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Beartooth Mountain Ascent


Beartooth Mountain Ascent Review

Located 45 miles north of Cody, Wyoming in the small city of Powell, Beartooth Mountain Ascent is a residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of young men between the ages of 18 and 30 who are struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders, opioid use disorders and process addictions like gambling and pornography. Situated on a scenic cattle ranch in the midst of the beautiful Clarks Fork Valley, Beartooth provides a comprehensive, bio-psycho-spiritual wilderness curriculum rooted in the Christian faith. While spiritual methods are important aspects of the curriculum, the 12-step recovery model is not an aspect of the programming. For clients with co-occurring mental health issues, Beartooth staff works with the individual’s primary physician to determine the best medication and dosage.

Accommodations and Food

Beartooth is situated on a 50,000 acre working cattle ranch in the Wyoming outback. The charm of Beartooth lies in the rustic, no-frills nature of the accommodations. Residents stay in frontier-style cabins equipped to accommodate between four and eight at a time. Clients benefit from both the privacy and the tight-knit cabin community. The ranch offers a number of amenities including a large fitness room, welding shops, a spacious area for horses and a boxing ring. Neither electronic devices nor cigarettes are allowed at the ranch. The facility offers four weeks of nicotine patches or gum for smokers.  

Residents enjoy a tasty and healthy menu. There are alternative options for residents with specific dietary needs. 

Treatment and Staff

Beartooth seeks to treat symptoms and heal the underlying physical, mental and emotional causes of conditions. To this end, clients go through an extensive intake assessment that includes physical and mental health exams, family history, an account of substance use and personal circumstances. From there, the team designs a personalized care plan tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the resident. Clients with co-occurring mental health conditions are observed while on their medication for the first 90 days. From there, the facility will decide whether medication should be continued or changed. While the length of stay varies from person to person, the facility requires a minimum stay of 120 days. Many residents stay for between eight and 12 months. 

The facility not only seeks to heal but also to empower residents to be the best person they can be. To this end, Beartooth provides an integrative approach to treatment that includes a range of therapeutic methods including experiential therapies, skills training, holistic practices, evidence-based models and equine therapy. Clients engage in individual and group therapy sessions rooted in CBT, DBT, rational emotive behavior therapy and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to resolve indifference. The facility also offers family therapy to help the client and their family work together throughout recovery. Family therapy strengthens communication, builds healthy boundaries and nurtures positive growth. Beartooth believes in the importance of life skills when it comes to the success of a sustainable, long-term recovery. Through a reality-based model of care, young men learn an array of important skills such as carpentry, welding and farming. In addition, Beartooth takes full advantage of the rugged surroundings, as residents participate in a number of adventure-based activities including hiking, rafting and mountain climbing. Holistic practices include art and music therapy, poetry and psychodrama that uses role play to gain valuable personal insight. Beartooth also offers psychoeducation groups that discuss self-esteem, stress and anger management. 

The multidisciplinary Beartooth team is comprised of faith-based counselors, life coaches and therapists. For clients with co-occurring mental conditions, the team works with the primary physician to prescribe the appropriate dose. 


For residents currently enrolled in school, Beartooth offers an academic curriculum to help them earn transferable credits. 

In Summary

Beartooth Mountain Ascent is a residential facility in northern Wyoming that provides a transformative treatment experience to young men struggling with substance use disorders. The facility offers a robust experiential curriculum that includes evidence-based therapies, spirituality and hard work. For clients looking for a powerful and truly unique program that will heal, strengthen and empower, Beartooth Mountain Ascent is superb. 

Beartooth Mountain Ascent Location

391 Road 1 AF
Powell, WY 82435

Beartooth Mountain Ascent Cost

$2,500/Admission fee, $5,300/Monthly fee (Financial assistance is available). Reach Beartooth Mountain Ascent by phone at (307) 645-3381 or email. Follow Beartooth Mountain Ascent on Facebook and YouTube.

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