Are You Struggling with Weight Loss?
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Are You Struggling with Weight Loss?


Weight loss is big business—so big it’s a $40 billion dollars a year industry! But it’s the conflicted messages that advertisers try to lure us with that leave us feeling like we’ve failed somehow. However, as many of us know, the reality is far from these false images and living with food addiction in America is challenging. Struggling with weight loss is a complex issue that requires us to learn new skills; these can be learnt from spending time in a rehab center for any food addiction treatment so we can achieve the desired effect through education and counseling. To help you on the road to recovery, here’s some advice to use along the way.

Don’t just rely on the diet.

If you’ve lost count of how many diets you’ve tried then maybe it’s because dieting on its own doesn’t always work for long-term weight loss. When we adhere to an overly restrictive diet, it can slow down our metabolism and therefore more calories are needed to help us lose the weight. It also manifests other unpleasant side effects such as anxiety, depression, binge eating and being obsessive about eating food. The way to combat this is no matter what diet you try, you also need to combine it with exercise and, in some cases, counseling or cognitive therapy for support and to find the triggers of an overeating habit.

Remember everyone is different.

Despite claims from advertisers, there’s no magic pill for everyone to lose weight and this is down to the different factors we all have in our lives and the reasons for our indulgence in food. If it was easy, everyone would do it! Maintaining weight loss is different for everyone, it’s just a question of finding out which strategy works best. When we’re over 30, we gradually start losing muscle and are unable to burn off fat as quickly as we used to in our younger years. A tailor made program combining nutrition with gym exercise helps your body work more efficiently through burning more calories and building your muscle back up in order to sustain weight loss.

Find ways to combat weight gain.

We know that studies have shown people can be prone to emotional eating. But overeating can also be down to environmental factors like poverty. The lack of time, access to exercise facilities or cultural practices can all contribute to being unfit and unhealthy. Find ways to make time in your day to ensure you have the time to prepare and eat healthier, and allow yourself opportunities to exercise, which slowly increases the confidence. If you wish, get a friend to join in too so you can encourage and support each other through the process.

If you don’t first succeed, do not give up! Keep trying to develop your new relationship with food and tell yourself how important it is to stay motivated towards a healthier way of living.

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