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Based in the small Pennsylvania borough of New Cumberland, just outside Harrisburg, interventionist Angela Jakubowski is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) as well as the founder and president of Restorative Interventions. With her husband Joel and a small team of interventionists, Jakubowski and Restorative Interventions provide services across the United States, but tend to focus primarily on the northeast.

Jakubowski is a highly credentialed interventionist and is also trained to address mental health disorders and a range of other addictive behaviors during the intervention process. In addition these services, Restorative Interventions offers a continuum of care program and a mentoring option, as well as a variety of educational seminars and community workshops at the facility.

The Background

While Jakubowski had long wanted to work as a counselor or therapist, while getting her Bachelor’s degree she realized the field of addiction was her calling, inspired by events in her own life and the lives of her family and friends. After receiving her BA with a focus on addiction and behavioral counseling, Jakubowski worked in the mental health field for years before becoming a CIP. Believing strongly in the Arise model of intervention, which Restorative Interventions uses exclusively, Jakubowski studied under Arise co-developer Dr. Judith Landau and earned her Certified Arise Interventionist (CAI) credential in addition to her certification as a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Jakubowski has been working as a full-time interventionist for the past five years while she continues her education.

The Approach

As mentioned, Jakubowski follows the Arise model for her interventions. The first phase of this model involves planning the narrative of the intervention with family members. If the family unit is not local, Jakubowski holds these initial sessions via conference call. There is no surprise element when it comes to the Arise model, so the client in question is aware of this process and even invited to participate.

Jakubowski believes an intervention is a process, not an event, and sees her role as facilitating what can sometimes be a series of meetings between the family and support team and the client, before a treatment plan is agreed upon. While Jakubowski prefers to have as many family members, friends and community members present as possible for each intervention, she can also work with as few as two family members during the actual session.

The second phase of the process involves monitoring the client’s progress and working with the family to develop a recovery plan for themselves, including attendance at Alanon meetings, therapy and even psycho-educational sessions hosted by Restorative Interventions staff. During this phase, Jakubowski works with the family to address any changes necessary to the initial plan, including in cases of relapse.

Oftentimes, clients may initially agree to an outpatient program during the initial intervention only to switch to an inpatient facility after this initial monitoring period. While Jakubowski believes strongly in residential treatment as the ideal first step in recovery, she allows families to settle on an agreed-upon plan that they believe is the strongest option. Clients and family are encouraged to participate in 12-step recovery to develop peer-support to sustain lasting recovery.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Much of the strength of Jakubowski’s services and the Restorative Intervention program stems from the continuum of care offered. Family members enlisting Jakubowski’s services can be sure of developing a plan for not only their loved one, but for themselves, which includes developing a relapse prevention plan with the client, facilitating the interactions between the family and treatment facility and continuing to encourage 12-step and self-care programs for the entire family unit. As per the Arise model, Jakubowski continues to work with families after the initial treatment phase concludes, estimating that her average involvement with a family can last up to six months after the initial intervention. As should be clear, for Jakubowski, intervention is the process by which—instead of letting a loved one hit bottom—the family unit comes together to collectively raise that bottom and also recover themselves.

Angela Jakubowski
c/o Restorative Interventions
309 3rd St
New Cumberland, PA 17070

Reach Angela Jakubowski by phone at (717) 329-0578 or on by email. Find Angela Jakubowski on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn

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