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Barrington Psychiatric Center


Barrington Psychiatric Center Review

Barrington Psychiatric Center (BPC) is a forensic psychiatric facility with headquarters in Los Angeles and 21 remote locations throughout California. For over 37 years, BPC has provided legal services in both the defense and plaintiff communities with thorough and unbiased work. BPC is widely recognized as an expert witness within the judicial system and offers expert and comprehensive patient diagnosis, disability and civil litigation, neuropsychological assessments, and treatment for clients who have experienced a traumatic experience in the work force.

Treatment and Staff

There is a staff of over 30 psychiatrists at BPC who are able to serve as expert witnesses and provide comprehensive treatment plans for their clients after thorough assessments. For workers compensation cases the staff receives extensive training in performing evaluations and medical exams. From there clients get a detailed report and ratings evidence that can be presented in a case based on behavioral and objective findings. This results in information that can determine the effects of an injury on future endeavors for the client and their families.

Those who come in due to trauma cases have a psychiatric evaluation to begin with and from there are monitored for existing bio psychological functioning. If BPC does determine there was an industrial psychiatric injury, a detailed treatment plan is implemented, and placement into a program that is near the client’s home or workplace. These outside agencies are thoroughly vetted and ensure the highest quality treatment. After discharge from the program, BPC steps in again for another evaluation to determine whether treatment was beneficial, or if there is a permanent disability status.

In some cases there are specific clinicians at BPC who specialize in long term disability cases and have developed an evidence-based diagnostic rating system. This rating system has been emulated throughout the insurance community due to the findings BPC has provided based on the comprehensive research and the evaluation of the patients’ medical, personal and occupational histories.

All of these services are provided by experts who are experienced working with both the legal and healthcare industries. The team is comprised of psychiatrists and psychologists, all of whom have the ability to study each other’s cases to gain more information and expertise about the kinds of evaluations and reports they may have to face while in practice. Additionally, all of these staff members of BPC are on staff at highly regarded medical centers all over California. This includes the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, New Center for Psychoanalysis and University of Southern California.

In Summary

The Barrington Psychiatric Center offers very specific services for the forensic legal community that can be the tipping point for either side of the system. The staff is regarded as expert witnesses and communicators and has provided essential legal assistance in thousands of cases.

Barrington Psychiatric Center Location

Barrington Psychiatric Center
1990 S Bundy Dr, Ste 320
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Barrington Psychiatric Center Cost

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