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Asher Levine, InterventionistThe Basics

Based in Tennessee, Asher Levine has been working a interventionist since 2005. He founded his own business, Clean Break Consulting, and provides ARISE model-driven interventions to clients throughout the southeastern region of the United States. Levine works not only with clients who have substance abuse issues but also with those who have eating disorders and some co-occurring disorders. Although Levine assists people of all backgrounds and ages, the majority of his clients are between 16 and 30 years old and residents of the southeastern part of the country. Levine also offers some sober companionship, based on the needs of the clients, including being a sober escort to and from treatment.

The Background

In 2005, Levine realized that being a parent himself helped him connect with young adults. He decided he wanted to use his ability to connect with others as a tool to help prevent addiction and loss in families around the country. In 2010, Levine participated in an ARISE Intervention and received training in the ARISE model. He has been working with clients using this model ever since.

The Approach

In interventions, Levine aims to help the family members and clients have an authentic, factual and uplifting dialogue about the client’s addiction. Levine has a set format for this conversation and workshops it with the family before the intervention. This process allows both the family and Levine to enter the intervention with a determined strategy as to how to both keep the conversation on course and end with the client agreeing to treatment. Levine usually dedicates an hour or two to the workshop and believes it can be done within the course of one conversation.

All of Levine’s interventions are done invitational style with the client and their close family members or significant others. Levine always aims for the intervention to lead to the client either entering treatment, whether it’s a detox, residential or outpatient program, or at least agreeing to abstain from the substance in question for a period of time. Even if the client decides not to enter into treatment, Levine will continue to check in with him or her.

Post-Intervention and Summary

When Levine takes on a client, he charts out a 90-day plan with both the client and their family. This plan includes the intervention, the client’s treatment path, their aftercare and their eventual transition back into work or school. Clients are also referred to local sober living residences when they enter aftercare. Throughout this period of time, Levine checks in and follows the clients and makes sure they are on track and moving through the plan like they initially agreed upon.

Levine also focuses a great deal on the needs of the family throughout the process. If he believes the family is in need of counseling, he refers them to intensive workshops or therapy. Levine also refers family members to Alanon, but only if he believes they would be a good fit for it.

If the client relapses, Levine checks in with the family to both check if the family wants to continue care and what would be the best way to re-approach treatment with the client. However, any additional treatment or support is based entirely on the wishes and desires of the family members.

Reach Asher Levine by phone at (615) 522-8315 or by email at [email protected]. Find Asher Levine on his website.

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