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Arapahoe House – Aspen CenterArapahoe House – Aspen Center Review

The Aspen Center was founded in 1975 in Westminster, Colorado, a northwestern suburb of Denver. Operating under the umbrella of Colorado’s Arapahoe House network, Aspen Center offers perinatal residential treatment for pregnant and post-partum women struggling with substance abuse.

Accommodations and Food

Residents at the Aspen Center live in a 16-bed house in Westminster. The rooms have two twin beds and private adjoining bathrooms shared between the two roommates.

While living at the house, clients are regularly drug tested and breathalyzed. Aspen Center has strict guidelines for the alcohol content in clients’ toiletries and requires all pillows brought in to be fully sealed. Residents are allowed to have cell phones and laptops, however these items are primarily kept in the custody of the counselors and only allowed during certain times of the day. Clients are also assigned chores to help with the upkeep of the house.

The house does not have a fitness center but clients at Aspen Center regularly participate in other recreational activities such as yoga and shopping.

Aspen Center provides clients transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and any legal or court ordered meetings. The counselors and case managers also make sure clients are regularly tending to the necessary perinatal care prescribed by their doctor.

Aspen Center provides three meals a day for residents. For breakfast, Aspen Center provides a breakfast bar with cereal and pastries. For lunch and dinner, an outside chef prepares meals for clients. The chef is always able to accommodate dietary restrictions and needs.

Treatment and Staff

The admissions process at Aspen Center begins with a phone assessment with an intake coordinator at Arapahoe House. If the coordinator determines the client a good fit for Aspen Center, she then meets with a counselor for a more in-depth intake. Although Arapahoe House offers a detox program, if the client is pregnant and withdrawing from drugs and/or alcohol, Aspen Center usually refers her to an outside medical detox.

When a client enters the program, she is assigned to a case manager who will track her progress throughout the course of the program. The case manager also assists with setting the client up with the proper outside health care services to assist with her pregnancy.

Aspen Center’s program lasts from 60 days to up to one year after the birth of the baby. The program consists of group and individual therapy as well as making sure the client is on track with her health care regimen.

During the day, clients attend a variety of three types of group meetings based on how far along they are with their pregnancy, including meetings with only pregnant clients, clients that have given birth and clients that are getting ready to discharge and return to their communities.

Counselors in the group meetings use a variety of treatment techniques including CBT, relapse prevention and education on triggers. There are also parenting skills and insight groups. Individual counseling is scheduled based on the needs of the client.

Although some of Aspen Center’s treatment is inspired by the 12 steps, the program does not officially utilize 12-step programming or send clients to outside AA or NA meetings.

Although Aspen Center does not have a doctor on staff, the program is considered dual-diagnosis equipped and focuses a great deal on helping clients address triggers, co-occurring disorders and past trauma that may have led to substance abuse.

As far as clinical staff, the Aspen Center has three main therapists who are a mixture of CADCs and LADCs.


Although Aspen Center does not have a designated family program, it does refer family members of clients to outside Alanon groups.

Also, once the client gives birth she can potentially transfer to Arapahoe House’s New Directions program, which is designed for women with children under the age of 12.

In Summary

Arapahoe House’s Aspen Center provides a crucial service to pregnant and post-partum women who are seeking help with drug and alcohol addiction during a monumental point in both their physical and emotional lives. The high level of focus on health support while in treatment provides clients with a safe and sustainable environment throughout the course of their pregnancy and after the child is born. In addition, the low number of clients assures there is always a considerable amount of individualized treatment.

Arapahoe House – Aspen Center Location

4335 West 76th Ave
Westminster, CO 80260

Arapahoe House – Aspen Center Cost

Sliding scale (for Denver Metro Area residents); $18,000 (30 days, for residents outside of Denver Metro Area). Reach Arapahoe House – Aspen Center by phone at (303) 657-3700 or by email at

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