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Daytona Beach FloridaAvenues 12 Recovery House Review

Founded in Daytona Beach, Florida in 2009 by friends Kay Hayes and Janet White, Avenues 12 Recovery House provides sober living for women. Their mission is to provide clients a solid 12 step-based foundation for them to rebuild their lives, while working on independent living skills.

Accommodations and Amenities

During their stay, clients progress from a newcomer’s house to an advanced house, and finally into a 10-unit sober apartment. Every client, regardless of her sobriety date, starts out at the newcomer’s house. The two houses accommodate between 10 and 12 clients, while the apartment building lodges between nine and 12 women. At the first house, women share double or triple-occupancy rooms. The advanced house has doubles and a few singles. A double includes twin beds, a nightstand, lamp, a dresser and hanging artwork. There are 10 furnished apartments in the sober complex including two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio units. All units have kitchens. The studios are reserved for clients who have more clean and sober time than the other women.

Clients are asked to bring personal hygiene items, a towel, a washcloth and two suitcases of clothing, a pillow and bed linens. Prescribed medication, excluding narcotics, is permissible. In the newcomer and advanced houses, each client pitches in $30 a week towards the purchase of groceries. Some clients qualify for food stamps, which help towards food cost. The women take turns preparing a family-style dinner in a fully equipped kitchen. Clients dine together between 5:30 and 6:30 pm seven days a week. In the apartments, clients are responsible for their own groceries and meal preparation. Amenities include house computers, phone, laundry facilities and cable TV. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas. Each site has live-in staff.

Rules and Regulations

Potential clients undergo a phone interview and an in-person assessment, prior to admission. Clients are referred to outpatient treatment or counseling, if necessary. At Avenues 12, the average length of stay is about two and a half years. Six months are spent between the first two houses, and the remaining time is at the apartment complex.

The first 30 days are a black-out period. During this time, clients must acquire sponsors and home groups. Other requirements include getting a job within 14 days or participating in community service from 9 am to 3 pm Mondays through Fridays. During the probation period, the curfew is 10 pm Mondays through Thursdays, and 11 pm Fridays and Saturdays. No overnights off the premises are allowed.

Clients must attend 90 meetings in 90 days. After that, attendance at five weekly 12-step meetings is required. After probation, clients consult with the house manager to determine their residential status. Women who have completed the requirements move into the advanced house. After six months, those in good standing are allowed to move into the sober apartment complex.

At Avenues 12, random drug and alcohol tests are conducted. Those who relapse are immediately evicted from the premises. As of February 1, 2016, the 30-day costs for the newcomers’ house is $508, the advanced house is $540, and the apartments are $560.


A majority of Avenues 12 alumni often sponsor newcomer clients.

Founder Kay Hayes was accepted in the National Association of Professional Women. Additionally, Avenues 12 is a member of FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences).

In Summary

With Hayes at the helm, Avenues 12 Recovery House is a great place for newly clean and sober women to find their bearings, work their steps and become empowered in their lives. Staff is in tune with clients’ needs and committed to helping them improve the quality of their lives.

Avenues 12 Recovery House Location

Avenues 12 Recovery House
204 South St
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Avenues 12 Recovery House Cost

$508-$560 (30 days) Reach Avenues 12 Recovery House by phone at (386) 265-4955, (888) 958-5718 or by email at [email protected]. Find Avenues 12 Recovery House on Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. If you have intentions on going here, I suggest you jump in the recovery scene asap. You are going to need thick skin. It’s easy to have a good reputation when there are not other places to choose from. The Program Director runs the show while the Executive Director is never to be seen. Women less than six months, some hardly 30 days of sobriety are left to direct the houses. Prepare for scrutiny and the feeling of “less than” depending on the Program Director’s personal opinion of you. Do not plan to have a voice, or to add your own uniqueness because your “ego” will consistently be played against you. This does not mean you will not learn and grow, depending whether or not you work YOUR OWN program, but know Avenues is not the only way. They should me what I didn’t want, which in turn, led me to my own happiness. If you do decide to go to Avenues, keep in mind you are there for you! There are other women struggling just like you!

  2. I have a 35 year old daughter who has been in and out of drug and alcohol treatment facilities
    for over 15 years.
    She lost her home, children, husband, and her family. We had done everything we could to get her help. We gave up and waited for her to die. She just wasn’t ready.
    I was browsing the web and came across Avenues 12. I called and was greeted so kindly. My daughter said she would try it.
    It was not easy for her at first. They are no-nonsense about helping to save lives. The staff is fabulous. They worked with her every day and provided guidance and support.
    Today, she has her children back and is working full time. She is going to meetings and remaining clean. Thank you Avenues 12 for guiding her forward until she was ready to do it on her own!

  3. When I was young, all I wanted to do was become a nurse and help others. In my teen years, I was introduced to alcohol and found that I was easily accepted into the popular group. I thought it was no big deal. As a few years went by, my experimentation became a habit. I moved on to stronger more powerful highs. The “in crowd” was now gone and I had surpassed their tolerance levels. As the years went by my addiction grew stronger and I was a prisoner of my own addiction. At the age of 24, I was sleeping on whoever’s bed I could find, sometimes the street. I wanted to end everything. I was a broken soul and thought there was no way out. I met a woman who told me to call a place called Avenues 12. I spoke to Kay Hayes, she was understanding and talked to me for at least an hour. She told me her story and it was much like mine. She asked what I was willing to do to save my life and start a new one. She helped me find a bed in a detox and I reluctantly went. Kay said she would hold a bed for me in a safe and loving place after I completed detox. I was scared and had no idea what would happen to me. After detox, she kept her promise. I had no money and the only thing I owned was a pair of shoes and the clothes on my back.
    As soon as I got there everyone greeted me and said welcome home! From that day forth I started to believe that there were good people who really cared about me. They are tough but loving. They are a no-nonsense recovery house. They will do whatever it takes to help you move forward, one day at a time, as long as I do the work. The staff always took the time to listen and guide me. They got me clothes, fed me, started to show me that I was somebody again. My life got better every day. I got a job, began making close friends and had a new family. I can never say enough about these women and what they teach. I have the utmost respect for these women. I no longer live there, but I will always leave my heart with them. You are never alone! Forever grateful!

  4. I stayed in Avenues 12 for about 6 weeks and was kicked out after being given my phones privilege back and freedom to visit a friend in the Daytona area. Apparently someone claimed they saw me in bar, when I asked whom said these claims, and what sufient evidence they had, no one including,Kay the owner, would answer my questions. The management staff did however, kick me out without any notice and nowhere arranged to go with less than 30 minutes to get my belongings, and also after conviently collecting my weekly rent that same morning.It was very clear they had made there decision prior to this date and was waiting for me to pay them! Not only was this a complete lie, very proud I still have my sobriety date still this day, but the owner (Kay) went a step further and contacted a near by sober living house in effort to get me kicked out of there too. I wouldn’t recommend anyone serious about recovery to stay clear of this place,they are only after your money and spreading lies.

    • There are 2 sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Avenues 12 has been in business for 9 years with a stellar reputation.
      The accountability, responsibility, and actions of the women who enter our recovery residences are taken very seriously.
      We do not operate in a manner which would harm a woman. I hope you continue to work on your recovery program.

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