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Bay Area Recovery CenterBay Area Recovery Center Review

Bay Area Recovery Center was founded in Dickinson, Texas, just south of Houston, by recovering alcoholic Joe Shipley in 1992. Since then, the facility has expanded to keep up with local demand—aside from their men and women’s inpatient facilities in Dickinson, Bay Area has also added an outpatient location in Webster.

Some of the many programs offered at Bay Area Recovery center include detox (which lasts three to seven days), 30-, 60- and 90-day inpatient programs, outpatient programs, interventions, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), aftercare programs and alumni services. Dual diagnosis support is also available.

Accommodations and Food

Bay Area Recovery is designed to feel like a home away from home, with interior décor that exudes warm, southern hospitality. Houses have two wooden tables in the dining room, carpeted floors, several plush couches in the living room and a sizable kitchen with plenty of counter space.

The men and women’s facilities each have four shared bedrooms where residents room with between one and three other people in twin-sized beds. At maximum capacity each house has room for 24 clients. During down time, residents are free to relax in the living room on any of the numerous couches.

There are no strict rules against cellphone or laptop usage, though Bay Area Recovery does reserve the right to confiscate them if they become disruptive for a given client. Residents are free to read, watch TV and relax after lights-out provided they do so without disturbing others. Every Sunday, clients are assigned various house chores by drawing slips of paper from a hat.

There’s no gourmet meal plan in place at Bay Area Recovery. Instead, meal times are a communal affair where house managers get groceries and residents and staff take turns preparing menus and meals together for the house, all on a voluntary basis.

Treatment and Staff

Bay Area Recovery is backed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and offers a range of different treatment plans all rooted in the 12 steps.

Those who go through detox get a full medical and psychiatric evaluation, a physical exam and medical monitoring throughout the process. Once they move on to the inpatient program, clients go through a 12-step orientation and are taught about addiction as a disease through structured group counseling sessions.

Every day includes group therapy with rotating topics as well as CBTbased individual therapy. Clients must also attend both on and off-site AA meetings. Finally, Bay Area Recovery teaches residents relapse prevention, how to develop positive social skills and how to find and keep a job after treatment.

The staff includes licensed MDs, LPCs, nurses and LCDCs. There are eight to 10 staff on-site during the day at each location, though only one or two remain in the evenings. While the doctors aren’t available on-site 24/7, they are always on call.


One benefit of Bay Area Recovery’s programs is their strong ties to the Dickinson community. The facility is involved with several local Christian charities, and alumni sponsor frequent clean and sober events for newcomers and their families. These can include friendly softball, volleyball and basketball games.

Every Friday is family night where loved ones are invited to come and enjoy outdoor cooking of hotdogs and hamburgers with the residents for a few hours. Other events include dances, banquets, camp-outs and BBQs.

In Summary

In all, Bay Area Recovery Center is a solid option for those seeking good care without many luxury amenities. Their facility offers basic 12-step care with a solid medical staff for additional support. Though it may not necessarily be explicit in their treatment, Bay Area Recovery does have some Christian affiliation worth noting for those who are not religious. Still, the facility is relatively comprehensive at its price point and provides all the recovery essentials.

Bay Area Recovery Center Locations

Private Men’s Inpatient
1807 Pine Dr
Dickinson, TX 77539

Private Women’s Inpatient
3111 Yupon
Dickinson, TX 77539
Clear Lake Outpatient Facility
1100 Hercules Ave #130
Houston, TX 77058
Pasadena Outpatient Facility
6427 Fairmont Parkway #104
Pasadena, TX 77505

Bay Area Recovery Center Cost: $7,500 (30 days). Reach Bay Area Recovery Center by phone at (713) 705-3457 or (281) 924–9846, or by email at [email protected]. Find Bay Area Recovery Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. A Grateful, Recovering Alcoholic! on

    I had a negative experience here. I was in the girls house, and the staff seemed a bitty catty, inattentive and unprofessional. The woman who ran the house was a nightmare. There wasn’t any structure. We’d have a couple of “classes” where alumni would come and basically just talk. The rest of the day was spent smoking cigarettes, watching movies, cleaning and maybe cooking if it was your day. I had been expecting a lot more varied classes and general organization. Also, don’t go here if you suspect any medical problems. You will see an addiction doctor once for maybe 5 minutes before you go to the facility in order to get your detox drugs. I really hope they have improved the quality of medical care. When I was there, the only medical supervision during detox involved a nurse who came for about 30 mn a day. I was really disappointed. I came here with a lot of hope and left with a lot of confusion. I eventually had to go to another center, and my experience was very different. It was wonderful. I’m surprised this place gets so many positive reviews. That’s good that it worked for them.

  2. I absolutely love this place. I’m in contact with multiple people from the facility that I credit for saving my life. They taught me its ok to need help. I had to level my pride and find some humility before I could stop drinking. This place is amazing. Thank you BARC for showing me how to live a sober, happy life. Spoiler alert: GOD is the answer!

  3. I attended Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) in June of 2016 for 30-day treatment for alcoholism. I was in a dark lonely place when I arrived. When I first entered House III, I was expecting a rubber room and isolation. What I experienced was a warm friendly experience from the clients and the staff at BARC. The first few days there were a little rough for me due to the detox regiment, but once that was over with things went smoothly. BARC teaches the 12 Step Program in detail and you accomplish the steps at your pace. A workbook and other literature are provided to help you understand how the process works, it’s basically a 12 Step Boot Camp. Once you choose a Sponsor of your choosing and have a willingness to try the steps, the process moves smoothly. Counselors are available on a weekday basis to help monitor your progress. House Managers are available 24/7 to assist you in your progress as well. Weekday sessions review the 12 Steps in a comfortable setting in the house or on the back deck surrounded by lush vegetation (weather permitting). The persons giving the sessions have had experience with addiction. Not only do you start to learn the 12 Step Program but you learn life skills as well. Every Friday and Sunday are visitation days with food and refreshments for your family provided. Friday visitation also includes a family secession that helps your loved ones understand addiction, and the 12 Step Process and prepare for when you return to the home to family and friends. A Licensed Professional Counselor is available for private couples’ sessions. While there I met many people that I now consider friends. When the day finally came for me to leave the house, for me, it was bittersweet. I was happy and sober for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed the structure, fellowship and time there, but I was ready to go home to my family and restart my life a sober free man, husband, father and employee. Without Bay Area Recovery Center, I would sooner or later lost my family and my job, wound up in jail or be found dead. I want to thank my wife for standing by me during this momentous time and once again thank BARC, AA 12 Step program, my Sponsor, my Counselors, the House Managers, the Staff and new found friends in recovery!

  4. Went to BARC back in 2008 and have been sober ever since. Not the Ritz Carlton but not the motel 6 either. Clean and comfortable. Great staff.

  5. I was a resident of Bay Area Recovery Center in 2014-2015. They have several facilities. I started at their private pay house, which offers more freedom and perks than their more structured therapeutic community oriented facilities, which treat mostly ex offenders. I got in some trouble at private pay, and was sent to house 1. Thank God I did! The structure and more clinical approach there was what I needed at the time. All in all, they are a caring group of people who are passionate about what they do. All of the staff, from the managers to the counselors, all the way up to the owners, are recovered addicts and alcoholics, and their message has depth and weight. I will always be in debt to BARC, particularly to Greg, Jonah, and David. They saved my life!

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