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BayCare Behavioral Health is part of a network of hospitals that have serviced multiple Florida communities since 1997. Their inpatient drug and alcohol program for adolescents and adults is located in the quaint, residential community of New Port Richey, approximately 30 miles Northwest of Tampa. Their goal is to assist clients in overcoming the physical and emotional aspects of dependence.

Accommodations and Food

While Florida’s tropical climate can make anyone feel like they are on vacation, the living quarters at Baycare are very simple—almost dorm-like. All rooms are shared with other same-gender clients and come equipped with minimal frills, though the facility itself does have a media room with a TV. Unfortunately, use of personal phones and computers are not allowed during the duration of treatment.

All meals, which lean more towards economical than diverse or interesting, are delivered three times daily from the North Bay Hospital location. While basic, there are definitely several options to choose from for those with dietary restrictions. There are also soda and snacks vending machines located on-site. Coffee is provided but only in the morning.

Treatment and Staff

While the accommodations and food at Baycare may not be five-star, their approach to treatment is on par with higher-end rehabs with individualized treatment for all their residents. Upon arrival, each client is evaluated (based on physical, environmental, social, emotional and educational components) and then given a treatment program designed to meet their specific needs.

While no two clients will receive the same treatment, the daily schedule at Baycare is generally similar for everyone—wake-up at 7 am, followed by breakfast and a morning community meeting at 8:30 am. The rest of the day is a combination of DBT, 12-step meetings, group therapy and individual therapy. After dinner is structured free time.

Not everybody checking into a treatment program is in need of a medically supervised detox but if they are, Baycare has a 15-bed detox unit on site, with 24-hour nursing care. Depending upon coverage, detox can be covered through insurance or state funding. Since their residential drug and alcohol treatment is part of a larger behavior health program, Baycare also provides dual diagnosis support for clients who struggle with co-occurring addiction and mental health issues.

The staff at BayCare is comprised of physicians, nurses and accredited LDAC counselors who are available for clients at all hours of the day. Psychiatric services are provided through a mental health physician and an advanced registered nurse practitioner handles medication management.


BayCare provides an intensive family program that helps offer more well rounded recovery and helps keep the family involved and educated on the process. Aftercare is also a big focus here and patients can step down into an outpatient program track at a rehabilitation house ten minutes away. Clients exhibiting good behavior are sometimes rewarded with outings to the nearby beach.

In Summary

BayCare offers the best of both worlds—solid, individualized addiction treatment in the Florida sun at a low price. Though clients may feel the difference from high-end rehabs in the frill-less residential facility, they won’t in the personalized treatment program and caring and qualified staff.

BayCare Behavioral Health Location

6040 Indiana Ave
New Port Richey, FL 34653

BayCare Behavioral Health Cost

Sliding scale (30 days). Reach BayCare Behavioral Health by phone at (877) 850-9613. Find BayCare Behavioral Health Resources on Facebook

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  1. It’s a nightmare. The just feed you meds that make you tired all day. I missed a cigarette break by like 30 seconds, got into an argument and was put in a room for 20 minutes as a time out. They left me there for damn near an hour before i started pounding on the door. They came in the strap my arms chest and legs to a bed. I freed my arm after awhile and they came in and game me a shot in my ass. It was around noon when it all started. The next shift woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to go to my room. The doctor made me stay an extra 2 to 3 days because i wasnt kissing his ass. I legit had to be nice and fake to get out. Another kid was there and was in for 6 months with no clue when he can leave. Fuck those pieces of shit

  2. BayCare Behavioral Health does not have good Phyciatrist’s….specifically Dr.Simko. He should not be in practice…period!! He didn’t have an ounce of empathy about my moms mental state and had the most condescending tone. As soon as we walked in the office he had us on a clock to get out. He was very short, rude and didn’t give us a word in. My mom is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and you should have heard how he talked to her…mind you she was in an emotional state…as emotional as it gets! She’s mentally ill for God sakes…have some concern!! He changed her prescription without even looking at her cross evaluation & medical records.
    He did not explain how the new medication would address her illness. Once we were rushed out of the office he proceeded to say due to his busy schedule he would not be able to schedule a follow up appt. for at least 8 weeks.

    Dr.Simko was the worst! Due to his lack of judgement and situational diagnosis my mother went missing and near committed suicide due to his poor judgment and medicine change. The meds he issues did not address the psychotic state she was in. He simply brushed it off in his office just to meet his time deadline and stated “O this is just temporary break”…I could go on and on with many other inappropriate comments he made…

    It is fact that mental health issues are drastically different from one person to another, people’s bodies react differently to different meds and there are underlying evaluations that need to be made to prescribe medication accordingly. Once a new med is issued the patient must be monitored with care and lots of follow up.
    Doctors who deal with mental illness know better then to make rash decisions. A good doctor evaluates, offers options for care and follows up.

    For a facility such as BayCare to promote an intensive outpatient program I would think Phyciatrist’s such as Dr.Simko would stand by this philosophy. He offered none of this!!! He should not be in practice and I do not recommend BayCare!

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