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Avalon Correctional Services


Avalon Correctional Services Review

Avalon Correctional Services operates work release facilities that offer inpatient treatment programs to assist inmates in transitioning from life in prison back to their communities. ACS currently has seven different facilities in Texas, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Treatment at ACS focuses on reintegrating men and women into their communities by providing mental health and substance abuse support through individual, group and family therapy sessions using CBT.

Aside from therapy, residents also receive employment services, general education and substance abuse education and are also made to attend regular 12-step meetings. Each client’s progress is closely monitored to ensure a smooth transition into society.

Accommodations and Food

ACS offers inpatient treatment at various institutional facilities. Among the co-ed facilities are Cheyenne Transitional Center with 126 beds, Austin Transitional Center with 421 beds, El Paso Multi-Use Facility with 324 beds and Carver Transitional Center with 556 beds. There is also a men’s-only Corpus Christi Center that accommodates 110 and an all-female facility called Turley Residential Center, with 289 beds.

The co-ed facilities accommodate both men and women in gender-segregated buildings. All facilities are dormitory style with anywhere from 12 to 20 residents sharing one large room. All beds are twin-sized and each hallway has large communal bathrooms shared by all residents. The buildings include laundry rooms and larger spaces for group meetings and educational classes.

Clients are served three meals a day in a cafeteria setting. The food is prepared by a group of on-site chefs and typically consists of comfort food options like pasta, pizza, fried chicken, soups and salads. Lunch and breakfast are usually served cold and include options like cereal or oatmeal and ham and cheese sandwiches. Chefs do their best to accommodate dietary restrictions or requests. Residents scheduled to leave the facility for employment are provided with sack lunches to-go.

Treatment and Staff

Upon entering one of Avalon’s work release facilities, clients go through an initial assessment. Based on the results, case managers and clinicians are able to recommend different groups pertinent to each resident’s needs. Throughout treatment, all clients focus on refining their social and living skills while under supervision.

Programs at the Avalon facilities usually last a minimum of 30 days, with treatment consisting of at least 30 hours of group therapy a week. Sessions cover topics like anger management, relapse prevention, vocational goals, strategies for self-improvement, HIV education, substance abuse education, social skills, family and parenting, money management, 12-step and meth recovery when necessary. At times, clients can be escorted to off-site NA/AA meetings. Residents also engage in individual sessions that mainly provide employment-readiness services.

During this time, case managers work with clients to help them find and keep steady employment. Family therapy sessions are also available upon request and are scheduled accordingly. For those who become employed while in treatment, therapy sessions can be scheduled flexibly to accommodate work schedules.

Groups at the Avalon facilities are led by LADCs who use evidence-based modalities like CBT. 

In Summary

In all, Avalon Correctional Services provides a range of sizable work-release facilities with programs for eligible clients with a history of good behavior. These facilities offer additional support for a proper transition out of prison and into the community.

Avalon Correctional Services Location

13401 Railway Dr
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Avalon Correctional Services Cost

Varies by location. Reach Avalon Correctional Services by phone at (405) 752-8802.

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