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Opening Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP) in 2008 was a personal endeavor for Arthur Harris. Two years after watching a friend flourish in residential treatment, Harris founded ASAP with the intention of providing men and women struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders the opportunity to thoroughly recover. Individual attention, Harris believes, is paramount in treatment and ASAP is organized with this in mind.

Accommodations and Food

Located in Altadena, just north of Pasadena in Los Angeles County, ASAP seeks to be the Goldilocks location: still close to the city, but far enough from the fray. As it is, ASAP is half an hour from downtown Los Angeles (on paper—in reality, much longer, as any LA commuter will tell you). The ASAP residence is a single story mid-century modern in the suburbs. No more than six clients share three bedrooms, sleeping on identical twin beds. There’s a pool table next to the kitchen; a comfortable living room with a fireplace; a backyard with tables and chairs, white lights strung up, a view of the mountains.

One of ASAP’s four techs is also the cook for residents, who eat together in the dining room. Specific diets are easily accommodated, due to the programs small size. The fridge is always stocked. This is sober family living. Whereas some treatment facilities ban all outside entertainment, ASAP allows clients to bring books, magazines, and Kindles to treatment. Social media access is really the only forbidden fruit, on the premise that frequent contact with “using” friends can be dangerous triggers for clients.

Treatment and Staff

ASAP offers the gamut: medical detox, a 90-day residential program, and outpatient treatment. Detox is tailored here—the process and the pricing—to each client, depending on his or her age and drug of choice (without insurance, detox falls in the $4,000 ballpark). In some cases, Subutex and Suboxone are used to assist in the comedown, and an independently affiliated physician oversees the entire process. Clients can take as long as they need in this phase.

Once detox is through, residents will be expected to participate fully in groups and individual therapy. Each client is assigned an individual Master’s-level therapist to meet with weekly. The staff-to-client ratio is three-to-one. The techs are two men and two women, but, like many treatment facilities, counselors and higher-level staff are overwhelmingly female (the intake coordinator and program director, as well as three of the four counselors). Counselors lead groups on a variety of subjects, from relapse prevention to education around addiction to the attainment of vocational and life skills. And this program is 12-step in orientation so clients are given access to meetings and encouraged to work the program. ASAP is by no means out to limit “fun in recovery,” but outdoor therapy and getting active is not a big part of their story. Clients are meant to settle into living at ASAP and get used to a different pace of life, while sorting through their issues and making decisions about how to best live a sober life going forward. It is only after clients have been in residence for some time that they are granted, on a case by case basis, the opportunity to go off-site with family and friends during Sunday visiting hours.

In Summary

Potential clients should check out the Founder’s message and “Commitment to Sobriety” sections of ASAP’s website—that, and their blog, which posts helpful articles for anyone living sober. Unquestionably, a lot of heart goes into maintaining high quality care at ASAP. In such a small environment, clients here form a family-like bond. Staff members really get to know the clients and become invested in their recoveries. ASAP doesn’t offer flashy facilities or cutting-edge therapies, but it does offer sincere and stable support, and a full range of care.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP) Location

1084 New York Dr
Altadena, CA 91001

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs Cost

$6,500 (30 days). Reach Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs by phone at (626) 798-2727 or by email at [email protected]. Find Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs at Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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