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Located on a 54-acre site in Putnam County, New York, Arms Acres is a tranquil setting for those looking to get sober in the countryside. It was founded in 1982 by Winifred Arms whose husband, a long time recovering alcoholic, was well-known for bringing other alcoholics into their home to recover. Shortly after his death, she decided to devote her life to helping those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

Accommodations and Food

The 165-bed hospital-like setting is split between men, women, adolescents and those in detox. During the 28-day inpatient stay, clients will find themselves in an institutional bedroom, equipped with two twin beds and a shared bathroom. On the plus side, the trip to group and individual therapy is just a short walk away from the rooms.

All meals are served cafeteria-style in the dining room. Typically, the meals are hearty and heavy, as many clients enter rehab with a low body weight. Dieters and healthy eaters will be happy to know that a salad bar is provided at every meal.

Treatment and Staff

Arms Acres offers 12-step-based gender-specific rehabilitation, recognizing that men and women have special issues and needs that contribute to their chemical dependency. Both the men’s and women’s programs include detox (if needed), individual counseling once a week, workforce programming, CBT, DBT, nutritional education, trauma therapy, relapse prevention, on-site AA and NA meetings, cultural awareness education, mental health groups and aftercare plans. Residents are not allowed off campus at any point and tobacco is banned but the common room TV is available during down time. Laptops and cell phones are not permitted.

Arms Acres also offers a multidisciplinary outpatient program for both men and women in three different locations. Clients have the option of choosing from a day, evening or weekend time slot. All programs include a chemical dependency assessment, individual counseling, family counseling, drug testing, relapse prevention and anger management.

Lastly, Arms Acres also has an adolescent program for those between the ages of 11 and 17. Both inpatient and outpatient programs are offered, focusing on both CBT therapy and motivational enhancement groups in order to engage, educate and efficiently treat adolescent substance abuse. Clients also receive individual counseling once a week, case management, psychiatric evaluations, family support, family counseling and nutrition assistance.

The staff-to-client ratio at Arms Acres is one-to-10, with a mix of professionally licensed staff in the field of psychiatry, nursing, social work and addiction counseling.


All supplemental treatments and experiential therapy (and there are quite a few of them) including acupuncture, swimming, yoga, equine therapy and art therapy are included in the cost.

In Summary

For those searching for a strict, no frills same-sex 28-day treatment program, Arms Acres may be the place.

Arms Acres Location

75 Seminary Hill Rd
Carmel, NY 10512

Arms Acres Cost

Arms Acres Cost: $11,648 (28 days). Reach Arms Acres by phone at (877) 435-7790. Find Arms Acres on Facebook

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  1. PLEASE DON”T TAKE YOUR FAMILY THERE!!!! LIBERTY BEHAVIORAL MANAGEMENT KILLED MY 15 YEAR OLD SON!!!! He committed suicide because they did not do their jobs. He was in their care at the time and they did not watch or treat him. And he was a POT smoker died of an opiate OD

  2. As a Director of Nursing with a BS in sociology I know a thing or 2 about what Liberty behavioral Management did and did not do to help my son. He was there for all the right reasons. The stop smoking Marijuana and handle his depression. Instead he committed suicide in their bed because they failed to prevent Fentanyl from entering their facility and had no Narcan to treat the OD from an opiate naïve boy. They never addressed his depression and still 6.5 years later fail to face me his mother. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!!!!!!!

  3. We had an awful experience at this place. It is run down and not very clean. More importantly, the care was incredibly sub standard. The first night my son was there he had his wallet and his shoes stolen. He is 18, but was in with adults! Equine therapy?! What a laugh. Hauling a pony in on a trailer once a week is not Equine therapy. True Equine therapy means horses on site that patients help care for and interact with. I had to give a check for a few thousand on admission to cover what our crappy insurance would not cover. The family program is the only way you can visit your loved one. Overall, if we had any other choice, we would have taken it. This place should be shuttered

  4. I’m sad to hear these bad reviews. I got sober at Arms Acres 34 years ago (Class of October 1984). It was hard work but because of the effort I put into my recovery and following a good plan – I’m making it.

    No matter what the situation is there – hold on tight and you can do it.

  5. Terrible negligent staff who hide behind their own addiction who create a disillusion of rehabilitation whereby they in fact should be the clients and not care takers. Passion for police, not people, with the quick dialing 911 calls to Putnam County authorities rather than legals (if mandated) or other care coordinators by inexperienced case managers and counselors! This will ultimately be the demise of this high horse facility, lawsuit being filed!

  6. Facility itself run down. Rehab section totally understaff and had a horrible experience as far as treatment. Was released two weeks before end of treatment due to insurance coverage but was never given notice. Literally had to leave the same day my Case Worker gave me the news who had led me to believe she would fight the insurance issue. Since I had no advanced notice of my discharge to make pick-up arrangements, had to pay $60 to have a taxi pick me up and drop me home. It was very painful and as a recovering addict felt totally let down and thrown out of the facility. Staff allowed way too much profanity and didn’t do enough to stop arguments, fights, outbursts of anger from patients. Wouldn’t recommend it if you’re serious about starting a new life without the demons of addiction.

  7. Margaret Bruno on

    This p;ace saved my life. I have been sober ever since I was released from here – for 29 years. I listened to what they said, I took all their suggestions and did all the assignments the case manager gave me – I didn’t disobey the rules and I didn’t follow anyone’s bad habits that I saw going on all around me. I decided I wanted to change right then. From the first phone call contact with Arm’s Aces to the present day when I go to the Alcathan – I have had nothing short f a miracle relationship with them. It works if you work it.

  8. While staying at this detox I had a pretty bad experience. I arrived at 1130 am , only to finally get admitted inside the wing to my bed at 530. I know this would be standard, if they had NOT TAKEN my information and my insurance information 3 days prior… which they did. The toxicology test I had taken was old or done incorrectly because it did not have the correct information and had to be done Twice only after my request because I had realized they were missing something. When I finally got inside I did not get medicated from opiate withdrawal until 10 pm. Quite frustrating when you arrive sick as a dog. So yeah that was night one. They allowed me to return for another dose At 1am which seemed a little silly, almost like they were catching up. Since I had not been medicated until 10/1/2 hours after arriving and I was in pretty bad shape, I took iT.The next day things went as planned with my medication, which is always the highest dose and not considered a taper until the following morning. The next day, things went per usual in the morning, however at night I was told “sorry, we ran out of medicine and it will not be in until 6pm. There were signs every insisting it were a hospital and to keep your voice down, but they ran out of medicine and said sorry? I waited til 8pm, where I was finally told that it would not come until 10pm. After being concerned, I voiced my opinion and recieved news this is a frequent situation. I was nervous and I wanted to leave. I have a nurse who looks after me At home so I am in proper care, but I wanted to find a new facility being that I was concerned about the lack of communication amongst staff and most of all there being no medicine to treat patients. I was told if I had left after signing the proper paperwork and the proper protocol that I would be met with an arrest. I was also told that security was unavailable and I could not receive my property. I was esssentially held hostage. I was allowed no phone calls and after listening in on a conversation by the head supervisor that evening I was told he would not make it easy for me to speak to anyone on the phone or return to my home until I had completed the program. I have never felt like such a prisoner in my life and I was in bad shape due to now receiving notice my medication would not be in until the next morning. I laid wake in my room all night until the next morning where I still had no medicine. I went about my day sweating it out until 630pm, where after my medicine was dosed INCORRECTLY and I had to have that fixed even AFTER THE MEDS FINALLY ARRIVED I now recieved my medication. I was schedule to leave the following morning. I honestly thought this was all a joke. I was allowed one last dose the next morning before I completed the program and went home, this was the only decrease I met in the dose of meds, which was the only taper I recieved. I left sicker than I arrived. If this were not icing on the cake, I noticed bite marks on my neck the next morning. After close inspection, myself and fellow bunk mates realized these were bed bugs. We Checked my bed and sure enough they were bed bugs. I had been given a going away gift from Arms Acres. They prompted me to wash my clothes as I was not leaving til 1045am and of course i wanted to get rid of this bed bug infestation before I went home. GOD FORBID I brought them home I’d go crazy. I have bites all over my neck now. Lastly, I was told the driver arrived early. I had no choice but to stop the dryer and put my wet, soggy, half dried clothes into my bag and leave now or miss my ride. Of course I did not want to stay one more second, so I did as told and packed my clothes and left right away. I will say the nursing staff and the counseling staff are superb. It was not their fault , they were just the messengers. However the gentleman who did not allow me to leave when I am under no mandation and I was not even medicated at that point was profound. The lack of medication is also alarming. Please Arms Acres, fix this before you seriously hurt somebody.

  9. Just completed a rehab at this facility. I HATED this place. Dirty, disgusting and dated. My roommate told me she was here 20 years ago, and the furniture was exactly the same. I don’t know how this place is still open.

  10. Arms Acres is run-down and absolutely filthy. While there is nothing illegal about how they keep house, I have to wonder if all of the governing agencies aren’t being compensated in some way to “look the other way”. OSHA would certainly have issue with the med rooms, and how unsafe it is there on the night shift, not to mention the fire Marshall. Why is it okay to have the windows screwed or nailed shut!? What if there’s a fire? How will the patients get out? I’m appalled frankly. These are patients. They need attention, care, compassion and help. It is grossly understaffed to the point where some of the rehab wings are not staffed at all at night. Seriously where is all the money going? Third shift pay is the lowest of all the shifts coming in at around 12.00 and change per hour. This is 2017!!! How is this okay? How do they expect to get qualified, caring staff at that kind of pay level?
    Stop lining your pockets Arms Acres and put some money back into the facility and it’s workers.
    A horrified employee who cares.

  11. I was in the adolescent unit at 17 , 19 now but It’s a great place to get clean. I recommend this facility strongly . also shoutout to Joe and Do or die bedstuy BK and shoutout 914 White plains juheard

  12. The fact that there are people in charge who have very little experience with management and certainly lack people skills is the main reason for their lack of professionalism and concern. Also, upper management turns a blind eye to everything unless it has to do with billing.

    I do not want anyone to be fooled by their presentation. At this point they are cramming beds all over the place only in the interests of money, nothing more.

    So please choose wisely when it comes to your recovery and the recovery of your friends and family. There are good people working there, however, they are terribly overworked, under paid, and under appreciated. So to anyone who’s had good experiences there it’s because you landed with the right workers.

  13. I feel as though people with negative comments were at Arms Acres for the wrong reasons and probably went to please someone else. If your looking for sobriety it doesn’t matter the place its all in your mind set. What are YOU bringing to the table in your recovery? Its not so much what the Nurse said to you that morning. To be real, life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, were being taught how to act and react to situations that are hard and put under pressure at times so we can deal with our emotions without the use of drugs. Everything has a purpose. Its up to us to decide

    • Dawn,
      After reading your short but powerful comment I felt much better. Reading all the negativity had me drowning in my co-depend mind. I was worried, sad and disappointed. God forbid my grandson be uncomfortable while attending yet another Rehab.
      Your mindset is right on point. The reason you are there will determines what you will get out of it. If you are doing it for someone else or just to stay out of jail, you will loose on both accounts. I pray you are still clean and that you get the opportunity to share your wisdom with those that need to get serious about their life before they loose that too. God Bless…

      • Linda Cambria on

        Lynn, I understand people entering recovery have to be there for the right reasons, and nothing good comes easy and without hard work; however, I am extremely disturbed regarding comments about bedbugs, unsanitary conditions and medication mismanagement. Is there anyone that can counter these accusations? I am trying to find a site that can offer an honest appraisal of this facility as I was planning on sending my daughter there. The comments I have read, quite frankly are very frightening.
        I’m responding to you as your reply is recent. Has your grandson been there yet? Any input you can give me? It would be much appreciated, my heart goes out to you, my daughter has had a substance abuse issue for many years and is finally reaching out for help. I don’t want to send her into hell…

  14. Under paid over worked staff. Grossly understaffed. Facility run down and dirty. Patients treated like garbage. Psychiatric patients obviously dillidional and hallucinating go untreated. Nursing staff apathetic and disinterested as well as being inept and too busy in-fighting to concern themselves with patient care. Nurses station virtually never cleaned. HIPPA laws constantly broken. I cannot imagine why OASIS is unaware of this disaster. NYS DOH should be notified as well. Detox patients sleeping on plastic mattresses without sheets. Any and all requests by patients to staff is met with eye rolling and nastiness. Lounges are disgusting. Food left on floor and tables for days.

  15. My partner is currently there for their 28 days program. They seem nice toward him. They are aware that my background training are in the field of Substances abuse counseling. I pray they are able to help him.

  16. Hello,

    i just completed detox at this facility and the staff was outstanding.
    The medical staff including the nurses and counselors were some of the most empathetic , caring professionals
    I have ever met…and NO I do not work here. The intake process ..a wait of SEVEN hours needs to be corrected.
    I did not go here for a vacation, I went to save my life !
    If you are considering Detox , have an open attitude to treatment ..please give this place a try at getting clean.
    I trusted this place with my life and they did not disappoint me!
    I was blessed to have met these people and will recommend this facility to everyone.

  17. Wow , Im going to Arms Acres in a few day. Dont like the reviews im seeing at all. I really want to be sober so going to give it a shot. Hope to have a pleasant productive stay.. Blessings to me while i recover

  18. extremely upset on

    I called on Christmas to leave a message for my fiance would think that they would at least take a message it’s Christmas. .the lady was extremely rude.. now I know why they get bad reviews about the people who work there.. like they mad they had to work… that’s the profession they chose to be in… I can’t stand rude and miserable people .

  19. Christopher Buchanan on

    My 17 Year old Daughter
    Cydney Buchanan Died there November 12, 2015.
    Rude Staff
    No one came to her funeral or sent condolences from Arms Achers
    Cannot find my Cydney’s necklace
    They Murdered My Daughter!!!!!

    • I am so sorry for your terrible loss. I am sure life will never be the same. That being said I believe it would be in your best interest and in the interest of future patients that you contact a lawyer, oasis, Jayco, and the New York State Department of Health Death of your daughter is a direct result of gross negligence. And while you cannot bring her back to maybe able to save someone else’s child. No medical doctor on staff at night, none of the staff is NOT CPR OR ACLS certified and there is no crash cart in the facility This is unacceptable

    • I’m so sorry for your loss and know that nothing can be said to to truly express. I can completely understand if you do not want to talk about it to a bunch of strangers on the Internet but I kind of want to ask what exactly happened there that caused her death (withdrawals, fatal reaction to a medication, something else?)

      I went there to detox on New Year’s week 2014-2015. Naturally the worst, most depressing New Year’s of my life added to by at best inattentive and at worst downright nasty staff. There were fights – actual physical fights- in the hallways, including one patient throwing a fire extinguisher at another. The way things were going, I thought I was going to die there, too. I was afraid to leave my room, and just scared and lonely all around, though luckily the roommates I had were nice. No one on staff ever did anything to try to comfort me or make me feel reassured but rather threatened and bullied me to get me out of the room to go to “groups” they ran once or twice a day, none of which were productive, and to the dining hall (I didn’t have any appetite and could not bring myself to eat). Not once was I or anyone else I saw asked how we were feeling. As I was being dropped off there I was in tears fighting it for all it was worth and begging my family to not make me stay and the intake people treated me as if I were being a naughty child (and I was 33 at the time!)and were very unprofessional. One would think a person working in that capacity would at least be trained to remain calm and at least try to calm a terrified person who is obviously already not in a good state of mind (otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place), but they just escalated it. It seemed like the more scared and uncomfortable a patient was, the more they were bullied.

      They were also inconsistent with what they allowed people to keep in their rooms and what they confiscated. For example, I had all my make-up and even my Chapstick taken away (there was absolutely nothing dangerous about it) while a roommate of mine was allowed to keep all hers. I know that’s a minor deal in comparison to the rest of it but it is still worth mentioning.

      Nothing positive in my experience except in maybe the fact that I came out of there somewhat “scared straight” and now two years later, as I still struggle with my alcohol addiction, one thing that keeps me fighting is that I never want to end up in a place like that again.

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