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Austen Riggs Center Review

Located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Austen Riggs Center is an open and voluntary hospital-based continuum of care for adults with complex psychiatric problems. Recently rated one of the best psychiatric hospitals by U.S. News and World Report, Austen Riggs believes in treating the individual over the diagnosis, and offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes residential, outpatient services and aftercare. Founded in 1919, the facility’s mainstay approach is based on the client’s regular and voluntary participation of psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions.

Accommodations and Food

Residents stay in “the Inn,” the primary residence situated on the hospital’s main campus. The home resembles an old New England inn offers around-the-clock supervision, and with only 40 clients at a time the environment is both communal and private. There are three floors with private and semi-private rooms as well as common areas. Private bedrooms typically have private bathrooms and semi-private rooms with shared bathrooms. The Inn is equipped with plenty of amenities like a meditation area, a library and a state-of-the-art gym.

The Inn is equipped with a dining room where residents enjoy buffet-style meals. Clients with specific preferences and restrictions can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Upon intake, clients undergo an intensive assessment that helps the staff determine the most effective treatment plan. From there, clients begin a six-week treatment phase that includes individual psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions four times a week with a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist in order to uncover and treat the root issues. The facility offers family therapy, encourages clients to get involved with local support groups, as well as holistic methods like meditation and yoga.

The Austen Riggs Center team is comprised of therapists, psychopharmacologists, substance use counselors, social workers, a nutritionist, physical trainer and a nursing team. For clients in need of dual diagnosis support, medication management is available.


Austen Riggs invites local artists to teach clients visual arts, ceramics, woodworking and the theatre.

In Summary

Above all, Austen Riggs Center is world-class psychiatric hospital. The program spans a curriculum of residential, outpatient and aftercare. Founded in 1919, the treatment methods is time tested. For clients seeking a proven program and a vast, experienced and professional clinical and therapeutic team, Austen Riggs is a great option.

Austen Riggs Center Location

25 Main St
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Austen Riggs Center Cost

Call for cost. Reach Austen Riggs Center by phone at (800) 517-4447 or by email at [email protected]. Find Austen Riggs Center on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. So….where to begin?…Anybody who was paying attention last summer and into the new year will know who this is,they can read it and weep,…too.I was hired by a sub-contractor to be a lunch and dinner cook at Riggs in September of 2014. Never late,never absent, always working, rarely if ever taking my breaks. Cleaning almost nuerotically,staying late, covering extra shifts, going the extra mile,…as it were.When Riggs decided to get rid of the sub-contractor, after burning through 10 or 15 “chefs” I pretty much covered everything and held the kitchen together (ask anyone). Chauncey Collins and Bertha Connelly and, I would imagine, Dr Gerber settled on David J, from Cranwell, to take over the kitchen.David brought with him, a staff of Mike M. ,Aubrey C.Tom M, and Nick D. I knew that there would be problems from the start when they all came to work in blue jeans and t-shirts because they were waiting for new uniforms.(99.999 % of professional foodservice workers have enough uniforms at home to last until they can get new uniforms at whatever new job they’re starting,I’m just saying) Then it was the tardiness…Aubrey C. was late every single day, and not three or four minutes, twenty and thirty minutes…..late… every day, Mike M…. the assistant “chef” was only a faw minutes better than that. The blatant, in your face laziness was next,…because they all knew David would do nothing about it. None of them could compete with my brunches, Tommy M was the only one that went out of his way to do extra. They would all show up, prettymuch whenever they wanted and just stand around gossiping and complaining that I had put so much food out. David J did nothing, …absolutley nothing to address these issues. I April, when he got back from his first vacation I approaced him about all of what I’ve mentioned, his response was to wait a few weeks and then write me up for ” not being a team player” Everybody ,….EVERYBODY KNEW IT WAS BS. I went about my businness,doing my brunches and my displays always cleaning, Aubrey baked some stuff, she’s pretty talented baker when she sets her mind to it.Mike waltzed around the kitchen at his normal 2 miles an hour… and nothing changed …nothing … me at 70 or 80 miles an hour, doing as much as I could for everyone…..everyone who was paying attention, nurses, patients, houekeeping,maintenance…everyone saw it happen. This gang of viscious parasite preditor passive aggressive bullies pretty much just used the spineless willfully clueless management team to run me out of a job and steal $9,500 from my retirement package…. So… I’m just saying, that was my experience with AR, that’s the type of people you’re dealing with.

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