really impressive with my entire experience with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. Before I went to BRS I had started using again after being clean for 10 years and it was hard being in that position of needing to go to rehab again. I hadn’t been back on drugs long before I went to BRS but I was using pretty heavily already. I didn’t have a gradual increase when I started using again. I went from not using at all, to using heavily every single day. I was hard on my entire family but it was especially hard on my husband. He knew that I had gone to rehab when I was younger but he had never known me as an addict. We didn’t meet until after I had been clean for 3 years. So, he had no real understanding of the kind of person I was when I was getting high, how awful I could be. He realized I was using again and didn’t waste any time finding and sending me to a facility. When he confronted me about my using he had already found BRS, set everything up, gotten me a plane ticket, he even packed for me. I hated having no control or say in where I was going and I was furious about it. The place he found for me, BRS, was incredible though. The actual facility looks like a ski lodge and it easy being there. I appreciated the fact that it didn’t feel like I was arriving at a rehab. I was so worried about going back to rehab and there were a few things that I absolutely dreaded because I was expecting a place like the one I had been to before. That wasn’t the case at all. The facility wasn’t overrun with people who were basically kids in my eyes. Everyone there was around my age, with their own lives to get back to. It was nice having something so basic in common with just about everyone there. I had a good time with everyone when we had down-time. However, it wasn’t a bunch of kids goofing off and getting into trouble because their parents sent them. It was also a relief to have actual, real food. They have a chef working there who makes some really great food. The counselors were another thing I was worried about. I know from experience how much difference the attitude of a counselor makes when you’re trying to get your life back together. The staff at BRS are decent human beings. Not there for the money but because they want to help people. There was an effort put into what each one of us was going through personally and how best to help us as separate people. I felt like I was completely understood and worth the effort they were putting into helping me. The things I learned at BRS have made a huge difference in my life. I’ve been doing great since I finished my program. When I’m needing a bit of help or just need to talk to someone, I can always call up to BRS and know that there’s someone there who will help me get through it. Going to BRS, for me, was life changing.

  15. I want to talk a little bit about addiction in this country, and how it is affected us as a country. I want to talk about this because, since going to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, I feel very strongly about spreading the word about addiction and the effects that it has on us.

    Some of the biggest drug problems occurring in our country have been occurring specifically in the last few years. This has been a very hard time for a nation when it comes to our proclivity to turn to substances at the slightest indication of difficulty or hardship. What we have on our hands right now is a rapidly expanding problem with addiction that is getting to the point of causing pretty serious difficulty. If we do not do something about it soon, and if major action is not taken soon to do something about it, then these issues will only get increasingly more severe very quickly too. One good indication of where this problem is going is the numbers of people who are abusing drugs and alcohol in this country, which is a figure that now numbers over 20 million according to specific studies and surveys done over the course of the last few years.

    We live in a country where there are certainly always different kinds of problems and issues that we face, but by a large we are able to work our way through them. Some of the biggest concerns that have come about in the last few years have been with drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general. It has been known for some time now that the United States of America is in overmedicated country. There is no doubt of this at this point. Prescription drug has been going on intensively since 2001, and the numbers of people in this country who are addicted to prescription drugs has increased by over 500% since then. According to the Trust for America’s Health, the organization responsible for collecting information on health problems of the country, prescription drug abuse and addiction is now the single most concerning problem that we face today when it comes to substance abuse. This is particularly concerning too because prescription drugs are very legal, they’re very easy to get, and they are in fact encouraged in our society. When I arrived at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, this is what I was addicted to.

    When we examine the difficulties and struggles that come about with an addiction, we begin to see how problematic and unpleasant these issues really are. A lot of different organizations have done studies and performed research on these problems to try to get a better idea of them. One such organization is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has closely examined this issue, because substance abuse falls under that category of a disease that the CDC needs to monitor and try to do something about. According to them, addiction is now an epidemic in this country because of how many people die from it every single year. As the numbers currently stand, anywhere from 60,000 to 90,000 people perish annually as a result of abusing drugs and or alcohol.

    From what I have said above, you can see that addiction is truly a harsh and difficult problem, one of which we need to effectively address and handle as soon as is possible. This is a growing issue in this country without a doubt and it is getting worse and worse to say the least, all of which results in a situation where people really do struggle very heavily with their problems and difficulties. I personally fell on very hard times with addiction and was hurt very badly because of pill addiction, but I know a lot of people who struggle with other kinds of substance abuse too. Needless to say I am thrilled that I went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services gave me a way out of addiction and they showed me the path that I needed to find to get my way in life and to get my freedom and my abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good. I was hurt pretty bad from addiction yes, but I was able to get the tools necessary and needed for beating addiction once and for all and for good by going to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services offers a lot of different services and care options, such as one on one counseling, relapse prevention, coping strategies, extensive treatment focuses, electives, physical therapy, coping strategies, relapse prevention, one on one services, and a great deal of other care options and recovery methods. As it stands right now, drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues and struggles and hardships in general are very worrisome to say the least.

    While at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, I learned a lot. I learned a lot about myself and what I was all about and why I was abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services gave me variety in the services that they offered to me, which did wonders for helping me to get my head on straight and to find peace of mind, abstinence, and a resounding stability in the care options that they provided to me.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was able to use multiple different recovery methods and treatment options to show me the right path and the right tools for recovery that I absolutely needed to get free from addiction once and for all and for good. Another thing that I liked about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was that all of the staff were incredibly well trained, they gave me peace of mind and the time of day, and they went the extra mile to really make me feel at home and comfortable in the care options and the services that they offered to me. I would strongly recommend that Behavioral Rehabilitation Services be a treatment center choice for you. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services offered a stabilizing and effective and sensible recovery method, one of which was very helpful to me and which made a lot of sense indeed. I am happy with this program, and I am happy with how well organization and sensible this treatment center and recovery program is. I would strongly recommend Behavioral Rehabilitation Services to anyone who needs a chance to beat drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.

  16. I was very pleased with the services that we all got at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. This treatment center essentially saved my brother’s life when all others could not. I am thrilled that the program was able to service him in the way that it did, and that the program was as helpful and focused as it was. The staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services really made the effort to give him the tools and all of the treatment methods necessary to finding and holding onto a permanent and lasting recovery.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services had a few things going for them that I, someone who has had personal experiences with treatment centers, was very pleased to see. They are:

    The treatment center offered a powerhouse, dedicated program that was not only longer than all of the other treatment options that other centers were doing, but it was also more diverse and varied than other programs were. The program at this treatment center was very well put together and offered treatment methods that were top notch for helping people to find their path off of a drug problem. I loved that they were literally able to custom build a recovery option for anyone and everyone who went there, essentially making it so that no two people got quite the same treatment program.

    The staff at this treatment center were very kind and seemed to really know what they were doing. That really struck me as being special and unique. The staff here were all highly trained and really seemed to know what they were doing. They were educated, intelligent, motivated, and exceptionally well experienced in their various fields and trades. I thought that was really unique because my experience has usually been that treatment centers are usually staffed by youngsters who don’t know what it is they want to do with their lives, and most of them are freshly out of treatment themselves. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was staffed by experienced, knowledgable individuals who really knew what they wanted to do and what they wanted to get out of life.

    The food at this center and their whole dedicated to diet and nutrition was really appealing. As a part of our tour of the center, we got to eat there too, which was really great. We got to experience some of the great meal plans that this center offers, and we were able to get a good idea of just how serious this center was and is about healthy living. This was really good because the center made a point to help my brother with his health, which he needed. My brother had a lot of other health problems in addition to addiction. These problems all seemed to get a lot less serious as a result of going to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services in addition to offering a great program, having great staff, and having great diet, nutrition, and healthy meal plans also offers a results-based approach to addiction treatment. What this means for this treatment center is that this program is basically able to keep addicts on there as long as is needed for them to make a full recovery. In doing so, people get a lot of support and help and simply get the time that they need to say goodbye to drug and alcohol addiction for life. This factor was crucial to my brother’s recovery. He had never gotten more than a few weeks or a months of sobriety from going to any other treatment centers, but Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was able to really help him find a workable and effective recovery by simply letting him stay on longer than most would.

    Last but not least, the facility at this treatment center is just great. The owners of Behavioral Rehabilitation Services really did wonders for getting this treatment center into a position of being totally well put together and aesthetic. I would have to say that this treatment center was the nicest of all of the ones that we have been to before, and that is saying something as we have been to some nice centers. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is in a beautiful log lodge tucked away in the woods, so it has that “log cabin” feel to it. Really a cool appeal and quite unlike what other places tend to offer. I was very pleased with how well maintained it was and how clean it was.

    When all of the cards are on the table, I’d definitely recommend Behavioral Rehabilitation Services as being a truly great treatment center. This program really went the extra mile to help my brother and our whole family is very grateful now.

  17. Lauren Anthony on

    Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is an amazing facility. My husband had back surgery 2 years ago and was prescribed prescription pain medication because of it. He was having a really hard time getting off it and so I started looking for a place that could help him. I wanted a place that didn’t look like or feel like a rehab facility. I wanted a place where husband could just get the help he needed in a peaceful environment. That’s exactly what I found in Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. The building is an old lodge on large piece of property. Saying it’s peaceful there is a gross understatement. My husband was able to relax there. We were able to get him his own room which was a fairly big deal to him. There weren’t any young kids there and in fact most of the clients there were in the same age group as him. No matter how much my husband needed help he wouldn’t have stayed anywhere he didn’t feel comfortable. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful the staff are at BRS. More than anything, they know what they are doing. They treated my husband with kindness, compassion and respect. The staff also had an extreme about of patience when it came to me. I’m nervous by nature and I many questions and concerns about how my husband was doing and about addiction in general. They helped me get a better understanding of what he was going through and by doing that my husband and I were on better terms. I was able to support my husband better because of that it made a big difference. Not just while he was there but also when he completed his program and came home. My husband also enjoyed his time at BRS. The clients would all cook together once a week and make a big meal for everyone which he thoroughly enjoyed. He liked when they all went off to do something fun each week. Going to BRS was the first time in years where he could actually take some time just for himself. Going to BRS helped my husband with more than just getting him off the pain medication. My husband looks and acts years younger than he did before going to BRS and it’s for the simple reason that he smiles more, laughs more and is much more content with his life. My husband was at BRS for 2 months and those 2 months changed him so much for the better.

  18. I am amazed by the staff at behavioral rehab services! Very caring and involved with patient and family, and they go to great lengths to satisfy your needs. Their actions speak volumes about their commitment to serving both the needs of the patient and the needs of the family. I have no area of complaint with BRS. Outstanding facility. BRS and its attentive staff have gone above and beyond to create a caring and successful environment for addiction recovery. They work one on one with patients and their families to establish a holistic approach for recovery. I am really great full that they offer a holistic approach, as it changes everything. It actually can nit be compared to an other non holistic rehab. I also quite enjoyed the fact that it is not your traditional 30 day program, but they added the care factor in their treatment, so you stay as long as you need. This s also one aspect that changes much about the treat program, and once you are ready you won’t be wobbly when you leave, you will know what to do and how to continue. They are located in a very safe and nurturing area of Harrison, Mi, with opportunities for the clients to have sober and positive involvement with the surrounding community. Very thankful for their commitment to helping their clients find successful and sober living.

  19. Just a few words to say about behavioral rehab services. I was totally against going to rehab because I thought how could it be that just cause I go away from home and be closed in with some strangers could benefit me? I was wrong! I would highly recommend Behavioral rehab . The staff were really great, they were very service oriented with all the clients and very professional too. The living arrangements were correct. We had fun together, worked out together and cooked. It brought people together like a family and showed real values. My individual therapist was just the best I could have asked for. I have a whole new look on life because of him. He taught me so much. He brought me back to the real me. I have my family back, I have a very good job. And most important!! I’m back to the real me. I would have never imagined that I can again feel this good, and enjoy the good things in life. Behavioral rehab taught me what it’s like to have integrity, honor and respect again. And how to live a sober and happy life! Thank you everyone at behavioral, you not only saved my life but gave me back my life. I am forever grateful and honored to have been a part of The family at behavioral rehab services!

  20. I am very pleased that we sent our daughter to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. It turned out being the best decision that we have made yet regarding her. We have had addiction come and go in our family one too many times. Actually, every time addiction has come up in our family has been one too many times. And sadly, drug and alcohol addiction has been a problem for my family and my networks far more than once.

    Drug and alcohol addiction is a harsh and worrisome problem, one of which shows to no real sign of getting any better any time soon, which is truly concerning as this is a serious problem in this country, one of which I have experienced personally many times. With our daughter, she had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for a few years and seemed to only be getting worse. We had sent her to multiple different treatment programs, but it didn’t seem like anything was working and like we were going to be able to get anywhere with her as long as she continued to abuse drugs and alcohol.

    We had put out daughter Janice in a few different treatment centers prior to sending her to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. From those programs she had only been able to stay clean and sober for a few months before she would suffer a relapse. Janice would have an okay time in those centers, but it would only be a short time before she ended up relapsing and going back to drugs and alcohol once again.

    She had just relapsed after going to her third treatment center when we got in touch with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. We instantly liked the program and thought this one would be the one for her. It was! It did not take long to convince her to go to the treatment center. The program at the Behavioral Rehabilitation Services treatment center and the facility itself was really appealing to her, and she was instantly interested and willing to go there, which was rare. Usually she takes a lot more convincing and even an intervention to become willing to go to rehab center.

    The points about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services that stood out for me and that really made this treatment center were that:

    The program offers a customizable and evidence based addiction recovery approach. What this basically means is that people who go to this rehab center are able to experience a workable and an effective treatment route that is supportive and stabilizing. It means that not everyone gets the same approach. It means that people who go this rehab center will simply take part in a combination of different recovery methods, depending on which methods and which approaches are the most workable and the most effective for them. This was the first thing that we really liked about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. The program was able to help us really well and help Janice tremendously by essentially offering her a treatment program that she was able to to a degree have some say in how she went about going through it.

    Just like the program itself is customizable at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, so is the length of time that you can stay there for. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab program and recovery organization offers an open ended length of time in their recovery services, such of which allows people to stay there for malleable lengths of time. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services let Janice stay there for about two months, which is double the normal amount of time that most treatment centers offer. This was truly phenomena and I’m sure that you can see why. because Janice was able to get an indefinite amount of time in the recovery center, she was really able to focus on her issues and handle and address all of them effectively. This was truly impressive and helpful for her we feel. All of the other rehab centers we think simply did not let her stay in the program for long enough, hence her ultimate and inevitable relapses after each center. Not so with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. They gave her the length of time that she needed and the types of services that she needed to truly find freedom and abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.

    One of the other things that we really liked about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was the staff members themselves. Truly, I don’t know if we have ever seen a complement of staff that was as great as the staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services staff were kind, caring, compassionate, and very dedicated to helping people go free from drug and alcohol addiction and all of the different crisis issues and problems that went along with it. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services staff engaged us all in workable recovery methods that helped us as a family too, not just focusing on Janice. It thought that was really cool and no other recovery center has ever done that before.

    The other thing that we all really liked about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was the location and the facility itself. I don’t think I have ever seen a location that was as well set up for addressing drug and alcohol addiction than this one. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services treatment program was able to offer kind and caring recovery methods, all of which simply complemented and added to their excellent treatment center. Their center is located on a hug parcel of private land, out in the middle of the country with lots of private lakes, streams, rolling hills, and forests. The facility itself is expansive and yet comfortable at the same time. Truly a perfect place for beating drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good.

    My whole family and I would strongly recommend Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. This treatment center really did a great job of helping our daughter go free from addiction. My hat is off to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, and I give them five stars as a treatment center!

  21. If it weren’t for Behavioral rehab services I would have lost my family and my job. Initially I was fearful of getting treated because I though I’d be treated like a prisoner but everyone here treated me as if I were family. The facility felt like my home away from home. I had such a great experience here, the staff is phenomenal and the amenities are the icing on the cake. I really felt for the first time since a very long time like a normal person who is not a criminal. This gave me hope that I actually can handle my life and get it back on track.

    I have to say that I am still in a shock at how well my treatment went, and I can almost not believe it that it has been 3 months that I haven’t touched anything. This is the longest I have been clean for ever since I started using, and I feel very stable and I do not think that I will eve have to go back to treatment. The individualized care that I have gotten from all the staff was fantastic. Everyone that I met was so nice to me, it really felt like I was family, and I still talk to some of them. It is nice they sincerely care about you, and want you to do w ll in life, and after you leave thy still keep in touch. If you are hesitating, I am recommending behavioral rehab to everyone.

  22. I was really pleased with what Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was able to do for my brother. This rehab center without a doubt saved my brother’s life. This rehab center offered the techniques and the helpful way out of the addiction crisis that had been taking him down. This rehab center was the first program that was actually able to help my brother. He had been to rehab before, but this one by far was the first one that actually offered some skills and some help to him. He had been suffering with addiction for years, and it wasn’t until he went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.

    The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services offers a skilled and extensive and ultimately very helpful organization that offers a skilled and workable recovery process for those who go there. The program creates a safe environment for those who go there. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services program left a strong impact on my brother. He went there months ago and he has been a completely changed person since he got back from his treatment there. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services program definitely left a lasting impression on him. He came back and told his story and these were the things about the program that really resonated with him:

    First of all, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services offers a totally unique, tailor made, custom made approach for every single individual who goes there. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab center takes each client in, works with them, puts together a plan, and then literally tailor makes a program for each one of their clients. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab center and recovery program is able to offer the exact services, custom built, for each one of their clients. This was very helpful for my brother because he was able to get an intensive amount of help there. He was finally able to do the exact program that was tailor-structured for him and for him alone. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab approach really had a lasting impression on him, and honestly I feel like it was that custom made, tailor made aspect to the program is what really made this rehab program stick with him.

    The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab program and recovery approach offers a very, very wide variety of services. This also struck my brother, me, and the rest of my family and really impressed us. The program offers a wide range of different rehabilitative options so that their clients can pick and choose what routes to take and what routes to leave aside. This multi-modality approach really made a difference for him. He was able to utilize a method of tackling addiction that used over a dozen different treatment methods in the center.

    My entire family was very impressed with the staff of Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. The staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services were great, friendly, helpful, and hardworking and dedicated to helping people triumph over addiction once and for all and for good. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services complement of counselors and support staff was just phenomenal. The individuals who work there are passionate and dedicated to helping people and to giving them a totally unique approach to beating addiction. What we really noticed about the Behavioral Rehabilitation Services team was their true passion and insistence on helping people find their way out of an addiction struggle and crisis. The staff were knowledgable and skilled, and we could tell that everyone who works there is personally dedicated to getting people off of drugs and alcohol.

    We were also very impressed with the center at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services itself. This is a beautiful log lodge building in the middle of the Michigan countryside. When my brother and I and his family came to the center to tour the facility, we were very intrigued by how peaceful, pleasant, idyllic, and calm the center was. The program at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is located on sixty acres of pirate land with rolling hills, forests, streams, ponds, and lakes. There are walking paths all through the grounds, and the facility building itself was excellent. Everything with how this rehab center is set up and is tailor structured to help people beat addiction. The building is comfortable, pleasant, and ultimately very well thought out. There are private rooms, nice amenities, and great facilities.

    The cooking, diet, and nutrition. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab program offers the best meal environment I’ve seen at a rehab. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab program is skilled and focused and direct in making sure that food, nutrition, diet, and health is just as much a part of a person’s focus in getting clean as the actual rehab program itself is. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services meal plan was not excessively fancy or out of this world, but the Behavioral Rehabilitation Services meal plan is very well put together and it is in fact tailor made to the specific needs and wants of every single client that goes there. We were all really impressed by the fact that they did a custom meal plan for everyone, including my brother.

    Last but not least, I loved the ongoing care plan that Behavioral Rehabilitation Services did for my brother. it really shows the true dedication that this rehab center has for getting their clients totally clean from drugs and alcohol. When my brother graduated the program eight months ago, that was not the end of the story for him. He still has more work to do! I was really impressed with this, because it seemed to me that when a person graduates a rehab, that is it for them and they are then on their own. Not so at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. When my brother graduated the program at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, they helped him connect with an aftercare, outpatient treatment center, right here in the town that we live in. Not only that, but then the aftercare specialist at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services went the extra mile and actually worked with the aftercare center to make sure that my brother was well set up and doing well there! How impressive is that? For me it shows the true dedication and persistence that this rehab center has for helping people to get clean and sober in such a way that their stability and their abstinence lasts for the rest of their lives.

    At the end of the day, we were all incredibly impressed with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. This treatment center and recovery program. These guys really knew what they were doing. I absolutely have them to thank for my brother’s life. I know for a fact that he would not be here today had it not been for Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. He was at the end of his rope and he had already failed two other rehab centers.

    I know this has been a long review but I really wanted to give these guys credit where credit was due. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services rehab center definitely go something right with how they decided to address addiction, and I wanted to make sure that their good deeds were well known. Needless to say, I would strongly recommend Behavioral Rehabilitation Services to anyone who was seeking help for addiction.

  23. Behavioral rehab services is really a place I would recommend to people. If you think that you are ready to get help, and you want to get off drugs, than you should chooses brs. I had a very close friend who received help from them, and he changed so much after his treatments, i think he stayed like 2 months. So basically you stay as long as you need to really get well and recover. They are not like conventional rehabs, as to say, they are really looking for results. Ans this is the best attitude rehabs should have, to look for results. First they got him through detox that is at their promises, so you do everything on sight. And than he moved to the rehab part, that consisted of different parts, like group meetings and one on one counseling, and the 12 steps program. They did do go out of the rehab too, they had different activities, with the whole group. He said that the peer support was really great, they would always push each other and he made some good friends. The staff are very professional and very educated and competent in their job. When you get to the rehab, you can actually choose from the different programs they offer, so you are not forced to do something you disagree with. They keep in touch with the family too, very important!

  24. Jonathan B on

    Wow, this is a great facility, I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol addiction. We all know someone suffering from these and this program offers the solution. While I have not personally done the program, I have become very interested in seeing what each has to offer, and what has actually proven to work. What I’ve seen with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a fantastic program, meant for the individual, with tons of care in all aspects of the program, and their journey to free themselves from these problems. First of all, the facility is beautiful, it is a home away from home, the amount of land around it too is great, as well as all the the hiking trails one can go on. The place looks good, the rooms are clean and have plenty of space. The program itself though is the real jewel, and is very spot-on. The care in actually educating someone so they actually get the real information about these substances is not only crucial in helping them get off the drugs or alcohol, but in preventing them from falling into the trap again in the future. Education is the first step in resolving the problem, and in the long-run too. Then comes nutrition, exercise and vitamin supplements. These are all crucial. I have seen people suffering when coming off drugs or alcohol as the body has a need for it. That’s why these must be replaced with proper food, sleep and vitamins. It has also been found that these harmful substances remain in the body long after one stops taking them, these substances are very harmful and one may be unaware of them. Vitamins help flush these out and actually help the body recover. This is mistakenly left out in several rehabilitation programs, and Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is spot on in emphasizing this. There are also numerous other services one receives as part of this program that help someone set up their lives for success and helps them in the long-run, the financial training is one of these, to help get one on their feet in this work-a-day world and not slump back into a scenario that might have caused them to revert to drugs or alcohol in the first place. This is a very well set up program and I recommend it highly.

  25. I am so fortunate to have found and went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. I only wish I had found it sooner. BRS was the 5th rehab I had been to but it was the only rehab I felt comfortable at. I went to BRS because I was addicted to my pain medication. It started when my son was 2 years old. I’ve had migraines all my life but they got really bad around that time. Before my son was born if I had a migraine I could handle my migraines differently. I could lay down in a completely dark room with no noise and just wait them out. I couldn’t do that with a 2-year-old kid running around and so my doctor started prescribing me Vicodin. Vicodin turned into Percocet which turned into Roxicodone. Then the amount I was prescribed became higher and higher. The reason I started taking the pain medication in the first place eventually didn’t matter as my husband and I hired a nanny so that I wasn’t taking care of our son by myself. With the amount I was taking my husband and I didn’t feel I should be watching him by myself. When we hired the nanny, we decided that I would get off the medication and we would keep her on so that when I had a migraine I didn’t have to take any pain medication. I thought that I’d be okay once I was off them completely and everything would go back to normal. So, I tried to stop taking them. First it was cold turkey which I just wasn’t strong enough to do. Then my husband tried to help me wean down off of them. That was really hard on both of us. It was the worst it’s ever got in our marriage. We realized that if we wanted to stay married we couldn’t get me off them that way and so we found a detox for me to go to. I did fine while I was there but 2 days after I got home I started using again. After that the rehabs started. I went to 4 different rehabs and I hated every single one. Finding BRS was finally changed everything for me. Firstly, the building itself is really nice including the furniture and décor. Everything was comfortable but still really nice quality. The chef there makes some amazing food that I was happy to eat. There weren’t very many younger people there, none under 25 and most were around my age which was great. I didn’t feel like I was the only adult in the place besides the staff. Having an older crown made me able to relax and concentrate on my recovery. My counselor was amazing and helped me more than I could say. The groups were so helpful. From my previous experience, I didn’t think I would get anything out of the groups but that wasn’t the case at BRS. Going to BRS was by far the most beneficial thing I could have done for myself and my family. I’m back taking an active role in my son’s life and my marriage is pretty wonderful again. Going to BRS and having the help of the staff and my family has stabilized my life.

  26. This is a wonderful place to send your loved one who is in need of help fighting their addiction problems. The unconditional help they provided is a top notch. Their counseling was very effective. I went to behavioral rehab services with my my alcohol problem. This is an addiction worst than drugs, and I have been fighting it for years, sometimes I was well sometimes not at all. I have tried other rehab centers, mainly out patient once, but never an inpatient. I though I should give it a try, since I heard only good things about them, and the place seemed very pleasing. Well I was positively surprised from the first minute on. I absolutely do not regret going there and doing their program. I feel like that they managed to get me back to my old new self, and I am a renewed person, with all these goals and energy, that I have lost for a long time. I really enjoyed the 12 step program and all the other extra activities. Mainly thanks for the yoga, that kept my nerves in place and liberated my spirit. I had a wonderful counselor, she listened to me and helped me through so much. I really enjoyed out free times with the peers, I loved sharing with them. The place is gorgeous, only that in itself has a rehabilitative quality. Do not hesitate to give them a call in case you still have doubts to go there for treatment. Thank you guys for your work, I am a new person now!

  27. My experience with Behavioral rehab services was superb! The staff was welcoming and friendly, and all of their therapeutic programs were just what I needed and really helped me adapt a sober life. I actually miss all the recreational activities that the facility had to offer and I think those were a great help for all the clients struggling with their addictions. Besides that, I got to learn a lot of different skills from basic money saving and management techniques to cooking and arts, the whole experience was really what I needed. I would definitely recommend this facility to all the addicts out there who want to change their lives and want to learn a lot during that process. I want to sincerely thank my case manager who was always there for me, especially when I wanted to leave Brs. She made sense to me and reminded me of why I came here in the first place. If it wasn’t for her, I do not know if I would be able to say that I am not clean and sober! In fact, all of the staff was truly kind to me including nursing, kitchen staff and everyone else. I made some great friends and am proud to be part of the BRS family. Thank you all!

  28. The help and the care that I got from Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was excellent and truly useful. This rehab center helped me find a level of sobriety and abstinence that was lasting and permanent. The Behavioral Rehabilitation Services treatment center was very helpful for me, and this treatment center actually could give me a degree of sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol that was lasting and permanent.

    There were probably four, major factors about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services that stuck with me and that made me truly love this rehab center:

    The program. This was my third rehab, but the value and the stability of the program itself was truly helpful and engaging for me. The program itself at this rehab center is something totally unique and special by itself. I was very impressed with the level of service and care that I was able to receive here. The stability, the sobriety, and the abstinence that I was able to experience at this treatment center was truly something special and different. I was able to sit down with a case manager upon my arrival at the treatment center and actually go over the exact and specific aspects of treatment that I needed to work at to arrive at a level of sobriety that was lasting and permanent. The program is customizable and adjustable. I was able to pick and choose which treatment methods that I would engage with, and I was able to also pick and choose which treatment methods that I did not need to go to.

    The staff. The staff at the other two rehab centers that I went to were also great. Don’t get me wrong about that. However, the staff at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was something special too. This team of individuals were truly focused and direct in their efforts to really help each and every individual that they were working with. I made personal friends with some of the staff here, and though I went to the program months ago, I am still friends with many of the staff members there.

    The facility. The facility itself is quite nice. The building is pleasant and comfortable. The food is phenomenal. They tailor made a different diet for everyone who comes to them seeking help. The amenities are nice too. Lots of massages, lots of Yoga and exercise, lots of calming outdoor activities, and sixty acres of private walking paths, lakes, and streams. Truly incredible.

    The follow up. In the past, when I had gone to rehab centers before, after I graduated from the program, I never heard from them again. This was not the case with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. Talk about follow up and aftercare! The team of counselors and guidance officials at this rehab center really helped me to sort things out and really helped me to find a level of stability and abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction that was stable and permanent. The follow up at this rehab center was really interesting to me. They kept in touch with me, and they actually worked with me to help me in my aftercare process. They did this to ensure that my recovery was stable and permanent and that I would never relapse. It was very helpful too.

    At the end of the day, I was very, very pleased with the treatment that I received at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. This treatment center helped me in ways that other treatment centers had not been able to. I am very pleased with them, and I am happy that this rehab center was able to deliver such a magnificent level of success and abstinence to me. I would strongly recommend this rehab program to anyone who was trying to triumph over addiction.

  29. I know that a lot of people in this country struggle and suffer with drug and alcohol addiction. This was a very serious problem for me at one time too. I am lucky to have found Behavioral Rehabilitation Services when I did. This exact same treatment center treated me like a sophisticated adult which was something that I found incredibly lucky and that other rehab programs didn’t do as much. This facility really engaged me in a lot of one on one therapy and counseling which was also rare.

    This rehabilitation program really put me into a good place, and I enjoyed my stay there. You get your own private room, and most of the counseling and therapy is one on one. In addition to that, you are able to pick and choose what type of treatment methods you get to receive over the course of your recovery. To make the approach even better, they also have a very wide variety of different holistic approaches and massage therapy that you can choose from. I was able to take yoga classes and I also participated in acupuncture and massage therapy, and also I could engage in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Moral Recognition Therapy all in one day.

    On top of that, this treatment center also takes a very educational and addiction prevention standpoint too. This means that the staff at the center are very dedicated to educating you and teaching you about drugs and alcohol and addiction and all that goes into these things.

    I also benefited a lot from the other employees. I really enjoyed how nice everyone was, and how good the food was. They have a great chef to cook specifically for you and custom build a meal plan based off of your diet and nutrition goals. This was great because the meals were always something that I would look forward too.

    I would give this treatment center a five star rating any day of the week. I spent about a month and a half there and every day there was enjoyable and fun. I have nothing negative to say about the program. I think that everyone who works there is highly skilled and very well experienced in what they are doing, and the program itself is structured quite well. I would recommend the rehab center to anyone who is suffering with drug add alcohol addiction. The program holds a special place in my heart because it was the one thing I was able to give me stable sobriety when nothing else could. I am still in touch today with several people who work there, and I intend to stay in touch with them as well. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to win the battle against addiction.

  30. Behavioral rehabilitation services is really a great rehab with amazing staff member who are very caring. I went there cause i had a prescription drug addiction, and it has gotten quite out of hand. I was really adducted. At first it started if course cause I had a surgery after I broke my leg, and so I got painkillers, and than I took quite a lot at the beginning, cause i could not stand the pain, than I could not stop, cause when I did I felt more sick, so yes I became addicted. This was bad, really bad actually, all I was into before I went out was to take my pills before, and I couldn’t be without taking them. As my family and friends noticed, I was weird, acting strange, spent too much time in the bathroom, and so on, I was hiding it of course. Than I told my big brother about it and he said I need to get help, I agreed, it got really out of hand. I went to behavioral rehab services and I really felt good already when I arrived. The place is really nice, it felt like I was on vacation, and when my family visited, honestly they were positively surprised. They liked the place too, and it was nice they could come and visit. It is important cause I did no feel like I was in some hospital or prison, they made me feel good there and they did not judge me. I was there cause I wanted to get help, and honestly I dud get very good help. I got off the pills, and I learned about many things and git personal counseling and fixed some issues I had. It felt really good again to be myself again. It was also nice to do activities and different courses with the guys who were there too, some of them I still talk to. And also some staff I became friends with, we chat time to time. The rooms were really nice too where I stayed, and I also enjoyed the food, there was always a new menu, so they really payed attention to every detail, to make sure we were good and paid more attention to our recovery. All the staff were super nice and very professional, I say if you wanna get off drugs, don’t hesitate to go to behavioral rehab services, they gonna help you through it.

  31. I have suffered with alcohol addiction for more years than years that I have not spent suffering with alcoholism. Alcohol has been a big problem in my life and has caused unbelievable amounts of hurt, pain, and hardship in my life and the lives of those who I care about. I have been totally messed up by this drug (yes, alcohol is a drug). My entire adult life was basically destroyed by it. It’s been the core of my existence for almost three decades.

    I went to four other rehab centers over the course of twenty-five years, and none of them got me more than three or four months of sobriety. Well, I went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services a little over a year ago, and I have been clean and sober since then. I got a good experience from this center and I would have to say that it was the best of the five total rehab centers that I have been to.

    It’s not easy to beat an addiction no matter what it is, and I feel like the staff members and counselors and all the staff for that matter at Behavioral Rehabilitation services understand that. I really felt like i was getting good care and good help here, and I feel like the people who work here really do care about their clients and want to help them.

    I judge a rehab center not only by my own experience, but also based off of how I see other people are doing there. My fellow recovering addicts were all doing really well in the program at BRS, and everyone seemed to be making progress. I actually still stay in touch with a few of the people who I went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services with and none of them have relapsed at all.

    The approach to addiction treatment is very different here. This approach is such that you get to pick and choose to a degree which types of approaches you take and which ones you don’t. This maximizes the value of the time that you spend there, because you are literally only spending time on efforts that are conducive to your recovery, and you are not spending your time on anything that is not supportive of a full recovery for you, based off of what you need and want to beat addiction.

    My hat is off to the rehab center, and I am glad that I went here. I’d recommend it to anyone seeking a good addiction rehabilitation program.

  32. I would like to share my story cause I think that this much they deserve for all the good that I got from Behavioral rehabilitation services! Let me start of that I can only thank to behavioral rehab services that I am here now, and where I stand now thanks to them. Without them I might not even be alive. I have been a drug addict for the last few years and I have tried everything under the sun. I have overdosed numerous times, and I have already given up on life. I have been to rehabs, but they were not at all successful, to say the least. My last over dose was a brutal one, and I think that something clicked in me, and I realized I am too young to die and I still have all my life ahead of me and only if I could get off these horrible drugs, I could be happy again. I asked my parents to help me find this time really a rehab that is different and that truly gets you clean for the long run. So we were looking, and heard good things about this place. I looked at the photos, and it really seemed like a nice place. Well it definitely is. It reminds me of these mountain cabins we used to go with my parents when I was a kid, so i fell in loge with the place immediately. It is so calm, and you get the nature, and you instantly feel like it is all gonna go well. The good thing is you don’t feel like you are in some hospital grade rehab, where you are just one of many. You feel like you are an individual who is different and has different needs, not everyone is the same. I got to choose my programs, and if I didn’t like to do something, I was not forced to do it. Oh and the detox, I mean it was hard, but the one difference that I saw was that they did only holistic methods to get me through it, cause there is no point getting myself on some other pills to not use any kinda street drug. Essentially that would be the same. So that was a great start, hard but this is the actually way you gonna be off drugs for real. And I have to tell you that the staff were really really knowledgeable and competent and very caring and nice, and they didn’t just let me suffer, there was always someone caring about me. Throughout the entire program it went like this. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Also the fact that at 30 days it was not like, okay bye you are done with 30 days you go now, but made sure you are ready, and I was not. This time I really wanted to do it the right way, so I stayed, and got to work in those points and things that I felt were not addressed enough. And you know that is a fantastic thing, that again they don’t put you in this pox and label you “addict” but you are a person, who had some issues that caused you to use drugs, but you still are a good person, and that I really loved. Thank you to all of you for this, now 3 months have gone by since I came home, and I am sober and going to continue to be! Tiana

  33. My husband went to Behavioral Rehabilitation Services when he realized he needed help. He got into a car accident 9 months ago and it was bad. He ended up being prescribed pain medication and I know in the beginning he was in an enormous amount of pain. He gradually got better but he still took quite a bit of pain medication. I didn’t think that much of it. I knew he was in pain and just thought he was taking was he needed in order to lessen his pain. I had this idea that because he was getting these pills from a doctor and that he was taking them as prescribed for pain that was real, that he couldn’t get addicted to the medication. I know that’s not the case at all and that I was wrong in thinking that at the time however I was fortunate in that my husband didn’t take advantage of my naivety when it came to his addiction. When he realized he was dependent on the pills he found BRS and arranged everything so he could go. He told me he was going only after he had worked everything out. I’m extremely grateful for that. I tend to be obsessive about some things and I probably would have spent 6 months trying to find the “perfect” place for him. My husband found BRS and he liked it right away. The whole facility is really nice and the fact that he was able to have his own room was a big thing for him. He hasn’t had to share a room with anyone other than me since college and wasn’t too keen of the idea of having to share. The ascetics of BRS were really nice and it’s what made him decide to go there. He stayed because they treated him well there. Were friendly and professional. That understood his addiction and how it came about. No one thought he was making his addiction seem less than it was and they helped him with what he needed, when he needed it. He’s came home and I’m glad he’s back and that he isn’t using the pain medication anymore.

  34. I couldn’t be more impressed and more pleased with Behavioral Rehabilitation Services. This really is a stellar rehabilitation center and recover program. I went there about a year ago for my five year addiction to pills, alcohol, and heroin. My life was completely in shambles. I had lost my job, my career, my finances, an unborn baby, and I had overdosed three times. Those were easily the worst five years of my life.

    There are two things about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services that really take the cake and make this center a completely different experience from other rehab programs. First of all this rehab center operates off of a totally results-based, open-ended, evidence-based recovery modality. This center and this program basically brings people in and gets them started and then helps them through the program on a very results-based basis. This means that however much time someone needs at the center is how much time they will get at the center. Crazy right? But that’s how they do things and I love them for that. Who can possibly beat an addiction of five years at a typical, twenty-eight day program? Certainly not me. I needed more than double that time, and I got it at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services.

    The other thing about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services that I feel makes them the best of the best when it comes to rehab is the actual program that they operate off of. They work with an evidence-based and open-ended treatment program. Rather than just offering two or three different treatment techniques that every person who goes to the rehab has to go through, this center offers about twenty or thirty different treatment modalities that are highly successful and beneficial. Plus, what they do at Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is they sit down with each and every client and go over exactly what types of rehab techniques would be workable for the person and which one’s wouldn’t be workable. In this way they basically tailor-make a treatment program for literally each and every person that goes there so that every single client gets to take part in every kind of treatment program that they enjoy and feel will be helpful to them, and no one has to do any type of approach that they feel will not be beneficial to them.

    Those are the two main reasons why I feel like Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a stellar program. Not to mention that the facility itself is top notch. This is an executive, luxury rehab program that applies a very strong rehabilitative program. The facility itself is beautiful and well built, and the property is tucked back into the countryside in the wood and lake country of Michigan. The food there is great, (they have a private chef who custom builds meal plans for each client), and the amenities and the after hours activities are quite enjoyable. This is an all around great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help addressing and eradicating a drug and alcohol addiction crisis.

  35. When it became clear to my brothers and sister and I that our father was struggling with alcoholism we all started researching treatment centers. Behavioral Rehabilitation Services was the place we decided on. With how particular my father is it seemed like the most likely place we could get him to agree to go. It took us and the intake counselor a bit of time to agree but once he agreed to go we were able to get him there almost immediately. The staff there were really accommodating with my dad and were able to help him work through his program there. He’s extremely picky about what he eats and the chef there really made it a point to get together with him so he could make food my dad could eat and enjoy. That may not seem like much but with my dad it’s beyond amazing that he actually liked the food there and said something about it. One thing about sending someone older to rehab is that they tend to have their own money and if they make up their mind to leave the place there isn’t much you can do about it. When my dad tried to leave BRS instead of just letting him pack up and leave the program the staff there sat him down and by some miracle he was able to see that he really needed the program and he needed to change his life. A couple of us went to visit him a couple weeks after he got there and the place is beautiful. The whole property has this peaceful, serene feel to it and I could tell that for my dad, being in a place that was in a remote location was helpful. You don’t hear cars driving by, there wasn’t a store he could easily walk to in order to get alcohol. It made it easier for him to stay there I think. We had dinner together while we were there and the food was really good. Not really good for a rehab but just really good. He finished his program a while ago and he’s been back home since then. He hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol since he’s been home and he’s happier than he’s been in a really long time. I’m really glad we were able to find and send my dad to BRS.

  36. I would like to say that BRS rehab actually does a very good job in helping you to overcome your addiction. The one thing that really stands out for me are the staff, how caring they are, and how they really help you through the rough patches especially the detox, which is a few days, but really the hardest first few days. They help you through with their own holistic methods, which is hard, but it is really worthed. You actually get off the drug without getting on an other medication. They are really good at this. The place itself is very nice too, nice building, very calm. Ecatly what you would need to get rehabbed, and it is really not a hospital type of feeling, more like a mountain vacation feeling. Over all the programs are very good too, very helpful, especially I would mention th SMART recovery, the elements you learn you will be able to use that throughout your life. So all in all it is a very nice place, with good staff and a grat program. I would recommend it to others as well.

  37. Claire Thomas on

    As a whole Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is a truly wonderful treatment facility. I had a brother who needed help with their drug addiction and he went to BRS. The facility is beautiful. The building was a ski lodge or something like that prior to it becoming a rehab and whoever designed it kept the look and feel of that. When you go there whether as a patient or if you are visiting a patient it doesn’t feel like you are going to a rehab. That’s really important when you have kids visiting. You don’t want them to feel as if they are visiting a sick relative in a hospital. You want them to see their family and have that person look happy and healthy. My kid when to visit her uncle and she had a great time there. It was on Christmas that she went to visit and the whole facility was set up with games for the families to play plus they have a pool table, air hockey and a theater room. More than that though, as a rehab it’s amazing. My brother is clean and sober and actually happy for the first time in a really long time and I am so grateful to BRS. They gave me my brother back and there’s really nothing better than that. The programs they have there really help. He said that he never felt like he was just wasting time or money by being there and for someone who had been to rehabs in the past where that was all he felt is a welcome change. The staff there treated him like family and when you talk to the staff there you can tell how much they truly care about each individual patient that comes through their doors. They honestly wanted to help him and they did.

  38. Randy Fowler on

    I had struggled with addictions for years and never sought out help because I just didn’t believe it worked. Finally, when I took a look at myself and saw an industrial scientist and patented inventor who had fallen all the way down to buying street drugs and being blackmailed by the lowest of the low, I started making calls. BRS was the only facility that would take me right away; everyone else wanted for me to “wait a week or so and let’s talk about it.” That would have been no help at all.
    When I arrived, I was scared to death and stressed to the max. When I left, I was calm, self-assured, strong and happy. Plus, much wiser. The facility is absolutely astonishing; very upscale, refreshing and professional. It quickly became obvious that the staff was also professional and each of them seemed to be perfect for the job they were doing. Every learning experience is what you make of it, and there were patrons there who spent a lot of time complaining and whining, but I loved BRS and am so glad I chose to attend. I met people there, both attendees and staff members, with whom I have formed friendship bonds that will never break. That was two years ago and I am still in touch with several of my fellow patrons. We share stories and help one another when we are down of facing challenges.
    I think BRS should put together Annual, 5-Day Refresher Seminars, or something. I would attend every year.
    Many thanks to BRS and to the people I met there.

  39. I was one of those people who thought this could be done without help, but I was very wrong. I watched the brother of my best friend’s struggles and I kept blaming him for not getting out of the vicious cycle. Turns out he could totally do it with the right help and that help came from Behaviorial Rehabilitiation Services. The inpatient program did wonders to him and he has been clean for almost a year. I admit that the first step (admitting the problem and checking into a facility) was very hard, but once he was on track with the program, he had a fantastic time. These people know what they are doing!

  40. I just love how this facility looks like. It reminds me one of the camp where I went the summertime when I was a kid. I loved that place too. Place like that makes the recovery easier and maybe faster. The patients don`t feel like they are in a hospital. And beside that they treatment program is really work for their patients. I have been watching several success video about people who already graduated from BRS Some of them have tried other facilities but they all said BRS has the best treatment program what worked for them.

  41. Behaviorial Rehab is a life-saver! They helped a friend’s son who had been struggling with addiction all his life. After many failures in trying to get clean on his own, he finally agreed to be taken to an inpatient program, and they chose Behaviorial. By that time he realized he needed serious help and that his life was in danger. So he worked very hard and got through the program and he loved it! He is a new person now and very happy!

  42. If you are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, even if you have tried treatment at another facility, contact Behavioral Rehabilitation Services to see what they can do for you. BRS isn’t a 12-Step rehab center, but it does offer Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery meetings to go along with its core programs, which include group counseling, music and art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy. The best thing about Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is that you can create your own program based on the type of treatment that best suits your needs, picking and choosing services that work for you, not everyone else. Plus, at BRS, you have access to phones and Wi-Fi, and the facility even has a gym, spa, massage, acupuncture and sauna.

  43. I would really like to recommend BRS to anyone who is suffering from addiction and is seeking help. This facility really takes into account the whole person through their holistic approach to recovery. They offer many different programs for the person so that anything they need to address in order to be successful in their recovery, gets addressed. They offer faith based programs, both individual and group therapy, art therapy, etc. Anything the person needs can be found here at this facility. The staff really take a real interest in each individual and do whatever is needed to get the person through. You should really check them out.

  44. Hello Dear,
    I AM mrs ange dying woman with cancer who decided to donate the sum of $5,500 000 to you for the humanity servise, to help the motherless and less privilege and also for the assistance of the widows.
    waiting for your urgent asistant respond
    Mrs ange komo

    • Hello mrs ange,

      I just came across your moving comment as I was searching for a place that would take my son. He just qualified for medi-cal (for low/no income people in California) but few decent facilities accept medi-cal.

      He is still not ready to accept treatment…..still in denial…. but sinking fast. I am just trying to see what is available for him, but do not want a place with the usual standard and failing approach.

      Our family is fortunately able to pool resources to help him. But so many others have no one to help or count on. Bless you for your efforts on their behalf.

      In a recent article on dr. mercola’s website about the ‘metabolic theory of cancer’, there are several comments and a link from dr. kelley eidem, and how he cured his own stage 4 cancer, after years of research on the subject, with no chemo, radiation or drugs. I don’t know if I am able to post a link, but you will find it under one of his posted comments further down in the (very long) comment section.

      I actually got more information and resource links from the comment section than the actual article, which is very long. I hope you can find some help from some of the links offered there.

      Blessings on you for your kindness, and prayers for your restored health.
      mary b

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