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Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic


Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic Review

Nashville, Tennessee based Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic is an outpatient treatment facility that mainly handles chemical imbalances in the brain. This can include anger issues, sexual dysfunction, trouble with sleeping, OCD or addiction to drugs and alcohol. The clinic is operated by Dr. Shahidul Islam who is a board certified psychiatrist who specializes in a variety of mental disorders through psychosomatic treatment approaches.


The Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic serves an array of clients who come in because they are exhibiting signs of a disease or disorder, and though there are some physical indications that there is actually a problem, are labeled a hypochondriac because lab tests often reveal that there isn’t anything wrong. This is where Dr. Islam comes in and helps clients find the root of what may be causing a chemical disorder in their brain, which is manifesting these symptoms.

During the intake process the doctor examines the physical and psychological symptoms and makes a diagnosis. He often suggests that there may be an imbalance in diet, which can lead to physical symptoms including sleep issues or sexual dysfunction. Dr. Islam also offers potential lifestyle changes, modifications to their behavior and, in some cases, medication. Each treatment plan is totally individualized to accommodate the client’s specific needs. Dr. Islam is also able to recommend or refer clients to outside agencies or specialists, like dietitians, as an added element to treatment. Typically clients remain in treatment with Dr. Islam.

Dr. Islam brings vast experience to his clients as a former Captain in the US Naval Reserve Medical Corps and completed his training in mind-body medicine in his post doctoral fellowship at both Vanderbilt and Harvard Schools of Medicine. He has had an active practice for over 30 years.

In Summary

The Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic offers unique treatment options for those who are experiencing symptoms of physical ailments and are getting turned away by traditional medical facilities because they can’t find any evidence in scans that there is anything actually wrong. Dr. Islam’s clinic takes these cases and examines them from another angle to help determine if their suffering is caused by an imbalance in their brains, what physical scans can’t pick up, and from there helps them find treatment solutions through medication, spiritual guidance, behavioral modification therapy, diet and lifestyle changes.

Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic Location

Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic
2014 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic Cost

Call for details; accepts most insurances. Reach Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic by phone at (615) 329-1755. Find Anxiety-Depression Disorders Clinic on Facebook

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