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Montreal CanadaAndy’s House Review

Located in Montreal, Canada, Andy’s House has been serving the English-speaking community of Quebec for more than 25 years. Though officially launched in 2015, it came from an established substance abuse treatment program that was founded by seven people who all had a personal connection to recovery. The founders’ goal was to create a comprehensive, co-ed English-speaking non-medical treatment facility.  For people in the United States that are looking to seek treatment at Andy’s House, the nearest airport is one hour away in Plattsburg, New York.

Accommodations and Food

Andy’s House is conveniently 20 minutes away from the city center, near the shores of St. Lawrence River and described as having a “tranquil” setting. The facility is an amazing old Victorian mansion, with six bedrooms and five bathrooms. Gender-specific bedrooms are nicely decorated with two twin beds as no private rooms are offered, and space is limited at Andy’s House.

The house has a media room with a TV and a computer. Residents are responsible for cooking their own meals, through supplied daily recipes. This gives each individual the ability to develop valuable life skills and cater to their own dietary needs or preferences.

Treatment and Staff

Andy’s House is a minimum 90 day program. Treatment focuses on helping clients recover from substance abuse and address ay underlying behavioral health issues. A diverse range of therapeutic approaches are employed to help residents and their families live healthy and productive lives. The facility tailors each recovery plan for the individual and only takes 12 residents at a time, to ensure that each person gets the proper attention and care that they deserve. As a non-medical treatment facility, Andy’s House only takes residents that do not require detox and are off methadone or have completed their last dose prior to admission. The facility offers dual diagnosis support, as long as one of the components is substance abuse.

Andy’s House relies on an abstinence-based 12-step recovery model, but also offers approaches aimed to address the underlying causes of addiction with a Systems Treatment Approach (treating clients in their natural social environment through family counseling sessions), psychoeducational groups and CBT-based problem-solving groups. Group therapy sessions aim to give clients a safe place to express their emotions and learn healthy coping skills. Individual therapy sessions are offered daily, and on an as needed basis.

Within 24 hours of being admitted to Andy’s House, each resident is seen by the doctor that’s on-call to assess any existing prescribed medications. Residents are supported by a staff comprised of psychologists, CSWs, a recreational therapist and CADCs


Andy’s House has a pool, on-site gym with cardio machines, bench press, free weights and exercise balls. Also available are alternative, more meditative choices such as Chinese cobblestone mats. The program incorporates Zumba as a fun way to exercise, increase self-esteem and be an outlet for social activity though dance. Andy’s House also offers art therapy consisting of creating art to encourage self-expression, followed by a sharing and group to discussion. Andy’s house also recognizes the importance of improving the quality of life through recreational activities, so that is also incorporated into treatment.

As a part of the System Treatment Approach, Andy’s House offers a weekly family program designed to look at current family dynamics, identify problems and work on creating a healthy, functional system of support. Andy’s House offers a free two year aftercare component, for residents to officially become a part of the Andy’s House family, with fun events, as well as offer one-on-one therapy sessions and unlimited group therapy sessions to graduates of the program. This is to encourage long-term sobriety and make sure alumni know that the door at Andy’s House will always be open for them.

In Summary

Andy’s House it a comprehensive rehab that addresses addiction on several fronts. It is worth noting that, while Andy’s House offers family therapy, no married couples are allowed in treatment at the same time. This is to ensure the resident can focus on maximizing their recovery and benefit from the comprehensive care. With a beautiful facility and focus on addressing the underlying issues surrounding addiction, Andy’s House’s is a great program that encourages successful long-term sobriety.

Andy’s House Main Office Location

3360 Rue Notre-Dame #25
Lachine, Montreal Quebec H8T 3E2

Andy’s House Cost

$8,333 CAD ($6,361 per publishing day exchange rate, 30 days). Reach Andy’s House by phone at (514) 738-2639 or toll-free at (844) 689-2639 or by email at [email protected]. Find Andy’s House on Facebook and Google+

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