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Angels RecoveryAngels Recovery House Review

Part of a non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas, Angels Recovery House offers affordable housing for newly sober men and women. In addition to being a sober living home, ARH works in tandem with DVO Ministries to assist clients seeking a faith-based environment to continue their recovery. ARH helps residents develop essential life skills in preparation for returning to outside life.

Accommodations and Amenities

ARH is comprised of two single-family homes—one for men and the other for women. Each accommodates a maximum of eight clients with four bedrooms and two bathrooms per house. Residents sleep two to a room with twin beds; linens are provided, but clients are encouraged to bring their own towels and toiletries. Bathrooms have a shower and dual sinks with plenty of storage for belongings.

Each house is equipped with an average-sized kitchen outfitted with appliances and utensils, though clients must provide their own food. The living room offers comfortable seating with cable TV and computers for residents to work on their resumes and search for jobs. The houses also boast large backyards with seating to relax in.

Rules and Regulations

At ARH, rent is due every Friday without exception. Every week, residents are assigned a house chore to be performed daily—these chores are rotated and equally distributed amongst residents. Personal spaces must be kept clean and smoking is only permitted in designated outside areas. No drugs, alcohol, illegal activity or firearms are allowed on the property; any violators are evicted with their rent forfeited. Random drug tests and breathalyzer tests are regularly performed, and refusing to take a test is considered a failed screening (and grounds for eviction).

All house members are expected to fulfill their outside obligations in a timely manner. If a resident is on probation or parole, they are responsible to keep in contact with their parole officer and to fulfill all mandated requests from the courts. In addition, house members are expected to participate in the recovery group of their choice including options like 12-step meetings, Bible Study through the DVO Ministries church, Overcomers Support Groups (groups which work from a 90-day workbook combining 12-step principles and Christian faith-based philosophy) or individual therapy. Residents are expected to attend weekly house meetings as part of their commitment to sober living success.

Curfew for residents of both the men’s and women’s houses during the week is at 11 pm and midnight on the weekends, and respecting curfew is required unless job obligations interfere. All residents are required to have a job in order to stay at ARH, and the unemployed must provide proof at the weekly meeting that they spend at least six hours per day seeking employment. Clients in an outpatient treatment facility or who obtain a doctor’s note explaining why they cannot work can be excused from this requirement, but they must instead commit to part time volunteer work.   


ARH works with various prison ministries in order to assist inmates with recovery and developing their faith. Residents are also encouraged to participate in fellowship outside of 12-step meetings and recovery groups—this can mean going to restaurants or movies or playing in sober softball and volleyball leagues with members of the recovery community, all contributing to well-rounded lifestyles.

Support groups, peer-to-peer support and job-search assistance are also all available to help prepare ARH clients for real-world experience.

In Summary

Angels Recovery House is an affordable, faith-based sober living home which strives to provide a second chance for men and women wishing to further their recovery. Understanding that there is no cookie-cutter approach to sobriety, the staff supports house members with whichever track they choose. With structure and community, clients of ARH are set for success.

Angels Recovery House Location

Angels Recovery House
2302 Winthrop Dr
Dallas, TX 75228

Angels Recovery House Cost

$345 (30 days). Reach Angels Recovery House by phone at (214) 498-8510 and by email at [email protected]. Find Angels Recovery House on Facebook

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