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Ararimu Lodge


Ararimu Lodge Review

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Ararimu Lodge is a luxury residential treatment facility that specializes in the care of women struggling with alcohol use disorders. Founded by Jan Henderson, Ararimu Lodge is a safe haven for women seeking a supportive environment to begin their recovery. In addition to a peaceful atmosphere, it offers individual and group therapy rooted in evidence-based methods. There are also a range of holistic therapies available.

Accommodations and Food

Ararimu Lodge is situated in the rural countryside close to the major city of Auckland. The accommodations are top notch and the environment is peaceful, free of the rigorous daily demands of regular life. Ararimu offers plenty of amenities including an open floor plan, lots of natural light, common rooms, beautiful fireplaces, modern decor and private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. To avoid distraction and encourage socialization, smart phones and laptops are prohibited.

Ararimu believes that healthy eating is an integral component to sustainable recovery. The facility employs an on-site chef that prepares a range of delicious and nutritious meals. Clients with dietary restrictions or preferences can be accommodated.

 Treatment and Staff

Ararimu Lodge is the only treatment facility in New Zealand that offers residential care for women with alcohol use disorders. A residential treatment stay at Ararimu is three weeks long. If required, Ararimu can facilitate detox.

The facility seeks to provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages residents to set and pursue goals through reflection, meditation and the use of daily journals with the overall goal to reintegrate with a fuller life. Ararimu provides clients with individual therapy based in a range of evidence-based methods like CBT and DBT, as well as Motivational Interviewing (MI), which helps adjust habits by resolving ambivalence. They also use aspects of the 12-step recovery model in their treatment program.

The Ararimu Lodge team is comprised of addiction specialists, a registered nurse, a therapist, and a physician and a psychiatrist as required. 


Residents are encouraged to make physical exercise a part of their daily routine. To foster this, they can expect a private fitness area, massage therapy, regular yoga classes as well as a spa pool. Clients also enjoy complimentary skin care products.

In Summary

A credit to the community of Auckland, Ararimu Lodge is the only facility in New Zealand that provides residential care for adult female clients with alcohol use disorders. The facility offers a three week comprehensive program that integrates evidence-based and holistic therapeutic methods. Clients at Ararimu enjoy luxurious accommodations, a quiet environment, strong peer support and plenty of amenities. For women seeking a wonderful community and dedicated staff, Ararimu Lodge is an excellent resource.

Ararimu Lodge Location

Ararimu Road, Drury
Auckland, New Zealand

Ararimu Lodge Cost

$7,000.00 (New Zealand dollars) per week plus GST for a three week stay. Reach Ararimu Lodge by phone at 09 292 4044 or by email. Follow Ararimu Lodge on Facebook and Google +

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