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Awakenings by the SeaAwakenings by the Sea Review

Located in Seaside, Oregon, Awakenings by the Sea is a residential treatment center for women seeking recovery. Situated along on Oregon’s rugged coastline, Seaside is known for its salt water taffy, the Lewis and Clark Trail and nearby Haystack Rock, towering 235 feet over the beach. Founded in 2012, Awakenings by the Sea became a women-only program when Executive Director Ann Martin came on board in January 2014, bringing with her more than 30 years of sobriety and 17 years of experience working with The Betty Ford Center.

Accommodations and Food

Awakenings by the Sea is an intimate, 18-bed treatment center, affectionately called “the little yellow house.” The exterior resembles an oversized cottage, complete with shuttered windows and a white picket fence. Inside, the cozy décor is comfortable, clean and welcoming. All sleeping quarters are shared, with floral bedspreads on painted twin wrought-iron frames and soft bedside-table lighting. In addition to sleeping quarters and meals, all treatment takes place in the yellow house, in meeting rooms with comfortable chairs and sofas.

There is no computer for guest use, but there is a TV that clients can watch in the evening after scheduled activities, meetings and chores are completed. On weekends, there is usually a movie night. Residents are allowed to bring iPods, mp3 players and CD players, but no Internet-enabled devices are permitted and personal music players are for use during workouts only. There is a communal telephone, but privileges are reserved for those who have completed a certain amount of recovery work, and can only be used on weekends in increments of 30 minutes.

After clients have been under evaluation for a period of several days and are considered by staff to be “ready,” they may have visitors on Sundays between 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

The kitchen has been renovated to accommodate a table large enough to seat all guests and two stoves where meals are prepared by a culinary specialist. Meals are healthy and served family style; specific dietary needs are accommodated. Since this is not a lockdown facility, clients may bring back snacks of their choice from outings, which they keep in their assigned cubby. No eating is permitted in rooms. Sugar and caffeine are allowed, as is smoking—in designated areas.

Treatment and Staff

Awakenings by the Sea offers affordable and comprehensive care using evidence-based methods including therapy, education and the 12 steps. In most cases, treatment begins with on-site detox. With or without detox, clients undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine their individual treatment needs, after which physical recovery is monitored by a physician, who visits every day, and nursing staff who are on-site 24/7.

At the heart of the Awakenings by the Sea program are the 12 steps and clients attend daily meetings. Some meetings are held on-site, though residents leave the premises frequently for outside meetings and supervised outings. Clients choose from a 30-, 60- or 90-day treatment track.

The first 30 days (Phase 1) involves a complete analysis by the medical, psychological, nursing and therapy staff. Clients then begin integrating daily individual and group therapy, lectures, a family program and a nutritional program that includes exercise and yoga. The 60-day track (Phase 2) introduces the Recovery Enrichment Program led by Martin. Clients work on a personalized action plan for relapse prevention, as well as identifying triggers and patterns. It is also during this phase of recovery that residents complete steps four and five in their 12-step work. During the 90-day track (Phase 3, clients address attitudes, behavior, reactions and resentments that hinder their familial relationships and recovery. Phase 4 of treatment is aftercare; clients can continue meeting at the little yellow house three-to-five nights a week to help them transition back to their daily lives.

The staff consists of certified addiction counselors, registered nurses and a medical doctor.


Weekly yoga classes are offered on the premises. For other exercise, access to the gym up the street is complimentary. Outings are also arranged—hiking, runs and beach-walks—on a regular basis.

There is a two-day weekend family program focusing on addiction, relapse and family recovery, that includes lectures given by treatment specialists and physicians.

A nice touch at Awakenings by the Sea is the plush spa bathrobe and welcome kit placed with care on each guest’s bed upon check-in.

In Summary

Overall, this cozy treatment center focuses on life skills, an introduction to the 12 steps and relapse prevention. With plenty of creature comforts and a professional staff to provide personal care, women seeking a fresh start in a serene setting should definitely consider this program.

Awakenings by the Sea Location

1325 N Holladay Dr
Seaside, OR 97138

Awakenings by the Sea Cost

$10,000-$20,000 (30 days). Reach Awakenings by the Sea by phone at (800) 923-4673 or by email at [email protected]Find Awakenings by the Sea on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. Sounds great; doesn’t deliver. When I arrived (after talking with intake for a few days) there wasn’t a bed So I stumbled down to the tv room which consists of yoga blankets on the floor in front of a cottage cabinet. I was intoxicated and had no support. Got kicked off of a blanket and went back up the stairs to find a detox room scattered with trash. And a well-lit soda machine right outside the window. OUCH RIGHT! Then, the rules kept changing. NO COFFEE AFTER 11; wait, after 3, wait we pulled it all. Wash your own dishes and make sure you sterlize. WTF? Then the head of the place in her feed back to me says she had seen a lot of changes, that I came in with make-up and now was fresh-faced. WTF?! I DON”T WEAR MAKEUP and didn’t buy mascara until I got a pass. So – “no”. Then Tabatha opened her workshop by saying “please leave negativity at the door’ (I didn’t have any) so I asked if we should leave ‘positivty’ at the door as well. On my coin-out she opened by saying ‘we didn’t start out so well’ WTF?

  2. I would like to say that Amy the councelor has preached about boundaries and told my wife during her most vulnerable time in her life their due to alcolism that I her husband had been charged with 28 criminal charges and if she really new her husband. Then told my wifes mother too! I had to pull all criminal background from state and national to prove amy bailey was lying through her teeth! That kinda bullshit can break families and she should get the facts before falsey incriminating people. I had 6 run ins with the law!! My name is Dan from Oregon city and she knows who this is too cause my wife was there from mid oct 2016 to dec 13th 2016.

  3. I went through a period of thinking that rehab might be a reasonable solution for the rut I’d found myself in back in 2014. After researching the information provided on-line for Awakenings by the Sea in Seaside, I succumbed. They claim to be a women’s only facility but there were and still are several male employees, many of whom, in my opinion, were ill-suited for the environment. My experience there was mercifully short due to the incompetence of the coordinator who granted my acceptance. After only 2-and-a-half days I was informed that my insurance company wanted to “move” me to another facility. That’s all it took for me to tell them goodbye.

    Pretty much from the moment I walked in I realized problems….there was an inept male who introduced me into the facility and seemingly unwillingly did the initial paperwork to get me to the intake nurse who would perform the obligatory medical exam, etc., before I could get a bed in the so-called “detox” ward, which, unbelievably was a co-habitation situation. Wouldn’t any reasonable person/rehab expert assume that detox should be a more private experience?

    I was surrounded by patients who were mostly court ordered to be there, mostly young heroin addicts. There were a couple of aging alcoholics as well, but I felt no connection. The atmosphere was much like being back in high school where the kids are all huddled and gossiping and then you enter the fray and some brave bitch asks, “what’re you in for? we were taking bets.” Smooth.

    I did my best to tough it out, stay the course and belie my own belief that the 12-step program doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, especially an atheist like me. Who says that atheists don’t have hope? But, it was not to be and even though I had hoped that this place might offer something more than a glorified AA meeting, and by glorified, I’m talking to the tune of around $2000/day!, I was very disappointed and ultimately left once their idiotic doctor-in-residence spilled the beans that my insurance company had not authorized my stay.

    Even though while I was supposed to be in “detox” for the first 48 hours and not compelled to attend group meetings, I was immediately summoned the next morning after my arrival by one of the many under-qualified staff members. She told me, “It’s encouraged.” So, thinking back to school days and that I might somehow have my record tarnished by non-involvement, I attended. Unfortunately I was right that it was nothing more than an AA meeting, albeit in a much, much more costly environment! I guess what was more surprising to me than that was that the owner attended (co-owner). There were a couple of other staff members there as well, but it just seemed wrong that she was there. Too big mother for my taste.

    Turned out that my counselor, who bounced herself into my room the day after my arrival, had only been there about a week. She began asking me serious questions, without warning, and all while I’m still supposed to be in the “detox” stage! Later that afternoon I had my first session with her where I felt like I had a time limit on my responses. At one point she was reading from a cheat-sheet and asked me about my relationship and it went something like this: “Would you consider your relationship _________? __________?________________?________________?_______________?, etc. I finally stopped her and said, “Wow! that’s a lot! Can we slow down and let me think about my answer?!”

    I told them at intake that I did not want any drugs because of my mother’s and my sister’s addiction to prescription drugs and they assured me that they would only administer what was necessary…by the second day there they were giving me Librium, and then constantly checking my BP, at one point they gave me Clozapine! They claimed they were giving B-vitamins to everyone, and so there was that. After complaining about a headache for two days I finally asked for some aspirin. The nurse one duty at that time insisted that I take 2 Ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol!

    I got the hell outta there because the place is a sham! I feel lucky that I got out when I did. After the bills started coming in from the insurance company there was an itemized list of drugs that I’d received and I guarantee that I absolutely DID NOT receive those drugs…if those drugs did leave their inventory, gotta make ya wonder where they went.

    On my way out, the day I left, the co-owner, Ann Martin, the one who was so heavily immersed in the organization, told me that she and her partner had discussed “scholarshipping” me, doing her best to get me to stay (and at roughly $1900/day she’d’ve been foolish not to, right?). It didn’t work. I left. She was visibly pissed and the battle between the insurance company and them began.

    Eventually the insurance company paid Awakenings ridiculous fee and the debt has been settled. However, one year later I received a letter from Awakenings demanding payment! I sent proof of payment and then received an apology phone call from one of their lackeys and I thought we were good. ONE YEAR later, I’m still having to deal with these assholes….and then, right before Christmas, 3 months later, I receive another threatening letter that my credit is about to be destroyed because of non-payment!!

    They tout their facility as “boutique”, claim that they have a wonderful chef and that their location is second-to-none! What a joke! Keep in mind that the owner worked at Betty Ford in California and is using and abusing her experience to rip off all the idiots in Oregon.

    • Not only did I have the complete opposite experience but some of the things you stated can not be true. Sorry you had a rough time. I hope you are able to get the help you need. I’ve been sober for 19 months and am still in contact with many of the women I went through treatment with and they are still sober too.
      Good Luck. I will pray that you can get the same help I did!

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