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The Arches Recovery Residences


sober livings marietta georgiaThe Basics

Based out of Marietta, Georgia, The Arches Recovery Residences is a sober living facility with extended lengths of stay for men and women. All programs are 12-step based and include some supplemental therapy as well as group activities.

Accommodations and Amenities

Clients stay in nearby two-bedroom, two-bath sober apartments. While the number of available units can vary, the organization has a hotline to check bed availability. Each unit comes fully furnished with shared common areas, in-unit laundry, kitchenettes and common areas with TV and cable. Throughout their stay, residents are responsible for cooking and preparing their own meals.

Rules and Regulations

In order to stay at Arches Recovery Residences, clients must be 18 years or older and willing to work a 12-step recovery program. Though all residents are required to commit to a six-month length of stay, longer residencies are available as well. Generally speaking, the rules at the facility are similar to comparable sober livings: clients must attend one meeting a day, submit to random drug tests, secure a sponsor within the first two weeks, be employed within a month and maintain a basic level of cleanliness. All residents must also be out of bed by 9 am and back in their apartments by 10 pm. Aside from the basic house rules, clients also attend two accountability group meetings every week.


The facility also offers an accelerated program that is essentially the same program as the above on a faster scale and with increased family involvement. An additional bonus, one of the owners at Arches Recovery Residents also co-owns a nearby Muay Thai Kickboxing school where clients can attend periodically for free. However, is this is not considered an official part of the program.

In Summary

Overall, The Arches Recovery Residences is a standard sober living facility that provides flexible lengths of stay and 12-step support. As an added bonus, residents can also take advantage of free classes at a nearby kickboxing facility. For those in the area willing to commit to a longer-term stay, Arches Recovery Residences may be worth considering.

The Arches Recovery Residences
171 Village Parkway N.E.
Marietta, GA 30067

The Arches Recovery Residences Cost: $1,000 (30 days); $250 (initial assessment). Reach Arches Recovery Residences by phone at (404) 991-3575. Find Arches Recovery Residences on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube

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  1. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONE HERE! Not only did the father of my child come back from here with another drug addiction but he also found a girlfriend. In my opinion there is absolutely no accountability. I would not recommend anybody send their loved one here. He was able to do things while attending this place that ultimately destroyed our family. I understand it was his fault predominantly but things went on at this place that was not conducive to a recovery atmosphere. The whole point of a halfway or what they refer to as a “3/4” facility is to provide accountability and a little bit of a safety net for recovering addicts before they enter into the real world. When I arrived to drop my fiancé off I knew this was not the place he needed to be and they assured me it’s where he would be safe. Him and the girl literally hooked up and used meth and heroin at the apartments that this recovery program runs out of and he had never cheated on me before. That’s not keeping a watchful eye on men in recovery. I’m sorry but this place to me is a complete sham. There are far better programs that you can send your loved ones to in Georgia if they are serious about their recovery.

  2. The Arches Recovery Residences provide a safe environment for you to work on yourself and your recovery. When I had given up on myself and didn’t believe in myself, The Arches believed in me. Thank you to The Arches Recovery Residences, I now have an opportunity to live my best life.

  3. This place is horrible, do not put ur addict loved one at this facility, its a waste of ur time and money, the owner/operations owner of this establishment is in it just for the money, does not do what the website says . People are not held accountable here at all. Drug screens and alcohol breath tests are not done on even a monthly basis let alone daily basis. Addicts are not checked up on for attendances at AA meetings, curfews are not kept, room and bed checks are definitely not checked up on at all , keeping and maintaining a clean apartment is also neglected and not forced. Seek another facility , please don’t get scammed here

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