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Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services


Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health ServicesAurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services Review

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services offers crisis stabilization to those suffering from co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues. Located in Aiken, South Carolina, the facility is a part of the Aiken Regional Medical Centers campus. Since 1991, this facility has offered short-term, acute inpatient care, detox and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for adults, as well as short term inpatient care and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) for adolescents. Treatment is rooted in evidence-based modalities and the 12 steps. The program also stresses individualized treatment and dual diagnosis support to ensure each client receives the care they need.

Accommodations and Food

The 62-bed short-term inpatient and detox facility houses both adults and adolescents, with double-occupancy bedrooms shared between two clients. The facility offers common areas, a dining hall, classrooms, therapy rooms and offices. Three meals a day are provided on-site and special dietary requests can usually be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Aurora Mental Health Center offers a variety of treatment options for adults suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. Prior to entering any of the programs, clients meet with an intake counselor to create a treatment plan that suits their needs.

The short-term inpatient program usually lasts for three to 10 days. Clients must qualify to enter into this program and are only admitted if they are in need of crisis stabilization. During this time, they participate in group and individual therapy. There is also a psychiatrist present for those who need medication. Inpatient detox is also available, with clients given round-the-clock medical care. This process usually lasts for three to five days and can also include medication when needed.

IOP for adults offers treatment three times a week for three hours at a time. Typically, this program lasts between two and three weeks. The schedule allows clients to continue with therapy and monitored support while returning home to their everyday lives. Evidence based therapies such as CBT and DBT are frequently used, with topics such as relapse prevention, coping skills, healthy relationships, the 12 steps, self-esteem and anger management frequently discussed. Support for mental health issues is also offered through therapy and medication management. When it comes to the 12 steps, clients are encouraged to attend AA/NA meetings during their free time. There is also an on-site meeting held once a week, though attendance is not mandatory.

The adolescent PHP meets five times a week for five hours at a time, with similar treatment methodologies and topics covered as in the adult IOP. Clients typically spend 10 days in this program, although additional time may be needed in some cases.

The staff includes Master’s-level therapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, Master’s-level clinicians, psychiatrists and mental health clinicians. IOP and PHP groups typically host about 10 clients at a time.

In Summary

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services offers a wide variety of treatment options for adults suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring issues. Programs are available for a range of ages and topics, combining 12-step support and evidence based care. Though the accommodations may prove too clinical for some, the qualified staff and varied treatment options make it worthwhile.

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services Location

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services
302 University Pkwy
Aiken, SC 29801

Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services Cost

$2,500 per day (inpatient); $2,040 per day (detox); $850 per day (PHP); $540 per day (IOP) . Reach Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services by phone at (800) 322-8322. Find Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Health Services on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. My goodness!!! Is this seriously how it is there? I was told my son was here this morning from Columbia to here in Aiken. He does have a substance abuse issue and likes alcohol and I am wondering if he got a ride out towards Aiken and relapsed and someone found him and sent him here???? Dunno.
    I am waiting to hear back from his counselors here in Columbia to find out what is going on.
    This place sounds like hell and who would want their loved one staying there. It defeats the purpose as to why you get picked up to be placed in a setting like this. So sorry to hear about your experience.

  2. This place is like a dungeon its so dark they dont let you go outside and they wont let you wear shoes so your walking around on concrete floors all day and it hurt my back so bad that im still having problems with it…there are no classrooms or therapy rooms there is no one on one counseling you just see the doc everyday for about 5 minutes they give you more meds and sedate the shit out of you there is no physical activity…and most of the staff are rude ans could care less about your needs you have these groups like 6 times a day that you literally talk about the same thing every single group and the rest of the time you sit around coloring like kindergartners or laying around on very hard plastic chairs watching tv whatever they let you watch that is….i was in there for 7 days and it felt like a year when i left there i was pale and the sun was so bright to me it was the first time i had been outdoors for a week straight i was having nicotine and alcohol withdrawals and all they did was keep doping me up with meds and “track your progress” which is literally where they check on you every 15 minutes and write down what your doing this place did not help me at all if anything it made it worst i felt tramatized when i left there loud noises scared me i couldnt stand to be touched i jumped everytime my husand touched me i couldnt stand the dark and i kept having panic attacks it took me a while to get back to myself its like i was in a trance from all those meds i was on…this place is a crock of shit!!

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