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Assurant Health Addiction Treatment

Assurant Health Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction cause strife for families and individuals every year. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, almost 23.5 million Americans abuse drugs or alcohol each year. Since substance abuse harms the body and mind, seeking appropriate treatment ensures that individuals focus on recovery goals and start taking steps to regain their health. Assurant Health addiction recovery programs help individuals reach their goals by focusing on every step of the recovery process.

Coverage from Assurant Health

Assurant Health addiction recovery begins with the coverage offered by the company. Substance use disorders, or addiction treatment, falls under the mental health section of the coverage. The treatment programs that the insurance policies usually cover include:

  • Out-patient addiction treatment facilities
  • In-patient, or residential, addiction treatment centers
  • Behavioral health treatment requirements

Since Assurant Health offers coverage for residential care and out-patient care, individuals have the tools to start working toward recovery goals. The amount of coverage and the exact co-pay associated with the treatment program depends on the policy and the treatment facility.

Seeking Treatment From In-Network Providers

Assurant Health addiction recovery from a facility within the network of providers will cost less when compared to an out-of-network program. Since policies have different details, the specific amount that you must pay for treatment will vary. For example, a policy might cover 50 percent of an in-network treatment program after paying the full deductible. An out-of-network treatment facility will usually cost more because the deductible for out-of-network services will increase and the co-payment will increase.

Out-patient services have a stated co-payment for each visit to a treatment facility. The exact co-payment and cost will depend on the specific policy and the treatment facility.

As a general rule, it is far less expensive to seek treatment from an in-network provider for Assurant Health addiction recovery services. The in-network providers have a lower deductible expense and a greater amount of coverage for any treatment requirements.

Seeking treatment for substance abuse recovery provides a chance to improve personal health and well-being. Assurant Health covers a portion of the expense associated with treatment for substance use disorders, so individuals can focus on their recovery goals. The exact cost of treatment will vary based on the facility and the duration of treatment, so individuals will need to evaluate their specific policy and ask about the costs at the facility before starting treatment.