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Founded in 1967, Austin Recovery Center offers both residential and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment for adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in the Austin, Texas area. The program utilizes both 12-step and evidence-based practices. While the residential program offers treatment for dual diagnosis, there is no detox.

Accommodations and Food

Residential treatment is set on a large ranch called the Hicks Family Ranch. Though the entire facility is co-ed, men and women are separated in two different buildings. There are 20 to 25 beds for women and 50 beds for men. Clients sleep in bunk beds, typically with two people to a large room. Bathrooms are in each room and shared by two clients. The grounds are large and well-manicured, so clients can walk around and get exercise if they like. Both the men’s and women’s facilities have common areas and living rooms where clients can work on assignments, relax and interact with one another. There are also group and recreational rooms for various activities.

Food is served in a cafeteria and prepared on-site by a kitchen staff. The food at Austin Recovery is primarily a Mediterranean-style diet, which is high in both healthy proteins like fish and chicken and in omega fatty acids; an assortment of vegetables is always served. Three to four meals are served each day, along with snacks. Sodas, candy and chips are not included in the diet. Accommodations in the menu can be arranged for those with dietary restrictions due to medical reasons, allergies or for those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Treatment and Staff

Both residential and outpatient clients start treatment with an assessment with a drug and alcohol counselor. From the assessment, an individualized treatment program is designed to meet each client’s needs and goals. Though both residential and IOP treatment are structured, therapists can use specific modalities when meeting with clients individually depending on their needs.

The program consists of individual and group therapy in both residential and IOP treatment. The 12-steps are emphasized in both programs, with on and an off-site meetings available throughout the week in residential. Those participating in the IOP are required to attend meetings throughout the week as part of their recovery.

Therapeutic treatment in groups and individual sessions consists of CBT, DBT, REBT, experiential therapy and relapse prevention. Clients with dual diagnosis in residential treatment meet with a licensed nurse practitioner who can prescribe medication when necessary. There is also therapeutic support for those with dual diagnosis.

The residential program typically lasts 90 days. The IOP program lasts six to eight weeks with three-hour sessions three times a week, in addition to one hour of individual counseling. IOP groups meet from 6-9 pm.

Staff members at Austin Recovery Center include LADCs, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and LCSWs. There are approximately eight clients to every staff member.

Clients in the outpatient program can pay on a sliding scale, and insurance is also accepted. Those in residential can either pay with insurance or pay the full rate in installments if necessary. There is no sliding scale for residential treatment.


Residential treatment at Austin Recovery Center includes music and art therapy, as well as groups for meditation and yoga. Clients are encouraged to engage in physical activity, which they can do in the on-site volleyball court, basketball court, nearby walking trails and a fitness room.

Family programming is available for the family members of clients in both group and individual counseling sessions, as well as counseling sessions with the client.

A tobacco cessation program is also available in the form of group and individual outpatient counseling.

In Summary

For those interested in a program that combines 12-step principles, evidence-based practices and experiential therapy, Austin Recovery Center could be a good fit. With both residential and IOP treatment programs, it’s a solid place to do a complete turnaround.

Austin Recovery Center Location

13207 Wright Rd
Buda, TX 78610

Austin Recovery Center Cost

$12,500 (30 days). Reach Austin Recovery Center by phone at (512) 697-8600 or by email at [email protected]. Find Austin Recovery Center on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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  1. As a parent of a patient I would not recommend Austin Recovery Center at all. In our case the counselor made several commitments to our son, my wife and myself that were not fulfilled. I think most recovery platforms would agree that honesty and trust would be a cornerstone to a successful path to recovery. It took Austin Recovery Center less than 2-days to destroy the trust by not fulfilling commitments to both the patient and the parents.

    Another issue we experienced was the financial impact. We were told if the patient voluntarily discharged the fee would be pro-rated based on the fee divided by 30 (days) to determine the daily rate. Any unused days would be returned to the payee card. Unfortunately we got several excuses that delayed this rebate before they finally told us they would not be rebating any of the fees. They did offer to have our son re-enter the program but that was not an option for any of us. The trust had already been broken.

    Austin Recovery Center’s choice to not rebate the unused funds delayed our ability to get our son into a different program. Our son did want help and after several months delay we were able to get him into another program that absolutely did what they advertised and he completed the program.

    No Thanks to Austin Recovery Center. Be careful here. We were told anything the counselor had to say to get us to sign the paper and pay the money. There are a lot more details to this unfortunate event that I will save for another platform.

    • Ms. Laura Sovine is the new Director at Austin Recovery and she contacted me to understand what drove my review. My review was based on events that occurred in 2013, under prior group management out of Houston. This was before Ms. Sovine was hired to lead Austin Recovery.

      Even though this occurred prior to her leadership of Austin Recovery, Ms. Sovine invested a lot of time talking with us to get the details. Then she completed an internal review of the treatment and accounting records related to our case. The bottom line is after her review she was able to resolve our issue and in a very short amount of time. Our recent contacts with Austin Recovery now are polar opposite to what we experienced under different management in 2013. We have found Ms. Sovine to be very caring, compassionate, and committed to quality of care. I was pleasantly surprised with how open and transparent she was regarding the details of our particular case. Her first concern was the well being of our son. It felt like she was driven to do one thing… and that was to do the right thing. I can only assume that the staff is or has transitioned to the current leadership philosophy. This is a recipe for success and a win for those that find themselves in need of the service Austin Recovery provides this community.

    • What other recovery center did you put your son in ? I live in Houston and my son is a meth addict and I’m trying to find a place to put him in as he has no money or insurance to pay.

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