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Bakersfield Recovery Services offers a variety of 12 step-based recovery services for men and women. Located in the Bakersfield, California area, this rehab has multiple residential treatment locations. For adults, there is Jason’s Retreat for men and Capistrano Community for Women, both of which have on-site sober living quarters. There is also the Capistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat Perinatal center, for women who are pregnant and mothers with small children. In addition, Jason’s Retreat offers co-ed Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). All facilities are in residential neighborhoods around Bakersfield.

Bakersfield Recovery Services opened in 1985, a year after its founder, Zane Smith—himself a recovering alcoholic—lost his young son to an overdose. The original treatment center, Jason’s Retreat, was a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility with a skeleton staff able to accommodate only six clients. Today, Bakersfield Recovery Services is a thriving organization. It has expanded to three facilities, which accommodate 65 guests and have more than 40 staff members.

Accommodations and Food

Jason’s Retreat, known as the “Big House,” can host 30 adult men. It is the original two-story wood-frame house, built in 1985. Residents live, eat attend meetings and participate in activities under the same roof. The house looks like any other well lived-in home from that era, with interior paint in various neutrals, dated but serviceable furniture and little attention to detail or decorations. Bedrooms are shared, with twin beds and individual dressers. There is workout equipment available, located on the patio near an outdoor grill area.

The kitchen and dining areas have been upgraded to include industrial-sized sinks, stove and refrigerator and the dining area functions cafeteria-style. Meals are prepared by staff, with the help of a rotating crew of residents who assist. The menu isn’t fancy, but some dietary accommodations can be made for vegetarians and food allergies.

Across town, the Capistrano Community for Women is a pleasant single-story rambler, with a wrap-around porch and a fenced yard and play area for the children. The interior is homey and clean, with polished wood trim and built-ins. Bedrooms are shared and sparsely furnished, with twin and full sized beds and dressers, some with bunk beds to maximize space. Furniture in the common areas is also spare, but clean. The spacious, white-washed kitchen and laundry room are self-service, as is the rest of the home, which operates in a family atmosphere where residents are expected to co-manage the food and household budget (which includes planning the menus, buying the ingredients and all food preparation) in addition to doing other chores.

The Capistrano-Lincoln Street Retreat for perinatal treatment is an apartment building with four three-bedroom units and a central kitchen. It is licensed for up to 16 pregnant clients and their newborns. There is one large classroom for instruction and group sessions as well as offices for counselors and managers. The interiors here are dated and worn but functional and clean. Mothers share rooms, with bassinettes for the babies within reach of single beds. There is a common living room area with a TV and items for the babies such as a swing, playpen and high chairs.

Treatment and Staff                

The 12 steps are the central focus of recovery at all the Bakersfield Recovery Services facilities. Treatment stays are anywhere from 45 to 120 days depending on participation and budget. The social model (not medical) program encourages accountability, responsibility and adaptability into the community and general life once clients leave treatment. Everyone is expected to attend daily meetings, find a sponsor and work the steps (with a specific emphasis on the first five steps).

A typical day may also include compulsory attendance at up to four classes where life skills and recovery topics are taught. Class topics include anger management, medical obligations (particularly for the perinatal rehab), financial obligations, self-esteem, education, job skills, building family and other primary relationships, parenting issues, communication skills, setting boundaries and job preparedness.

At the Capistrano Community for Women, recovery also focuses on teaching mothers and children communications skills, manners, schedules and the importance of routine, time management, rebuilding trust, play and sharing, school and homework, nutrition and bedtime. Mothers are also expected to attend parenting classes, parent/teacher conferences, PTA meetings, school games and special events. They receive outside counseling as needed and must volunteer each day in classroom assistance programs. All of this is intended to foster a bond between the mother and her child and to create confidence in her ability to function well and meet parental expectations.

These same skills are emphasized at the Capistrano-Lincoln Street Perinatal Retreat. In addition, counseling and education are offered to help new mothers in recovery learn to cook, clean and perform household skills as well as bath, feed and mother their babies. Residents are also expected to attend classes to learn how to become working members of society.

At all three locations, visitation privileges are granted twice a week, on Monday nights and Sunday afternoons. Residents and their families may participate in Family Night Group therapy, in which the principles of the 12 steps are explained. During the first 10 days, clients are not permitted to have contact with anyone outside the facility. After this initial time, clients can use their phones in the evenings. On Fridays, guests may leave the facility (with an escort) for appointments, as arranged by their primary counselor.

After 45 days, clients may also be permitted to have six-hour passes on weekends and, eventually, 30-hour passes. Vocational training and job searching is an integral part of the program, as employment is considered essential for continued success. After a sufficient amount of recovery and progress is made, clients may move into one of the sober living homes or step down to outpatient treatment. They may also remain in residential treatment while they complete a job search and secure housing.

In addition to residential treatment and sober living program, Bakersfield Recovery Services provides an IOP program for men and women at Jason’s Retreat. Outpatient treatment is for clients who have a history of substance abuse and need a stable, drug-free environment with only moderate supervision. Clients in IOP are required to attend a weekly individual counseling sessions, as well as multiple group sessions and three AA/NA meetings a week. Treatment is provided over a six-month period.

There are 18 full-time staff members, including certified addiction counselors and technicians at Jason’s Retreat in addition to two house managers. Capistrano Community for Women and Capistrano-Lincoln Street Perinatal Retreat each have 10 certified addiction counselors and techs on staff. At least two counselors are available at each facility around the clock.

In Summary

Bakersfield Recovery Services provides safe, comfortable accommodations and a solid 12-step foundation in recovery. For expectant mothers or single moms on a shoe-string budget, this is a great resource. For those with no alternatives but to get sober, who need assistance getting their lives and families on track, Bakersfield Recovery Services offers hope.

Bakersfield Recovery Services Locations

Jason’s Retreat Mens Residential Treatment Facility
600 Bernard St
Bakersfield, CA 93305
(661)637-2124: front office 24/7
(661)325-1817: counselor’s office

Capistrano Community for Women Facility
2000 Baker St
Bakersfield, CA 93305
(661) 873-4927

Capistrano-Lincoln Street Perinatal Facility
708 Lincoln St
Bakersfield, CA 93305
(661) 869-1795

Intensive Outpatient Services
504 Bernard St
Bakersfield, CA 93305
(661) 637-2187

Bakersfield Recovery Services Cost

$8,000-15,000 (30 days). Reach Bakersfield Recovery Services by phone at (661)637-2124. Find Bakersfield Recovery Services on Facebook

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