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Based in a Victorian mansion built in 1902, Beacon House is located on the coast of Monterey Bay. Founded in 1961 by Mary Clark Ross and Dr. Donald Taugher, Beacon House was one of the first places offering 12-step based residential treatment in the Western United States. It remains a bastion of sobriety, offering most forms of treatment one could ask for on a variety of pay scales.

Accommodations and Food

Beacon House has room for 22 in mainly semi-private rooms, so for the most part clients can expect a roommate. The rooms are snug, with full beds and tasteful beach house decor. The house itself includes a parlor, library and sitting room with a TV. On the outside are all the assets of Victorian architecture—namely, oval-stained glass windows, a gabled roof, a turret (with a private bedroom inside), porch pillars and so on. One potential caveat: individual rooms don’t have TV sets, and there’s no Internet use except in counselor-approved emergency situations. Food, however, is plentiful: Beacon has an executive chef whose culinary program offers balanced meals of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and lean protein (he also offers weekly cooking and nutrition classes for residents).

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at Beacon House focuses on alcohol, opiate, sedative, cannabis, cocaine and meth addictions, though lengths of stay vary from 30 to 90 days. During that time, residents can expect to do plenty of 12-step work along with CBT, mindfulness training, family process groups, meditation classes and neurofeedback as well as group therapy and individual therapy (though the latter isn’t available every day).

There is a slightly different focus depending on length of stay; while all treatments are available at all levels, days 30-60 generally focus heavily on relapse prevention while days 60-90 emphasize developing the life skills necessary for reintegration. They also offer an outpatient program in both full and half-day varieties for a cheaper price, though these programs by and large include all the same treatment options.

Additionally, Beacon House has a family program woven into its residential track that includes weekly family support groups and an intensive Saturday session focusing on the value of 12-step meetings, codependency education and family communication.

Beacon House doesn’t slouch on staffing; the staff-to-patient ratio is about two-to-one, and includes professionals such as addictionologists, exercise/nutrition specialists, chemical dependency counselors, yoga teachers and experiential specialists of various stripes. That list also includes medical and psychological staff, meaning on-site detox is available as well as additional psych testing as needed during inpatient.


Beacon House has a satisfying range of experiential treatments available—including yoga, golf and equine therapy at private stables nearby. A unique offering is their bird watching therapy, which is offered once a month, and is designed to help residents get in touch their inner ornothologist and find peace in nature.

In Summary

While those looking for luxury may not find what they’re seeking here, Beacon House brings a lot to the table including an array of service, flexible treatment plans and longevity in the recovery community.

Beacon House Review

468 Pine Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Beacon House Cost

$21,450 (30 days). Reach Beacon House by phone at (831) 372-2334. Find Beacon House on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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