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Part of an organization that’s been around for a decade, Beckett Springs hospital has been open for about three years. Beckett Springs is located in the Cincinnati suburb of West Chester, Ohio and is a sister hospital to Dublin Springs, which is located outside Columbus. The facility provides a combination of detox with supportive short-term inpatient substance abuse treatment, through individualized plans, utilizing evidence-based methods. Additionally, Beckett Springs also offers its clients dual diagnosis support and outpatient follow-up care.

Accommodations and Food

Beckett Springs was built to be a 72-bed mental health and substance abuse treatment hospital. Rooms are shared between two clients, have en-suite bathrooms, a closet and desk for each client. Laundry facilities are located on-site and cleaning supplies, including toiletries, are provided to clients gratis, unless they prefer to bring their own.

Beckett Springs serves clients three meals a day out of their cafeteria, the cost of which is included in the price of treatment and stay. Further drinks and snacks can be purchased on-site.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at Beckett Springs begins with a free evaluation. Once assessed, clients may proceed into inpatient detox which lasts from four days up to fourteen days, but most usually is completed in one week. During detox clients are tended to by a 24/7 nursing staff and supervised by a medical doctor. While in treatment, clients take part in CBT-based group therapy and recreational therapy for no more than 10 hours a day. They also take part in at least one individual session per week. The use of non-addictive, anti-craving medications, like  Naltrexone, Naloxone and Neurontin are also available based upon physician recommendations and a patient’s history of compulsions, cravings and relapse.

Beckett Springs is an acute facility, so once clients are stable Beckett Springs helps them find an appropriate program, accessible through their insurance network, within which they may continue treatment. Further treatment may be residential in nature (whether it is in-state or out of state) or an IOP, depending on the individual client’s need. Clients also have the option, to continue with outpatient follow-up care at Beckett Springs, if appropriate for them. The options available are a two days a week day program and six days a week evening program, during both of which clients continue their therapy sessions.

Like its sister facility, Beckett Springs gives its clients access to recreational, expressive, marriage and family therapists, as well as LCSWs, in addition to the nursing staff and medical doctor who work with them.


The Beckett Springs program model is based upon cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in conjunction with COGNIT, an internet based e-learning and continuous recovery management tracking system. This system provides patients with 24 hour access to education and relapse prevention support tools, both during treatment and following discharge.

In Summary

Beckett Springs offers a new facility and a variety of cutting edge treatment options. When it comes to the practical factor of finances, Beckett Springs does accept some insurance, in cases of cash pay the charge amounts to a non-negligible $4,450 for every 5 days of treatment, which is to be paid in advance. This is a good choice for those seeking a modern detox facility in Ohio.

Beckett Springs Location

8614 Shepherd Farm Drive
West Chester, OH 45069

Beckett Springs Cost

$4,450 (per 5 days, collected upfront). Reach Beckett Springs by phone at (513) 942-9500 or by email at [email protected]. Find Beckett Springs on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn

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  1. Jennifer infosino on

    I can’t even read your article but I have reviews on yelp and google and plan to try and get an attorneys attention or the media’s… it’s time to tell my story of abuse of illegal detainment. I left FAR sicker then arrived and was not treated for my alcoholism but treated with anger issue classes, surrounded by violence.. they lied and told me there was a bed in the right side and LIED and the abuse began and I left 50 shades more messed up. My biggest mistake was not calling the police or having my husband.. they used fear tactics against me.. just criminal horrifying facility that hires people willing to be complicit.. so many stories to tell… yelp has my review if anyone cares and soon YouTube

  2. Maureen K OBrien on

    Poor discharge planning and teaching of medications. Does not include family unless you push to be included. MD does not respond to pharmacy calls for refills, leaving patient with shaking and tremors. Thank goodness pharmacy gave several pills to get t thru a few days. If you expect the family to take member home they need to be included in discharge planning.

  3. Be wary of Beckett Springs!!!! My husband went into detox and within 24 codes. He was taken by ambulance to Fairfield Mercy Hospital. I was NEVER called!!! Their response as to why? The nurse got busy!! I was livid when I found out inadvertently 4.5 HOURS later. I wanted a meeting, just got a call. I’m telling everyone!!!! BEWARE! Quality of professionals in the facility is lacking!!

  4. charlotte Schwartz on

    We were told several months ago that Beckett Springs would not be a good fit for our grandson’s particular problems. Then when Crisis control suggested Beckett Springs, they suddenly decided they would be a perfect fit. My grandson lost his great-grandfather right before he started at Beckett Springs and after a 3 day trial period, they had us pick him up and agree to not bring him back, because he didn’t fit in to “their type of therapy”. We had explained to them prior to his joining that he did not function well in group therapy. We were also informed this would cover his schooling also. Then they told us “that’s only if we feel we have extra time to do education. I feel that Beckett Springs only wants easy outpatients so they can keep their success numbers high. Considering they’ve only been doing this program a very short time, I don’t feel their numbers are honest.

  5. The user name says it all. Can one expect a legitimate review of the facility and associated programs by someone who signs in like that. Lets hope they get the help they

  6. Go Fuck yourself on

    This facility is a total scam. They attempt to trick you into self internment so they can steal your insurance money. If you go there voluntarily and try to leave they won’t let you. Even if you call the police. Don’t allow yourself or your loved ones to go to this facility. I give this place 0 stars. Avoid at all costs. Go to Linder Center of Hope or an ER.

  7. Don’t believe the hype. I was in outpatient for 2.5 weeks. The mental health services are elementary. It’s an okay place to go if your obligated to treatment because you can just pass on through and do coloring books.

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