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Dr. Arnold I. Blumenfeld


Dr. Arnold I. Blumenfeld Review

Arnold I. Blumenfeld is a Southern California based psychiatrist who serves the San Fernando Valley. He provides a variety of behavioral health support include addiction and recovery treatment, depression, anxiety, grief counseling and family services. Dr. Blumenfeld is a solution focused therapist and works with his clients to achieve their therapeutic goals.


Dr. Blumenfeld is a clinical psychologist running a private practice in Newhall, California. He has been in practice since 1981 and has had over 38 years of experience. He offers flexible treatment hours from 12:30 to 8:30 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and has Saturday hours available by appointment. He works with individuals, couples and families and has a backgrounds working with clients of all ages. He specializes in mental health disorders including Bipolar disorder and PTSD. He is also fully licensed and able to offer medication management services in conjunction with therapy.

His treatment is generally done on an individual basis except for couples and family counseling. His main goal with his clients is to help get to the root of the problem and work from there, and help them discover some new things about themselves they may not have been focusing on. His programming is goal oriented and client focused with a variety of therapeutic approaches employed during sessions. Additionally, he assists his clients in finding coping skills, manage their anger, and address their stress and anxiety in healthier ways.

Clients have an opportunity to identify past behaviors and work to change them to find a different outcome. This usually results in improved communication and listening skills, a boost in self confidence and better relationships with loved ones. Clients typically meet in Dr. Blumenfeld’s office once a week for about an hour, and each client has an individualIzed treatment plan. This can mean treatment in the short term or seeing Dr. Blumenfeld for an extended period of time. This all depends on the issues each client is there for in the first place.

Treatment at this office is talk therapy based using evidence-based approaches. Though programming at this facility is not based on the 12-step philosophy, Dr. Blumfeld does provide information and referrals to AA and NA meetings within the community as an added support system to therapy.


Dr. Blumenfeld has offered support and guidance for clients who are having employment and career issues.

In Summary

Dr. Blumenfeld brings his many years of experience and expertise working with clients of many different backgrounds and is able to offer solid treatment in a supportive and judgement free zone. Whether his clients are struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction, he has address these concerns with many other clients before and can provide an experienced helping hand.

Dr. Arnold I. Blumenfeld Location

Dr. Arnold I. Blumenfeld
23560 Lyons Ave, Ste 202
Newhall, CA 91321

Dr. Arnold I. Blumenfeld Cost

$200 (initial assessment); $175 (50-minute session). Insurance is accepted and in some cases reduced fees may be applied. Reach Dr. Arnold I. Blumenfeld by phone at (661) 259-2228 .

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