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Combining the the flexibility of outpatient substance abuse services with the intensity of an inpatient program, Aware Recovery Care is a mobile rehab that takes individualized treatment to an even more intimate level by bringing the help directly to the client. According to Aware Recovery Care, studies show at-home medical treatment is the most effective way to accelerate recovery and improve a person’s overall condition. Aware Recovery Care was founded in 2011 but remained in somewhat of a pilot phase until 2013 as it tried to prove the validity of its innovative concept. The main office is located in the southern Connecticut town of Madison, but it is able to service clients all over the state and is currently treating clients in New York City and Massachusetts.

Treatment and Staff

Depending on each person’s circumstances and financial resources, the program is designed to provide a full year of treatment, with the intensity level of that treatment tapering down as the client progresses. The age range of the clientele is vast, from 16 years old all the way to 75, with a recent surge in clients in the late 20s to early 30s demographic. According to a representative from Aware Recovery Care, the majority of the clients require dual diagnosis support, so it is fully equipped to deal with co-occurring disorders. While it does not provide an at-home detox, it can facilitate a client’s admission to a local facility and then provide any necessary transportation.

The Aware Recovery Care program is designed to create a home environment and family system that best positions the client for long-term recovery. Each client is provided with access to a team of specialists that is led by an addiction psychiatrist and includes a licensed therapist, a registered nurse, a family liaison and a certified recovery advisor (called a CRA and functioning something like a caseworker).

The psychiatrist and RN conduct full medical evaluations upon admission into the program, and the RN monitors the client’s medical status and any medication needs throughout the course of treatment. CRAs specialize in evidence-based treatment practices like Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the Stages of Change. They also help oversee the client’s overall goals for treatment, ensuring that they align with the client’s job, interpersonal relationships and wellbeing.

In the initial phase of treatment, CRAs come to client homes as often as five days per week. They are paired with a client based on demographics. For example, a 30-year-old male can expect to be assigned another male CRA who is not only sober but is as close in age as possible. The goal is to try to ensure that the client’s closest ally and recovery mentor is someone they can relate to. CRAs introduce clients to the concepts of 12-step recovery, escort them to meetings (often once or twice a day) and even help them to find sponsors. If AA doesn’t resonate, the CRA presents other community support groups, like SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery and HAMS. If the client refuses to physically leave their home, they are provided with online meetings.

Daily therapy happens with the CRA and a peer support sober coach, but Aware Recovery Care also provides a certain number of therapy sessions per week. CRAs take their clients to these appointments and if a client wishes to see their particular therapist more frequently than the program allows, that can be arranged, for an additional fee.

The CRAs at Aware Recovery Care are all sober and in recovery themselves. In addition, all of the staff boast extensive rehab resumes, having worked at other outpatient and residential treatment facilities.


Aware Recovery Care insists that clients have strong, healthy family systems and clean home environments. It teaches clients how to leave their old habits behind, while building new associations, habits and skills. CRAs engage clients in recovery-related activities that include yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage and sessions with personal trainers.

Family programming is facilitated through the client’s family liaison and under the guidance of a MFT. The MFT  works closely with the CRA to ensure that family members, especially loved ones living with the person in treatment, are educated, informed and supported throughout the recovery process. If a client or client’s family grants permission, Aware Recovery Care also administers random drug/alcohol tests and uses a GPS tracking system to confirm the client is in compliance with their program when he or she is not under the supervision of someone on their recovery team.

In Summary

Aware Recovery Care does accept health insurance but due to both the unconventional nature and extended length of its program, getting full coverage for treatment can involve an extensive amount of red tape. Aware Recovery Care is more than willing to help facilitate the communication between client and insurance company.

At-home treatment shouldn’t be seen as a luxury—it might be the only option for some people. It’s getting sober in a natural habitat—no abrupt transitions, no acclimating to the real world after a stint in rehab. For people who have suffered relapses after returning from residential treatment or those desperate to maintain their job while also being as proactive as possible about getting sober, Aware Recovery Care might be the ideal solution.

Aware Recovery Care Location

Aware Recovery Care
71 Bradley Rd, Ste 10
Madison, CT 06443

Aware Recovery Care Cost

$3,125 (30 days). Reach Aware Recovery Care by phone at (203) 779-5799 or by email. Find Aware Recovery Care on FacebookTwitter and Google+

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