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APS Healthcare Addiction Treatment

APS Healthcare Addiction Treatment

If you or someone in your family needs to enter one of the addiction treatment facilities, know you are not alone. Addiction treatment involves detoxification and behavioral counseling that can free you from the vice of addiction, but it comes at a cost. That is why health insurance is such a critical factor.

APS Healthcare addiction recovery is one option available. The company prides itself on their focus towards behavioral health as much as disease management. This means there is a good chance they will pay for detox and part of the recovery program.

The APS Advantage

APS Healthcare offers plans that cover complex treatments like bulimia and drug addiction. Your APS Healthcare addiction recovery coverage will depend on the policy you have with the company. As long as your policy lists behavioral health as one of the benefits, you should be able to turn to them to pay for at least part of the treatment.

APS is known to have a comprehensive behavioral health service, so you may have access to:

  • Integrated care for both medical and addiction problems
  • Early intervention options
  • Patient support
  • Assistance when shopping for addiction treatment facilities

The company does require patients to provide proof that APS Healthcare addiction recovery is a medical necessity, however.

What Services Does APS Cover?

That will depend on the depth of the problem and the policy you have with the company. Since, APS requires referral from a doctor; it is likely that the medical staff decides on whether you need inpatient or outpatient treatment. There may be limitations and payment caps, as well.

The length of treatment paid for by the company depends on the listed policy benefits. If at the end of the recommended treatment, the medical professionals feel more time is required, then they may be willing to extend the stay.

Verifying Your APS Healthcare Addiction Recovery

Verification is an absolute necessity with this company. You will most likely have to obtain a form or have the referring physician get it. If you have problems accessing the necessary forms or finding a proper addiction recovery program, APS Healthcare offers an online service that helps you locate a treatment center and learn more about addiction.