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Archway Recovery Center


Archway Recovery CenterArchway Recovery Center Review

From its offices in the city of Kerrville, Texas, not far from the Guadalupe River, Archway Recovery Center offers a 12-step based Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)  for men and women struggling with chemical dependency. As Archway Recover Center describes it, IOP is a “first step” for people who don’t need all the structure and supervision of residential care. That being said, many clients choose to pair residence at a sober living with outpatient care. With this in mind, Archway Recovery Center coordinates with many of the area’s sober livings.

Treatment and Staff

Archway Recovery Center does not offer medical detox; nor is there a specific dual diagnosis track, though there are groups that focus on co-occurring issues like anxiety and depression. While there are usually about 20 men and women enrolled in the IOP at any given time, group size is often much smaller than that, as clients have a choice of morning or evening group therapy. All clients attend group three times a week, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm or 5 pm to 9 pm.

For clients who have never completed a residential program, Archway Recovery Center often recommends what it calls a two-week primary group. Here, clients meet with their individual counselors more frequently than do clients in the regular group, who meet with their counselors once every one to two weeks. The purpose of this primary group is to ease less experienced clients into the recovery process. After this two-week period, clients graduate to the regular course of IOP treatment, which is eight weeks in duration.

Archway Recovery Center is a 12-step program to its core. Clients are required to get a 12-step sponsor and to attend meetings regularly. This shouldn’t be a problem, as there are over 120 meetings every week in Kerrville.

Group therapy meetings at Archway Recovery Center begin with someone reading from Just for Today, a book published by NA. After the reading, there is time for the group to process the reading and how it may apply to them personally. Counselors then introduce the day’s topic for group. There are two treatment umbrellas that group discussions fall under: interpersonal issues and life skills. Life skills groups are not focused on the mundane (paying bills, making a resume) so much as the bigger issues, like depression, stress, anger and anxiety. Group discussions about interpersonal issues focus on how to maintain and build healthy boundaries, as well as how to identify codependency and foster interdependence.

There are eight full-time staff members and a program director at Archway Recovery Center, which makes for a very favorable staff-to-client ratio of approximately one-to-two. Clinical staff members, who facilitate the group and individual sessions, are all LCDCs, licensed by the state of Texas.


Archway Recovery Center offers two experiential therapies: yoga and equine-assisted psychotherapy. Equine therapy is entirely voluntary and clients meet for yoga once a week. If clients don’t have any way of getting to treatment, staff members are available to provide transportation to and from home, or to and from one of the many sober living homes in Kerrville. Archway Recovery Center can coordinate with 22 sober livings within an eight-mile radius of its facility.

Archway Recovery Center uses MAP Health Management to provide added recovery support for its clients. MAP (Monitoring and Accountability Program) collects information about a client’s recovery routine (therapy attendance rate, meeting attendance rate, behavior patterns) and creates a graphic progress report every month for 12 months. Archway Recovery Center believes that MAP helps its clients stay on course.

With regard to aftercare, Archway Recovery Center offers an ongoing meeting once a week for graduates of the IOP, who are invited to participate for as long as they like.

In Summary

Archway Recovery Center doesn’t accept state funding, just private insurance and self-pay. With no insurance at all, the cost of the average 10 weeks of treatment is $4,500. This is not an unreasonable amount, considering that Archway Recovery Center offers a focused recovery program, extra monitoring and accountability, and a number of options for a sober living environment.

Archway Recovery Center Location

Archway Recovery Center
200 Earl Garrett St, Ste 210
Kerrville, TX 78028

Archway Recover Center Cost

$1,800 (30 Days). Reach Archway Recovery Center by phone at (830)-896-2724. Find Archway Recovery Center on Facebook

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