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Flagstaff ArizonaBack2Basics Outdoor Adventure Therapy Review

Back2Basic’s Outdoor Adventure Therapy is a residential substance abuse treatment community for young men between the ages of 18 and 30 based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Clients enrolled in this unique program spend half the week participating in treatment activities in Flagstaff and the other half on outdoor adventures—such as backpacking, river rafting and surfing—designed to build life skills and self-esteem. Upon completion of six months of treatment, B2B clients may apply for “Beyond the Basics”; its affiliated sober living residence that supports men in achieving professional and educational goals.

B2B was founded by Roy J. DuPrez who holds a Masters of Education in Counseling. Having spent 15 years in treatment during early adolescence and young adulthood, DuPrez learned that most programs for young people lack the exposure to activities and specific life skills training tailored for building young men’s self-esteem. In 2010, he opened B2B, endeavoring to give young people in need of recovery a strong foundation of confidence, autonomy and independence.

Accommodations and Food

B2B occupies three residential homes in a leafy suburban neighborhood in Southwest Flagstaff, just one mile outside of downtown. Each residence accommodates six clients in three double-occupancy bedrooms. The homes are craftsman in style and feature modern décor with newly renovated kitchens and landscaped exteriors.

A cornerstone of treatment at B2B is its Culinary Program. Residents work with the program’s director to learn menu planning, shopping/budgeting skills and food preparation. They also learn kitchen techniques and work in teams to prepare the house meals. DuPrez believes that mindful food preparation is a life skill often overlooked in treatment. Through the Culinary Program, residents learn the self-sufficiency and team-building skills that their addiction-driven lifestyles have prevented them from developing.

Treatment and Staff

B2B is a six-month program, but the facility lets each resident commit one month at a time. Most clients not only complete the six months, but also choose to apply for the Beyond the Basics sober living program to extend their immersion in the recovery fellowship.

While at the Flagstaff facility four days each week, residents participate in traditional treatment—attending group and individual therapy daily. In addition to evidence-based practices such as DBT and CBT, treatment at B2B incorporates the 12-step framework. Residents are transported to community AA/NA meetings each treatment day and assemble for daily meetings while on outdoor expeditions as well.

While in Flagstaff, lights are out at 11 pm and residents must wake up by 7 am. They have rotating house chores and on outdoor trips, the chores—such as meal planning and preparation, finding water and fire wood and cleaning the site—are assigned to maintain consistency in discipline training.

Therapists at B2B are all Master’s-level with private practices in the Flagstaff area. Each staff member has been hand-picked by DuPrez for their effectiveness in treating young men in recovery. Instead of designated group therapy topics, the treatment team meets daily and reviews the events and needs of current residents and then decides on a plan responsive to the group’s current needs.

The treatment team at B2B is made of therapists with addiction counseling credentials including Masters of Social Work (MSWs), LCSWs, LISACs and a psychologist. A psychiatrist is on call and the facility is a short distance from Flagstaff Medical Center. A staff member is on-site overnight to deal with any emergencies. The clinicians at B2B are equipped to treat dual diagnosis, but potential clients with serious mental health conditions are not an ideal fit for this program.

When residents are on outdoor expeditions, they are divided into two groups, each supervised by two staff members with relevant training—such as EMTs and outdoor guides. Upon transitioning from expeditions to in-city treatment (and vice versa), the staff has a ‘debriefing’ meeting so that both teams can be apprised of the current needs and developments within the group.

In addition to the Culinary Program, B2B offers a Writing Program to help residents learn how to process emotions and cultivate healthy self-expression. Residents are not allowed phones or computers while in enrolled, but they are encouraged to journal and write letters to friends, family and loved ones. They can phone home and use the house computer under supervision.


While in town, members have access to the Flagstaff Athletic Club. After two months of treatment, a resident’s family is invited to visit and attend workshops. During the fifth month of treatment, the family is invited again—this time to attend a workshop that emphasizes how loved ones can help clients reintegrate back into the family and life following completion of treatment.

Service work is an important component of treatment at B2B, so residents regularly invest time into a significant project in the community—such as on-going volunteer work at the local food bank or a wilderness cleanup.

Clients who step down to the sober living program—Beyond the Basics—live in two neighboring homes with 10 to 12 clients accommodated at a time. While enrolled, clients continue attending group and individual counseling, though their focus is now to obtain employment and achieve educational goals. The staff works closely with each resident on building his resume and interview skills and the facility has close relationships with many local employers, vocational training programs, colleges and universities.

In Summary

Back2Basics is an immersive and unique treatment experience that provides addiction treatment to adolescent boys and young men with a combination of evidence-based therapies and a thorough immersion into the 12-step framework. Through its weekly outdoor adventures, residents are taught life skills and accountability and are given the chance to build self-esteem through performing tasks that challenge their physical and mental limitations.

Whether through the Culinary Program, community service, outdoor expeditions, writing classes or in daily therapy and 12-step meetings, B2B endeavors to help young men “get outside of themselves” and heal their addiction by successfully engaging in the world around them.

The clinical team at B2B endorses the belief that “discharge begins at admittance,” and as such it works closely with each resident and his family to lay a foundation for success beyond the program. Clients work closely with staff to set long-term goals and to identify the best therapeutic methods and practices for his next steps.

Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Therapy Location

1600 W. University Ave, Ste. 109
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Back2Basics Cost

$9,500 (30 days). Reach Back2Basics at (928) 814-2220. Find Back2Basics on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. I can attest to the well-deserved reputation that clients from Back-to-Basic have earned at Flagstaff Athletic Club. I’m a six-day-a-week regular at the club, and I’ve always been impressed by your clients. They appear committed to their goals, work hard to achieve them but, most of all, I am a fan of their old-school, old-fashioned courteousness. Being polite, trust me, sends out good vibes. These kids are definitely applying what they learn in the classroom. A great credit to the staff.

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  3. If I could give them negative stars I would. I am writing this and posting it everywhere I can. I don’t want what happened to me at Pocono Mountain Recovery Center to happen to anyone else. I am actually clean for 4 months, but that was after going to a different rehab. PMRC almost made me throw away those 4 months I worked hard for. They are also ruining all that I gained since I’ve been clean because PMRC took advantage of me and didn’t tell me the whole truth when I first got there & was signing papers.
    I have bills from Pocono Medical Hospital that adds up to $1745.72 because Pocono Mountain Recover Center (PMRC) used them to come to PMRC to take every patients blood ,and they took me to the hospital for a xray and the pocono medical hospital does not take my insurance (which wasn’t my choice either it was PMRCs’ choice). So now I am stuck with this bill of $1745.72 .
    When I choose to go to PMRC my first question like almost everyone else’s was: Do you take my insurance? Their answer was yes. I trusted them and they lied to me never telling me that they have a different company come in to take our blood. That company doesn’t except all the same insurances that PMRC excepts. Later when they took me to get a chest x-ray (cause I had a false positive on the TB test PMRC gave me) I trusted that they’d take me to a place that took my insurance. Yet again I was wrong for trusting them.
    I called PMRC to tell them about these bills and Rob the CFO at PMRC (the person I was told to call when I asked for someone in charge) didn’t even have the decency to even answer his phone or to call me back himself. He had someone else call me to say,” I’m stuck with the bill. Because I signed a paper when I first got there that said any bill my insurance won’t pay I’m stuck paying”. They never gave me time to read it I was verbally told a brief summery, and the document was explained to me in such a way that I thought it was bills only from PMRC they were talking about I was not told that they use another different facility (who doesn’t take my insurance) to come in and take my blood. It’s not like I’m on the outside and can make calls to ask if they take my insurance.
    Also lets face it almost all of us are very high/drunk when we are given these papers to sign. So we are putting our trust in the Rehab that they won’t try to have us sign a paper we wouldn’t want to sign. Because if it was explained to me correctly I wouldn’t of signed a paper saying I’ll pay a bill at a different hospital than the one I’m at that doesn’t take my insurance if my insurance won’t pay.
    I trusted PMRC and this is what I get for trusting people. So beware if you still choose to go to Pocono Mountain Recovery Center Read Everything They Give You To Sign. If you’re high or drunk insist on having a family or friend in there with you to read before you sign. Or you’ll end up like me with a lot of bills you didn’t expect. Because I thought I wasn’t going to have a bill because I met my deductible and out of pocket for the year when I went to PMRC and I now owe Pocono Mountain Hospital $1745.76.

    • Well said and thank you for the ‘heads-up’ on the different facilities they use and the possibility that Insurance may NOT cover their services. Other than your review, I wish someone who had been here would post another review. I appreciate your post about the financial issues that may arise. But, what about the treatment in this particular center? Are they decent or condescending, nurturing, etc.

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