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Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network opened in 1977 in the Denver suburb of Littleton. It was the first outpatient substance abuse program in the state to offer dual diagnosis support, treating clients’  underlying mental illnesses and substance abuse problems at the same time. Today, using evidence-based practices, Arapahoe provides individualized treatment options for men, women and adolescents struggling with drug and alcohol issues at three locations in Littleton.

Treatment and Staff

The individualized treatment plan is created after an initial assessment with an intake counselor and may include medication management, if necessary. Detox is not offered by Arapahoe, but they will provide a referral to a local facility.

This is a therapy-based program that technically does not include the 12 steps, although therapists may recommend attendance at AA/NA meetings for clients who need extra support. Since the treatment plans are individualized, there is no set number of group or individual therapy sessions required per week—it varies per client. Sometimes, after the intake assessment, therapists may decide the client would benefit more from participating exclusively in individual therapy, so their schedule does not include group sessions. Arapahoe offers adolescent and gender-specific groups as well as groups for pregnant women and women with children.

Therapy methods may include CBT, DBT and EMDR. The adolescent program consists of family therapy and education, drug and alcohol classes and exercises designed to enhance self-esteem and coping skills. Intensive interaction and participation with family members of the adolescents is very strongly encouraged in the belief that family support aids in long-term recovery.

The staff at Arapahoe consists of LCSWs, marriage and family therapists (MFT) and addictions treatment counselors. Ninety percent of therapists on staff are trained in evidence-based treatment practices.


Arapahoe offers creative and expressive therapy methods like art therapy. A family therapy technique known as Functional Family Therapy is available and highly encouraged for family members of adolescent clients. Additionally, Arapahoe provides criminal justice services for those who are court-ordered to seek treatment.

In Summary

Arapahoe is a well-rounded program that uses proven methods of therapy to support those seeking treatment. There are not many specific guidelines for each program, so the client follows a treatment plan designed especially for them. Those seeking affordable dual diagnosis support will find this program a good fit.

Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network Locations

10350 Dransfeldt Rd
Parker, CO 80134

5500 S Sycamore St
Littleton, CO 80120

5984 S Prince St, #101
Littleton, CO 80120

Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network Cost

Sliding scale, accepts referrals from insurance providers. Reach Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network by phone at (303) 730-8858. Find Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. Made mistake of giving a 2nd chance on

    This organization is broken!! They changed their name but the issues remain the same! I had a therapist call me names. Yes I did get angry but did not call names back. I was accused of verbally being abusive. Just had a suicide in my life but she didn’t care for that. The DBT group is run by a controlling condescending mean tongued woman. If I did anything “wrong” she told my therapist who then would “discipline” me!! I was even accused of sighing with a attitude when getting out of a chair. I’m disabled with a partially paralyzed leg!! This nit picking is not good for healing especially someone who was suicidal 3 months ago. There are a few good people there but if you complain or reach out to other groups for help you are considered a trouble maker and right you off! It is managed care at its worse!! They continue to have “therapists” who are abusive and do not know all the organization claims they know: CBT, DBT, etc. When they get insecure they deflect to make you the troubled one. Don’t go there!!

  2. I took my son who refused to attend a physical school and was very isolated at home. First, they advertised an adolescent observation program which was a complete ruse because it never existed. My son became quite threatening after one family session and I called the emergency number. They never called me back. Our therapist was young and inexperienced and later when I contacted him he refused to talk to me, leaving me a VM stating “my practice is full.” He also misdiagnosed my son.

    At a very critical time, they were completely ineffective and it was very disturbing each week to see the vast majority of kids being seen there arrive in orange prison suits. I guess they’re the only ones they can compel to come.

  3. Participated in therapy through middle school and high school. Failed to communicate effectively, did not advocate for my wellbeing or protect me from what eventually should have become clear evidence I was a meek, fearful, non-rebellious child stuck in an abusive household. Was passed around from therapist to therapist over the years. People pleasing, say what you want to hear but never hold themselves accountable to ethical practices regarding the welfare of students in stressful or abusive households. I was a student who would have benefited from emancipation services and young adult practical mentoring and explanations of how to navigate high school in order to get into college (which I said enough times, without therapist influence, was of utmost importance to me). Instead, they kissed my mom’s ass, changed their minds every year about my mental condition, prescribed me medications I didn’t need based on my mother’s (a drug addict and manipulative personality who refuses to work and relies on her parents for everything) lies about psychosis symptoms I never actually exhibited. These people are lazy and more interested in goofing off than doing meaningful work to change lives. After high school, I knew I needed help coping with emotional and mental trauma but didn’t have the resources or any faith in professionals because of how this business handled my situation. Eventually, while attending a local community college, I decided to meet with the free onsite therapist whom I came to find out was directly affiliated with Arapahoe Mental Health. I was skeptical, but in a moment of humility, thinking maybe I was too young to understand their boundaries as to why this organization, with all it’s supposed grandiose resources, was never able to help me, a perfectly responsible, slightly eccentric, but otherwise entirely straight edge young lady. Maybe there was something still left for me to learn? I met with the therapist and explained my issues at the time. She sat in her chair and agreed with me that I missed out on so many services and offered to email me some meditation tracks. I didn’t really care for meditation but was willing to try it. Never sent them to me. Asked her about it later. She said she forgot. Did not send them ever. No one should use Arapahoe Mental Health. They are cheap and anyone with a sense of atmosphere will walk into their office and feel the laziness on the air if they’re paying attention. They give the entire industry a bad name and I feel like I could probably never trust a professional again with my feelings no matter how much I wish I could. Guess now I have to live my life as the arrogant person who won’t get help. Thank you for teaching me that it’s my responsibility to get better while wasting my childhood when I could have played sports during school or been encouraged to live life instead of sitting in cramped offices with your lardasses every week because it fed your egos. Would have made logical sense for a young person. I wasn’t a 40-year old fuck up on cocaine. I was a child. I didn’t need to sit there and talk to you all the time. The only people who benefit from Arapahoe’s BS are the people who didn’t really need their help to begin with because they have what they need in life, even if they never realize it because they felt like spending their day with a professional. Now that I’m an adult with a busy schedule, I realize how pointless and draining therapy is, probably because of this company.

  4. Don’t go here! This clinic put me on a drug called Zyprexa for Bi polar disorder (I’m NOT Bi-polar). The physician did not tell me I would gain 60+ pounds! Even after stopping the drug, I couldn’t loose that weight for 10 years until I was put on hormone therapy to take it off. Now I have permant loose hanging skin on my face and body! It won’t stretch back. My counselor had pornography come up on his computer when I was in session with him.

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