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Avera McKennan Hospital has been serving the residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 1957. Over the years, the facility has grown into a large regional multi-location provider serving communities throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota. It has extensive behavioral health services in Sioux Falls, both at its new state-of-the-art Behavioral Health Center and in its Outpatient Clinic, which houses its Addiction Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Treatment and Staff

Clients attend the IOP for six to eight weeks, depending on their progress and therapist’s recommendation. Treatment is a combination of group and individual therapy.  Clients attend three groups a week, two of which are three-hour process groups and the other a two-hour education group. Clients can choose day or evening groups and attend individual therapy once a week.

An unusual feature of Avera’s IOP is that all clinicians are dually-licensed as addiction counselors (usually LDACs) and therapists (usually MFTs). Groups seldom exceed fifteen participants and clinicians can support co-occurring disorders in individual therapy and offer referrals to the Avera’s psychiatric staff if needed.

Process groups use CBT and DBT, which are also used in individual therapy. Topics addressed in the education groups include handling grief, communication skills, stress management and relapse prevention. Clients are encouraged to bring partners and family members to their individual therapy sessions and the second Monday of each month they are required to bring a loved one to the education group meeting so that their post-IOP support system can learn how to best support their recovery.


Avera McKennan offers an early intervention group which meets once a week and clients who have completed the IOP can step-down into relapse prevention group which includes bi-weekly group therapy and weekly or monthly individual counseling. Avera McKennan’s Outpatient Clinic also offers programs for treating compulsive gambling and specialized services for treating healthcare professionals who are suffering from substance abuse.

In Summary

Avera McKennan’s Addiction Recovery Program treats clients with exceptionally experienced clinicians well-trained in both addiction and mental health. With early intervention and relapse prevention groups in addition to its IOP, Avera is equipped to support clients at all stages of recovery.

Avera McKennan Behavioral Health Services Location

Avera McKennan Hospital
2412 S. Cliff Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Avera McKennan Behavioral Health Services IOP Cost

$2,878 (7 weeks). Reach Avera McKennan Behavioral Health Services by phone at (605) 322-4079. Find Avera McKennan Behavioral Health Services on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google +

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  1. Kristin Leigh Olson on

    Dear to whom this concerns,

    I was not at all impressed with the way you treated me and all of the other patients in your Adult C unit. You treat your patients more like prisoners and not like VIPs. WE are the ONES paying for your staff’s services and should be treated more like extremely important customers. Please keep in mind that the mind is our MOST important organ and aught to be treated as such. We should not be told we have to go get our own food when we are dizzy and feeling faint. Also we should be able to keep our food for later- I do not eat large meals so I had to hide my extra pizza from the staff every single day and night!!!

    Also, It would have saved me and my family a great deal of trouble and hardship had you admitted me the day I walked in for an evaluation (the day after my momma’s funeral)- August 14th, 2017. However, your rule states that I cannot be admitted unless I am a danger to myself or others…but I was losing track of reality and unsure what was what with what, so I wanted to state this loud and clear: Please Admit Me (or anyone for that matter) who starts to have trouble with reality. Thank you!

    Oh and you and other mental health hospitals should seriously consider getting chiropractors or massage therapists because I really needed human touch while I was in the hospital. I just lost my Momma August 8th and needed all the hugs and touch I could get. However, every time I touched or hugged someone I got into big trouble with staff and Dr. Bahnson. That broke my heart that the staff nor Dr. Bahnson could understand the importance of human touch and love—especially after my momma recently just died!!!

    Oh and just so you know- your staff were not very kind, compassionate or mindful of the fact that I was in the exact same clothes-including undies-for my first six days there!!! If it weren’t for my best friend I would not have ever changed clothes or showered. Next time, make sure your staff helps their clients get new clothes so they can keep a decent hygiene. Thanks.

    I also was walking around with a limp my entire 13 day stay and no one cared to help me heal my sprained ankle. Therefore, you all MUST pay more attention to physical ailments as well- especially since physical problems are linked to emotional/psychological problems.

    Please also discuss medication options with your patients as well, cuz Lithium is for dangerous people. I am NOT dangerous!!! This is precisely why I will not recommend your hospital nor Dr. Bahnson, or go back there ever again.

    Kristin Leigh Olson

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