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Located in Prescott, Arizona, Arrowhead Lodge is a residential treatment program dedicated to men over the age of 30. Founded in 2008 by Kenneth Chance, author and the creator of the Arrowhead Lodge Model, the program is inspired by Chance’s personal experiences with substance abuse and a co-occurring disorder. It uses both evidence-based and holistic methods to treat alcohol, drug and sex and love addictions. The programs include psychoeducation, individualized care and an introduction to the 12 steps.

Accommodations and Food

The Arrowhead Lodge treatment facility is situated in the Rocky Mountain pines of Prescott National Forest. It can accommodate a maximum of eight clients at a time in double-occupancy rooms; furnished with full or twin beds, dressers, a small desk, lounge chair and some storage space. Rooms are spacious and comfortable and provide a quiet place to unwind at the end of the day.

The large lodge-style home features luxurious amenities, such as leather couches, a huge stone fireplace and a wrap-around deck. The media room has a huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall and a ping-pong table. Residents collaborate to cook meals that are designed by a nutritionist who specializes in healing through food. All meals are healthy and hearty; made from only the freshest ingredients.

Treatment and Staff

The individualized treatment programs offer group therapy, educational lectures and classes throughout the day. Individual sessions are scheduled as needed. Treatment begins with a stabilization period that lasts 45 days. If detox is needed, clients are referred to a nearby facility and provided with transportation back to Arrowhead. The stabilization period aims to address any physical and mental issues that may prevent clients from moving forward in treatment. The second phase is another 45-day period dedicated to action. The focus is on mental and emotional health issues including trauma, grief, loss, shame, guilt, professional boundaries and cross addictions, such as sex addiction. Clients are encouraged to talk about and resolve issues they may have never talked about before.

Treatment is client-centered; focusing on self-care, coping skills and relapse prevention techniques. Depending on the client’s specific needs, therapists use CBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and/or EMDR, as well as holistic methods like mindfulness and meditation. While the program isn’t exclusively based on the 12-step philosophy, there are AA and NA meetings each week that clients can attend off-site.

The staff of Arrowhead includes an MD, a psychiatrist and Master’s-level therapists.


As aftercare, or the third phase of treatment, Arrowhead Lodge recommends structured living for an additional three to six months and it runs an executive sober living home in Prescott as well. For clients who are unable to stay local, referrals are offered to select transitional care homes throughout the country.

Arrowhead Lodge also has an intensive family program for partners and children who are 16 years and older. This three-day retreat includes counseling and educational lectures.

In Summary

Arrowhead Lodge offers a perfect retreat for men who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. The serene location and highly-trained staff help residents feel comfortable and encourage them to open up and resolve long-buried issues. For adult men who are looking for a long-term program in a beautiful location without distractions of city life, Arrowhead Lodge is a great choice.

Arrowhead Lodge Location

5113 Arrowhead Dr
Prescott, AZ 86305

Arrowhead Lodge Cost

$25,000 (30 days). Reach Arrowhead Lodge by phone at (888) 654-2800 or by email. Find Arrowhead Lodge on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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  1. Arrowhead is a beautiful facility with a top-notch support staff. Bob Potter is a concerned and knowledgeable therapist.
    My concern is with Dr. Ashby, the resident M.D., and owner Ken Chance. Dr. Ashby performed a less-than-thorough physical examination that didn’t include blood work results and then Mr. Chance proceeded to inform my wife that I had a life threatening condition. After blood work and ultrasound results showed no life threatening condition, they ignored said results and continued to report I was deathly ill.
    When I returned home, my Primary Care Physician reviewed Ashby’s results and then conducted his own thorough examination and tests. Upon reviewing the results, which included no health concerns, he was aghast and couldn’t believe the incompetence that had occurred on my behalf.
    In conclusion, I would warn anyone dealing with Dr. Ashby and Mr. Chance to use caution and consider a second opinion.

  2. Kenneth Chance D.Div. on

    It’s unfortunate that this former client feels this way especially when he is complimentary of our staff and program. Working with insurance companies to gain authorization for treatment and then to get the insurance company to actually pay for the services continues to be a time consuming challenge for all treatment centers. We do our best to estimate the client’s portion of the bill beforehand; however, it is only an estimate and ultimately the client is responsible to pay all treatment fees regardless of insurance. In this case we returned the overpayment to him with all associated payment details. Had the third party not negotiated a better payment for the services, this client would not have received anything. Our business manager did return phone calls and emails during the process.

  3. I have been in recovery since 2013, had a relapse in 2015, and spent 45 days at Arrowhead lodge starting at the end of 2016. I am thankful for my experience, but also disappointed.
    The location of the lodge is absolutely amazing; out the front door are nice areas to walk, hike, or run. And the view of Thumb Butte at sunrise is breath taking.
    While I was there, they had 3-6 people (mid 30’s to early 60’s). Each one of the BHT’s contributed positively on a daily basis, and one even helped me do my 12 steps (i.e. sponsor-like). The two main counselors were good, and had very different educational approaches . Libby was probably the most helpful to me; she introduced many personal reflection tools/concepts that I haven’t seen in any 12 step program, almost all of which have guided me well past my Arrowhead days.
    With regards to the program itself, there didn’t really seem to be any accountability or progress benchmarks. Meaning; forward progress really amounted to each individuals effort. Example: I was complete step 11 in my 45 days, among other activities, while others didn’t finish step 4 in 90 days.
    Additionally, when I entered the program they claimed to support sex addiction and PTSD, as well as drug/alcohol addiction. I was not allowed to go to any local SA/SLA/SAA meetings, even though I had asked on several occasions. Not being able to go was mainly a policy issue; “patients travel as a group.” Even so, they said they would take me to SA if I extended my stay for another 45 days. What?
    With regards to their policies, I am not sure they are in the best interest of the patients. I entered the program completely intoxicated (no detox), known by counselor, and was introduced to the other patients in that state. During my last week, a new patient was brought to the lodge intoxicated, no detox, and so weak he could barely walk.
    The lodge is cleaned by the patients, with the deep clean happening before the Saturday day trip, so it was completely half-assed. I am not a super clean freak, but: dried skin build up on the floor molding in each room?
    Through all that, my biggest issues was with the owner Kenneth!
    Kenneth performed a psychological intake exam when I arrived. We then video conference with the psychiatrist but Kenneth guiding him, with regards to my symptoms (i.e. sounds like he may be bipolar). With very little direct communication with me, the psychiatrist prescribed some medication for me. The result; I ended up at the hospital (ER).
    Part of the Arrowhead program is to help find an aftercare program for exiting patience. Kenneth stated he had some good contact for me, but in the end when I asked about IOP options, I got the run around. So, my wife and I figured it out.
    Ultimately, the reason I decided not to stay was because about 25-30 days into the program, I started experiencing PVC’s for the first time in my life. After a week of trying to see the medical staff, I decided staying wasn’t in my best interest.
    Months after leaving I experienced most of Kenneth’s mistruths. The first was around my bill; an excel spreadsheet indicating a return of ~ $9K of my deposit. When I inquired about my deposit check, I was told Kenneth wasn’t available. About 1.5 months later I received a revised bill, and my deposit return decreased to ~5K. When I tried to contact him for simple clarification, he avoided my calls and didn’t answer my emails. I received my $5K return, with a nonsensical letter from him.
    Before entering Arrowhead, Kenneth stated that they would work with my insurance company, and also stated they were Blue Shield and Blue Cross preferred providers. He hired a company to negotiate with my primary insurance, without informing me of doing so, and then charged me for this, without providing any sort of proof (i.e. no paid invoice). When I asked for the proof of the fees, he again ignored my emails and phone calls. Since my secondary insurance was Blue Shield, I found out that they aren’t a preferred provider for code: H0025 (I believe), which is essentially the first 30 days. The remaining time of stay is code: H0018 (I believe) , so the good news is; if you have blue shield he has to write off a significant amount of the $995/day he charges during those days.
    I have other examples of my interactions with Kenneth, but my general assessment is he lacks integrity, which is ironic since he runs a recovery facility based on 12 steps. He had some really good staff when I was there, which seemed genuinely there to help. My general feelings from my experience; He acts as if he cares as long as you are a source of income, once that ends don’t expect anything from him – even if you are still patient at his facility.

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