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Bee Happy Wellness


Bee Happy Wellness Review

Located in Wharton, New Jersey, Bee Happy Wellness is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping clients in recovery through a host of holistic activities and physical exercises, helping them to stay sober. Though not a primary care rehab, Bee Happy Wellness operates more as a long-term, community-oriented aftercare facility that offers affordable groups and spiritual support for those who have recently been through treatment. Still, those who haven’t are also welcome to attend.

Treatment and Staff

When clients begin attending Bee Happy Wellness, they go through an initial orientation and assessment to help the staff get to know their treatment history and their personal needs. As a non-medical or psychiatric facility, Bee Happy Wellness does not provide on-site detox or stabilization services.

In general, the organization abides by a curriculum based around yoga, bodywork, breath work and all of its affiliated philosophies and practices as well. In general, all care programs are built around a Koshic or Vedantic philosophy, a five-point wellness plan which teaches clients to focus on their diet, their energy, their mind, their sense of wisdom and their sense of bliss. These teachings come out of traditional Hinduism and informs much of the work that participants complete together. Though the groups offered may vary, they typically include massage, halotherapy (salt therapy), mindfulness training, yoga and community outreach. While 12-step participation is also required to attend, the entirety of the program is undergirded with a broader sense of spirituality as well. More generally, the focus is on long-term recovery, relapse prevention and allowing easier access to holistic healing.

The staff at Bee Happy Wellness consists of sober yoga therapists and wellness coaches.


As a non-profit organization, the facility offers a number of scholarships for those trying to attend these yoga groups long-term but who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. Many different styles of yoga are included, such as Vinyasa, aerial, restorative and blended. Other special sessions for massage, myofascial release and Reiki are also available on a rotating basis. Since all plans are flexible and individualized, participants can keep attending as a form of aftercare as they need to.

In Summary

Overall, Bee Happy Wellness is a unique recovery offering for those who may already have sought medical or psychiatric treatment. Rather than focusing on evidence-based therapy and primary care, Bee Happy Wellness takes a long-term approach based on the 12 steps and various Yogic philosophies to ensure that all participants feel well in mind, body and spirit—all with rates that are more affordable than other yoga studios. While those in need of more intensive stabilizing services may want to seek those out first, Bee Happy Wellness remains a flexible and engaging approach to long-term relapse prevention and aftercare.

Bee Happy Wellness Location

Bee Happy Wellness
14 Laverne Ct
Wharton, NJ 07885

Bee Happy Wellness Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Bee Happy Wellness by phone at (973) 981-7777 or by email at [email protected]. Find Bee Happy Wellness on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and LinkedIn

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