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Austin Oaks Hospital


The Basics

Austin Oaks Hospital is a behavioral health hospital located in the heart of Austin, Texas. It offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar and a variety of other mental health issues. Austin Oaks offers a continuum of psychiatric services for children and adolescents, ages four to 17, and for adults, age 18 and older.

Accommodations and Food

The 5,100 square-foot Austin Oaks Hospital is set on a beautiful 13-acre oak-lined campus. The inpatient facility has 80 beds and treats both substance abuse and psychiatric residents. Clients are separated into age-specific wings and have same-sex roommates in spacious rooms with twin beds, personal desk areas and en suite bathrooms. There are lounges where residents can watch TV, read and play games during down time.

Clients eat in the cafeteria, which looks like a café. Healthy meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen on-site and the weekly menu is designed by a nutritionist. Food allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Austin Oaks Hospital does not have a detox unit, but clients in need of medical stabilization are referred to an outside clinic, then provided with transportation back to the hospital. Clients coming from detox usually remain in inpatient treatment for two to four weeks, but treatment is totally individualized. Residents attend group therapy several times each day and have individual therapy as needed. Clients receive comprehensive dual diagnosis support and, when needed, meet with a psychiatrist for medication management.

Therapy at Austin Oaks Hospital uses CBT, DBT and the 12-step framework, as well as holistic methods. The treatment team encourages participation in 12-step meetings and brings local H&I meetings to the unit several times each week.

Services for children and adolescents at Austin Oaks Hospital are specifically designed to meet the mental health care needs of younger clients. Treatment consists primarily of group, family and individual therapies. Family therapy is an integral part of treatment. In The Children’s Psychiatric Program, treatment focuses on helping the patient identify emotions and correct maladaptive behaviors. The Adolescent Co-Occurring Program utilizes peer support to bring about change. Group topics for this age group include positive self-image, appropriate socialization skills and healthy communication.

The treatment team includes consulting physicians, psychiatric nurses, Master’s-level therapists and case managers.


Holistic therapies include fitness and nutrition counseling, yoga, art and massage therapy.

In Summary

Austin Oaks Hospital is an excellent choice for those who need structured treatment with extensive dual diagnosis support. Its large, comfortable facility and variety of holistic options set it apart as a top option for those seeking help psychiatric conditions and substance abuse.

Austin Oaks Hospital Location

1407 W Stassney Ln
Austin, TX 78745

Austin Oaks Hospital Cost

$30,000 (30 days). Reach Austin Oaks Hospital by phone at (512) 440-4800 or by email. Find Austin Oaks Hospital on Facebook

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  1. The above review was written by someone who clearly never entered facility. The adolescent unit is on par w state run psych unit. No individual nor family counseling. NO HOLISTIC treatment involved. They refused to communicate with outside staff, schools, or therapists. Zero discharge plan. The mhw techs were helpful but poor professionalism. Will inform other therapists to avoid this place

  2. Austin Oaks is corrupt, that’s for sure. Maximizing revenue seems to be their transparent objective, with very little interest in providing the mental healthcare for their patients. Keeping bodies in beds, or even fraudulently over-charging insurance companies for time in their care that isn’t documented, seems to be their game. This institution takes advantage of the mentally ill, emotionally unstable, or otherwise disadvantaged people who are brought to them by the law enforcement officials who are our society’s main emergency response source for mental health crises. If you have a choice, don’t entrust them with your loved ones, and don’t give them a dime.

  3. This looks like it was a paid advertisement masquerading as a review. The staff is nice, and they did help a loved one, but the administration is borderline corrupt, as far as I’m concerned. The process seems to be designed to keep ‘bodies in beds’ for as long as possible. I would never send a loved one there, if I have any other choice. Keep in mind that this is a business, and they will do what they can to maximize their revenue.

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