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The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery


The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction RecoveryThe Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Review

The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery is a holistic treatment facility in Delray Beach, Florida that addresses just what its name promises: alcoholism and addiction recovery. Founded in 1976 by James Byron Sr., it aims to combine the structure of a therapeutic program with the support of a sober community.

Accommodations and Food

Beachcomber is located just 352 steps from the Atlantic Ocean and boasts open-air patios, rich vegetation and flower gardens. For inpatient clients, the 14-bedroom facility houses up to 28 residents at a time, each with double and same-sex occupancy. What makes Beachcomber stand out from other residential treatment programs is its focus on relationships and present moment awareness. That means there is no media room or television on-site, and personal computers and cellphones are not allowed for the duration of treatment.

All meals at Beachcomber are provided and served family-style by the on-staff chef. Proper nutrition is a priority here, so all food is health conscious and carefully crafted. Dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan and kosher can be adhered to upon request. Sugar and caffeine are allowed in small amounts, and clients are permitted to have their own snacks.

Treatment and Staff

Beachcomber aligns itself first and foremost as a holistic and spiritual program, so spirituality is a large component to their addiction treatment; however, they are not affiliated with the 12 steps. Treatment is a mixture of rapid resolution therapy, emotional freedom technique and light-sound neurotherapy (a process using light and sound to produce favorable responses in the brain). Light-sound neurotherapy has been shown to strengthen desired brainwave patterns by taking advantage of the brain’s natural tendency toward pleasant rhythmic stimulation. The Beachcomber does not offer detox on-site, so any potential clients in need must complete this phase before arriving.

A typical day at Beachcomber has residents waking up at 6:30 am for breakfast at 7, followed by approximately five meetings of either group, individual or family therapy. Clients attend two meetings before lunch and three meetings after with a break for dinner, all lasting until 8:30 pm. If there is free time between meetings, clients are encouraged to spend it at the beach, to practice yoga or to socialize with fellow residents. Meditation and acupuncture are also part of Beachcomber’s holistic and spiritual approach.

Staff here are comprised of licensed therapists who work under the supervision of a clinical director. There are also a nurse and a doctor on-site, and a staff-to-resident ratio which is usually about one-to-three.


Adhering to the belief that long-term recovery is based on a solid support system, family therapy is strongly encouraged. The family program includes an education on enabling and relapse prevention, as well as on understanding the physical, mental and spiritual effects of addiction on the family unit.

In Summary

The Beachcomber has many of the alternative and holistic amenities of a luxury program at an affordable price. Their spiritual yet non 12-step approach to recovery is a rare asset for a residential treatment program, and for that reason alone they may be an attractive option for anyone seeking that combination. The aesthetic beauty of the grounds, warm Florida weather and attention to health conscious cuisine make this a well-rounded treatment program.

The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Location

4493 North Ocean Boulevard (A1A)
Delray Beach, FL 33483

The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Cost

$14,900 (30 days). Reach The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery by phone at (561) 734-1818. Find The Beachcomber Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery on Facebook

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  1. My name is Chris Kaufteil. Let me just start out by saying that I was the hopeless variety alcoholic. I am from South Florida and have been through almost every in network facility from Dade to Palm Beach county. I am forever grateful the family owned and operated Beachcomber in Delray Beach along with their Intensive Outpatient program. I choose to come to the Beachcomber in March of 2015. Being my 11th or 12th treatment center in the past 5 years I thought It was going to be another “turn and burn” experience like many other South Florida facilities. Most facilities that I have been through aside from this place was like a factory and that’s an understatement. The Beachcomber is unique in a sense that the staff takes a personal interest in your emotional well being along with your physical safety. I am the addict who never had more than 60 days outside of a residential facility. I now have 4 months and its all attributed to God and the 12 steps which were both brought to light by the care and concern of the Beachcomber ambience and staffing. I have never felt so secure and safe to share some of my deeply rooted issues than when I was a client at the Beachcomber. This 16 bed program allowed me the opportunity to work on issues never exposed in previous attempts at other treatment centers. I am now in aftercare though their Intensive Outpatient program and have been for the past 9-10 weeks also participating in the Relapse Prevention workshop. God Bless!Yours Truly,Christopher Kaufteil

  2. Horrible, unprofessional Staff! I solidified adnissions with the Beachcombers Rehab Owners Son, Ian, a week ago through Humana Insurance for a Monday morning admission. I spoke to Ian daily during the week prior. Ian assured me is was getting in there and that there s nothing to worry about. When I called Monday, Ian told me that they gave my bed away, most probably to a cash client or someone with better insursnce. Then Ian bamboozled me into another facilities driver to take me to their detox. While still under the impression I was going to end up at Beachcomber for treatment, Iam them told me that they have gave my spot away and referred me to a lesser quality facility. I will be contacting DCF, Humana and State Officials regarding their unprofessional and borderline Patient Brokering PracticesAdditionally, I will initiate an online campaign about their unprofessional and unscupulous business practices explaining everything in detail

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