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Beachway Therapy CenterBeachway Therapy Review

Beachway Therapy Center tries to provide home-like comforts and personalized care at a relatively reasonable price. Established in 2008, this 12-step-oriented Florida treatment center boasts a strong staff and commitment to one-on-one care.

Accommodations and Food

The main clinical center is a modern facility that features a large, well-lit central meeting area, private offices and a green-walled “therapy studio” for yoga, art therapy and music therapy. In typical Florida fashion, the residents live separately from the clinical facility. The residences mimic typical beachside apartment living, with flat-screen TVs, small kitchens and shared bedrooms with twin beds. Each week clients get $65 to spend on supervised grocery trips. Cooking is done in the apartments, and clients often cook and eat dinners together. No computers are allowed, but residents can bring video game systems.

Treatment and Staff

Inpatient treatment at Beachway often begins with detox at another location chosen by either the staff, who arrange all the logistics, or the client. Beachway prides itself on its low client-to-staff ratio, with each therapist managing just four to eight patients’ cases. Treatment plans are catered to individual clients’ needs and cater to a range of dual diagnoses, including eating disorders, bipolar disorder and sex addiction. Everyone receives at least two therapy sessions per week, and those who need more can receive additional sessions. Group offerings include relapse prevention, art and music therapy, psychodrama, family dynamics, self-esteem building and process groups, as well as special sessions on grief and loss. Almost all the therapists on staff have earned Master’s degrees.

Beachway subscribes to the disease model of addiction and the 12 steps but also offers a specialized Christian treatment track that is completely optional. The faith-based programming here doesn’t seem as intense as that provided by some of the Orange County rehabs that are linked to the Saddleback Church, but for some more laid-back believers, that might not be a bad thing. If anything, Beachway’s Christian slant is minimized: the Facebook page quotes Jesus and the Buddha in equal measure, and people of all faiths can gain from holistic treatment practices such as art therapy, music therapy, meditation and yoga.


Like most rehabs, Beachway also makes a point of introducing its residents to good clean fun. In addition to attending NA and AA picnics and conferences in the community, residents can go snorkeling, surfing, fishing or bowling during recreation time. At Beachway’s onsite spa, massages, manicures and chiropractic services are included, while pedicures and hair styling are also available for an extra fee. Visitation takes place on Saturdays and Sundays, and family members are usually allowed to make their first visit on the second weekend of treatment.

A gradual step-down into aftercare is integral to Beachway’s treatment model. Even clients who have already completed inpatient treatment at another rehab can take advantage of The Next Right Step, an intensive aftercare program involving three group and one individual counseling sessions each week, advanced life skills courses and a supervised sober living environment.

In Summary

Beachway Therapy Center has all the components of a solid treatment facility, offering a well-rounded mix of 12-step recovery, holistic modalities and dual diagnosis support. It’s also willing to work with most insurance providers and sometimes taps into a scholarship reserve to assist those without coverage.

Beachway Therapy Center Location

2600 Quantum Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Beachway Therapy Center Cost

$18,000 (30 days). Reach Beachway Therapy Center by phone at (888) 367-2078. Find Beachway Therapy Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Good place, great staff and excellent recovery here. I been to IOP places where people didn’t care about anything other than making money but this place was different right from the first day. Everyone here was welcoming and made me feel like I was comfortable and could focus on my recovery. Good place.

  2. Incredible facility that quite literally saved my life. I’m proud to say that I went here and got the help that I desperately needed. As someone who’s (unfortunately) been to a few different treatmetn centers, I can confidently say that this is one of the best. The therapists are amazing and we did a lot of different things that I never thought I’d do. I’m so greatful for all the people there.

  3. Karen Marie Dixon on

    After inquiring about whether their services were in or out of network they asked for my daughter’s insurance information. DO NOT GIVE them this information. We live out of state, and never went to the state or facility. Never met them. They billed our insurance company for 4 meth treatments which my daughter never used meth in her life. Two years later we are fighting them for a $5400 invoice. I have contacted Florida’s Insurance Fraud dept as well as other departments. Run as fast as you can from them. Billing practices are scrupulous. Out right fraud.

    • Richard Rafferty on

      I don’t know about now but these days but when I went there back in 2010 and in 2011 it was great for me didn’t work the first time because I was not committed. Times I paid out of pocket they work with me xq get me there the price back then out-of-pocket was $24,000 dollars I paid out of pocket $7,000 first time for 30 days the second time when I went fully ready to change my life for 45 days in patient and 30 days intensive outpatient I paid 11,500 and I had experiences there I will never forget one person in particular was a tech while I was there his name was Brian we called him big Brian he went from being a behavioral Tech to being a therapist she was studying while I was there and going to school he was the best single person I ever met in my recovery losing his phone was the worst thing that happened to me life has its twists and turns there was one Shady person there I didn’t like….. Robin

  4. I owe my life to Beachway. Getting clean is hard regardless of where you go but Beachway had given me the strength and motivation to stick with it. I was there for 45 days and was given great therapy,groups,and even much needed activities. The residence is comfortable and clean. Not to mention their 24 hour staff who was there if I ever needed anything. I have been to a treatment center before and it was nowhere close to the experience I got leaving Beachway. I highly recommended it to anyone who is seriously seeking help from their addiction.

  5. Beachway was a great place. It has excellent therapists and a lot of people who are in the sober community. Got a lot of good life advice and have stayed sober since I left

  6. Great rehab. I went here after leaving another place that was a dump. Really great staff and my therapist was awesome. Glad I found this one

  7. I’m kind of shocked at what people have left here so far. I was here last year and I thought the facilities were great. I went to Beachway for 60 days and then stayed in florida for a few months to continue aftercare. The program was really great and my therapists were awesome. It really helped me get my life on track and I learned a lot. We did a lot of fun stuff too so that was great.

  8. Bait and Switch Facility!! This place is linked with Beachside, and Beachside is the one they promise you and post pictures of. That’s why it’s a cartoon at the top of this. After being promised to stay at the luxurious Beachside, they shipped him to Beachway, which looks like a motel 6. Unlike other rehab facilities that realize the importance of good nutrition during recovery, this place drives you to the grocery store and lets you buy whatever you want: you are on the hook for your own meals and cooking. I called Beachside to complain, and they answered “Beachway.” THIS PLACE IS A SCAM! When I complained, they said that surroundings “don’t matter and that this is about resistance to recovery.” I did get my husband switched, but there were THREE OTHER PEOPLE THERE WITH THE EXACT SAME STORY! Be warned, and shame on you Beachway for preying on the most vulnerable people!

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with us Maxine. It is in no way our intention to mislead anyone or to misrepresent our facility in any way. As you can see from numerous reviews and testimonial videos on our website – – we are very proud of the program we offer and of the facilities we offer our clients –
      I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. If there is anything we can do please don’t hesitate in calling me directly. (877) 284-0353

      • Than why do you guys tell us that we are covered and than when we get there we are sent somewhere else that we know nothing about and is a horrible place?

    • This also happened to me i was told i was going to Beachway, i had investigated their Facilities online. I spoke with a lady named Chelsea and she set everything up for me. I told her several times my insurance had to pay and that i am out of state. She told me she spoke to my insurance and all was worked out. They even sent me a plane ticket. I was half way there when i got a call from my HR lady worried about the insurance. Spoke again with Chelsea from beachway she insured me everything was fine and worked out not to worry just get to Miami. Long story short i was so scammed i never saw beachway i was sent to an old motel 6 in a horrible neighborhood in Hollywood Fl It was a waste of my money my time 35 days. I was sent to a horrible place and now they are sending me bills. When i was told my insurance would cover. And on top of that i had to have a UA everyother day and they charged anywhere from 1,500.00 to 2,400.00 dollars each time. I think it is time to talk to a lawyer.

  9. I must say when I viewed this website I was taken aback by the luxuriously seeming surroundings and amenities this place had to offer. I was lied to 100%. If you are considering this rehab as a choice for the beginning or continuation of your journey I strongly suggest you do your research before hand.

    The residences are located behind a train track that runs every 30 minutes and wakes up the residents on a daily basis. They look nothing like the photos and general upkeep seems to be a thing of fiction. If you want the most humbling experience possible and to be ignored by any concerns you have this is the place for you. The therapists are actually good so I must give credit where credit is due but other wise this place is a total waste of space and very seriously a scam for all intensive purposes. They preach about 12 steps and being your best self all the while they lie to you to coax you into paying for your stay. Not to mention the total lack of organization and total incompetence when dealing with maintaining any semblance of consistency or patient respect.

    I paid out of pocket based on the promises they gave to me and it left me almost broke. Thankfully due to my strong will and resolve to stay sober and work a program I have stuck with it but no thanks to this abomination of a treatment center. Look elsewhere…this place is out for your money.

    A warning to the wise.

  10. It’s almost been a year now. I actually was still going to IOP there for a while after. I didn’t really think it would work for me cause I had been to treatment before. To be honest, it was mostly my family forcing me to go. But I had a great therapist. She really cared but she was also tough and told me what I needed to hear. It was tough at first but then I started to see things from a different perspective. I don’t really know. I might have been able to get sober somewhere else, but I didn’t. I almost have a year sober now since I left Beachway. It is pretty crazy. I have a good job, I have my family back, and my depression and anxiety is almost completely resolved. I just really want to thank Beachway for everything.

  11. Incredible therapists!!! I stayed here for 90 days after I left another center. The therapists really helped me see what I was doing to myself and my family. I just celebrated a year sober and am working in the recovery field myself helping other addicts like myself. I am living a brand new life and grateful for every day. Thank you Beachway!

  12. Beachway Therapy Center on

    Thank you for your concerns.​ We pride ourselves in regards to our Clinical Team offering a safe and confidential therapeutic environment. I cannot comment directly on your experience as Federal regulations prevent us from disclosing information on any patient without their consent. I can however say that when admitting a patient we provide a short period where communication is limited.

  13. Found this place for my wife’s mother. Very supportive and kind staff. She was here for about a month and she’s been doing really well since. I would recommend this center for someone else struggling with alcohol. Nice facilities too, we came for a family weekend while she was there.

  14. Lisa Hannigan on

    My son, Kyle Hannigan, is a resident there. He was supposed to call me on Monday. I haven’t heard from him, and I am concerned. Thank you.

    • The previous statement is very unsettling at the very least !! Especially for a addict in desparation !

      • Katherine Crandall on

        Sine she hasn’t posted sine May 20th, I hope she has had contact and just not updated the review board. Looking st at this for my son also

      • I asked for help I have the insurance it seems as though they don’t want me I’m in desperate need this place is my choice this is where I want to be and everything is always about the money no one cares about a persons well being!!!!!!

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