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Arizona Clean and Sober Living


Arizona Clean and Sober Living Review

Situated in and around Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona Clean and Sober Living (Arizona CSL) is a sober living facility with five substance and alcohol-free housing locations for male clients in recovery. A founding member of the Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA), Arizona CSL is an asset and advocate in the Phoenix community for high quality sober living programs. The facility offers a safe and comfortable atmosphere, a peer-supported guided recovery as well as education and job training opportunities. All five single family homes are situated near mass transit, shopping areas and 12-step support meetings. Arizona CSL primarily offers a 12-step based sober living environment with a focus on comfort, safety and education. Medication management is not a component of the programming.

Accommodations and Amenities

Arizona Clean and Sober Living offers clients a welcoming, structured and supportive environment that offers a lot in the way of amenities. Each location is situated in an upscale neighborhood, with houses in North Phoenix, West Phoenix, Northeast Phoenix, Northwest Phoenix and Scottsdale. The houses are single family homes in safe neighborhoods with private yards, patios, plenty of parking and common areas for socializing and relaxing.

The facility supplies an on-site laundry in each location as well as a telephone, cable, internet and in some locations a flat screen TV. While most bedrooms are double occupancy with twin-sized beds, some private rooms are available with queen-sized beds. If desired, clients are permitted to bring personal items, though necessities like bedding, kitchen goods and basic furnishings are provided. The Northwest and Northeast Phoenix houses both feature large backyards with a patio and pool.

Each house is centrally located and situated near employment opportunities and educational institutions. The Northwest facility, for example, is close to the MetroCenter Mall, where many clients find jobs, and a short walk to U Can 2 and Crossroads West, where 12-step meetings are offered all day. In addition, the North Phoenix house is only four miles away from Glendale Community College.

Rules and Regulations

Arizona Clean and Sober Living provides an alcohol and substance free environment, and offers peer support guided recovery. The facility recognizes the integral role of peer support to the success of a sustainable recovery. To this end, clients are encouraged to support and communicate with each other. While the duration of stay varies depending on the needs of the client, the facility requires a 90-day minimum commitment and many individuals stay far longer.

Throughout the duration of their stay, clients are required to either be working or in school. The Phoenix area provides an array of job training and educational opportunities that range from GED preparation, vocational school and community college courses. The Maricopa Community College system provides workforce training and recently opened a new facility near the Arizona CSL Northwest location. In addition to full-time employment or schooling, clients are expected to participate regularly in 12-step recovery meetings.

In Summary

Arizona Clean and Sober Living provides five alcohol and substance-free housing locations in the Phoenix, Arizona for male clients seeking a safe environment to begin recovery. The facility offers clients a safe and structured environment in a comfortable home. Arizona CSL offers a peer-supported atmosphere with a focus on the 12-step recovery method. While a resident, individuals must either be working or in school, and also participate regularly in local 12-step support meetings. With five upscale locations all centrally located near employment opportunities, community college and vocational school campuses, Arizona Clean and Sober Living is a great option for clients seeking a safe and structured place to begin their recovery.

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Call for cost. Reach Arizona Clean and Sober Living by phone at (602) 435-6212 or (602) 540-0258 or by email.

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