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Archstone Recovery Center


Archstone Recovery CenterArchstone Recovery Center Review

Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches is a no-nonsense, clinically structured program that aims to keep clients connected to the real world as they work their way through treatment. The 30-bed, co-ed program strives to keep things small and community-based, allowing clients to spend extensive time with their individual counselor in addition to time in groups with other clients. A big upside of this program is that most of the staff and counselors are in recovery themselves, creating a greater sense of trust between staff and client.

Accommodations and Food

The Archstone facility allows clients to feel at home while enjoying the amenities of Florida living. The residences mimic apartment housing as each unit holds two to four people and contains a fully stocked kitchen, flat screen TV, living room and bathroom. Clients are given an allowance of $60 per week for supervised trips to the grocery store. While some may be hoping for chef-cooked meals, Archstone believes clients should still be forced to deal with real-life chores and experiences. Both shopping and cooking builds confidence and community, as many clients prepare and eat meals together.

All groups and therapy sessions are just a few short steps from the residences in rooms furnished with leather couches and beach-themed decor. The grounds at Archstone also provide ample opportunity for clients to keep fit and have community fun, offering a pool, basketball court, gym and an outdoor grill.

Treatment and Staff

The program at Archstone is 12-step-based with a heavy focus on addiction but also includes support for co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety. On-site medically supervised detox is available for those who need stabilization and 24-hour medical monitoring. This process usually lasts from three to seven days at a cost of $3,000.

Residents have the advantage of working with staff members who have experienced addiction and recovery firsthand. Three out of the four certified addiction therapists are in recovery themselves. In addition to the core therapists, a highly trained team of 24-hour nurses, technicians, doctors and a psychiatrist are also part of the staff at Archstone.

Treatment at Archstone is structured on an individualized basis, so time in the program can vary greatly from case to case. However, 30 to 90 days is typically the suggested amount of time a client will need to effectively heal. All residents are assigned an individual certified addiction counselor, who meets with them twice a week for two-hour sessions. In addition to individual therapy, clients meet for a variety of group therapies, with topics ranging from life skills, AA, relapse prevention and meditation. Archstone also recognizes the correlation between addiction and trauma. Both EMDR and a grief therapy group are offered on a weekly basis for those who need to process past traumatic events.

AA meetings are an essential part of treatment at Archstone. Clients attend four off-site and three on-site meetings per week. The off-site meetings give clients a chance to meet other addicts and alcoholics with substantial sobriety time under their belts. While residents are not required to get sponsors while in treatment, the option is always available to those who want one.

Extended sober living care is available for those who want to step down from the intensity of the residential program. Here, supervised living accommodations and structure are provided for those who still need support and guidance. This transitional period allows clients to have the chance to gain employment, while maintaining a schedule of daily AA meetings.

Clients are restricted from using private laptops and cell phones while in treatment. If calls need to be made, a house phone is available to use every other night. Smokers and caffeine lovers will be happy to know that cigarettes, coffee and soda are all welcome at Archstone.


While Archstone does not offer holistic or spa-like services such as yoga and massage, clients are still able to relax and enjoy themselves during treatment. Two outings per weekend are arranged so they can get off the grounds and have some fun. Activities range from the movies to bowling to same-sex trips to the beach. All outings are included in the monthly cost.

In Summary

For those who are looking to submerge themselves in the 12 steps, therapy and a community of other addicts, Archstone presents a strong program. With counselors who have struggled with addiction themselves and a decent price point, this Florida rehab sure does seem like a good option.

Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches Location

501 W Perry St
Lantana, FL 33462

Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches Cost

Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches Cost: $12,000 (30 days). Reach Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches by phone at (888) 745-9788. Find Archstone Recovery Center of the Palm Beaches on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. sorry to the stff that cares but I;ve been 4 times and ;/t;s gotten way worse…. unless somthing changed since mid june 2018 when I left!!! thenn there is no more detox. only 4nclients and no food of any kindn offered!!! no rembursment to buy food and the buildings in thye pictures Aren’t where you actually stay,,, there are also no nurses or doctor or gym…. activities are few and far between. groups uninformative……most people that give groupos aren;t even qualified. you need to look at it as a break from using for a while … you need to find a sponsor while your at an ouyside meeting andn hope its a good one because your on yourn own if your serious about really getting help. its laid back though becase you get your cell phone andn can leave property on your own every day witch saed aolt of people relaping… I was one if them and I regretted it the whle time I was there! after 90 days they still said I leftb “against medical avice. I would have stayed but they got rid of all the halfway houses wich I think between that and no more dtox I think they pretty much driving the facility out of bussiness. I’t a shame becase it used to be a legitamate rehab like two three years ago… If your serious about getting clean Id try a place called ‘Beachouse” or “ambrosia”… Good luck nut this plsce is going ndownn hill fast!!!!

  2. They are very good at “passing the Buck”!!!

    Each stafff member will just keep putting things on to another staff member untill you have to compleltely flip out to get an answer to what could have been a simple issue.
    You have to remember though guys like “bobbyD.” only make $10 /Hr. If they’re lucky, so you can’t expect much….
    The frustrating part is that no matter what Tim tells you , They are making top $$$$ for you to be there and they leave alot to be desired. One of the clients made up a lie that I went home an overdosed and H’es been sending it to everyone that he can think of. Thats why some people just Aren’t ready to have phones yet…

  3. The girl that seems to be on site the most is defintely good for making sure you can still get an erection. She has nice big fake Boobs that seem to be there to make Boners happen. They definitely do not supply money for you to food shop or any food/ paper towels or toiletries…. There is a doctor/fatclown tht comes in to collect a pay check a couple times a week but if you have serious health issues….. Please do yourself a favor and make them bring you to a hospital or a “Real Doctor” He certainly is not……… ! He incorrectly read my blood test and luckily my doctor double checked and found out that I had some very serious issues that this Fat-clown they call a doctor completely overlooked!!!

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